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Counselor's Corner


Ms. Elizabeth Nisby (A-Go) Ext. 125


Ms. Gina Davenport (Gr-O)  Ext 126


Ms. Misty Chapman (P-Z), Ext. 123


Guidance Website


Scholarship Counselors

Jennifer Giannini  Ext. 121


Jolene Giovannoni Ex. 121



Scholarship Information Website



Mrs. Su Towne Ext. 103



Final Transcript for College


Your college of choice will require a copy of your FINAL TRANSCRIPT?


You will need to request this through PARCHMENT


Parchment sends transcripts securely, accurately and confidentially to any college or university. It is all done online and delivery of a transcript is in one business day!


Please request your final transcript NOW to be sent to your college of choice and choose the option to 'Hold for Grades' on the Order Details page.


If you have any questions, contact your counselor or Mrs. Towne - Registrar at (209) 957-3340, Ext. 103 



eTranscripts are here!  St. Mary's High School is making the college application process easier.


Are you getting ready to start the college application process? St. Mary's has teamed with Parchment to make the process easier for families


One of the required documents you will need when applying to college is an official high school transcript, a student's academic record. St. Mary's High School has a new, online service where you can request an official high school transcript and send it to the college of your choice with just a few clicks.


Parchment sends your transcript securely, accurately and confidentially to any college or university.  The best part is you can request your transcript anytime from anywhere.  Just click the "order transcript" link on the SM website to visit


Just follow these 3 easy steps to get started:

1.   Register for a free account at

2.   Request your transcript

3.   Track your transcript


The fee for eTranscripts is $5. When registering with Parchment you will be prompted to put in your payment of choice information.


Sending the transcript electronically is easier, safe and saves money! Because it's online, it is processed much faster; your high school can send it instantly, and the college or university receives it immediately.  You no longer have to wonder if your transcript was sent by St. Mary's, or received by the college or university to which your child is applying.  Now you can track it all online at your account on  That's peace of mind!


University of California campuses do not want a transcript until final grades are complete in June. CSU campuses and private and/or out of state colleges will vary. Please check with each campus and check all emails sent by the universities. Students applying via the Common Application will automatically have the initial and midyear transcripts submitted by their counselor. In June, ALL seniors must request a final transcript to be sent to the college they will be attending.


If you have questions about e-transcripts you can contact the appropriate School Counselor or Registrar.  Don't delay!


Sign up for your account today at




The purpose of the Guidance Department is to assist students in developing a degree of self-knowledge and insight which will help them to make mature and realistic decisions about their goals and future plans.


More specifically, counselors are ready to assist parents and students with issues related to class scheduling, academic advising, and other areas relating to planning, progress, and student success.


In addition counselors will address many of the developmental needs appropriate to age and grade levels. For freshman, the counselor will assist incoming students with adapting to to high school life. During the sophomore year, our counselor will encourage students to see beyond high school and begin to explore college and careers, as well as what it takes to get there. As juniors, it becomes more critical for the counselor to promote the need for students to actively monitor their academic progress toward meeting high school and college requirements.


Finally, for seniors the counselor will focus on preparing students for the transition from high school to college.


Guidance Services


St. Mary’s High School, in its continued effort to meet the needs of the students and to build community, has provided a staff of qualified counselors who are ready to help students at any time in these areas:



Course Scheduling

College Placement

Financial Aid



The guidance staff includes the academic dean, counselors, a scholarship or "financial aid counselor and a licensed clinical social worker. Counselors routinely meet with students throughout the year to help in whatever way possible and to discuss educational plans. The Guidance Office is staffed during school hours, where students or parents may request an appointment with a counselor during the school day. A licensed clinical social worker provides additional services at St. Mary’s.



Subject Requirements For Admission To California State University And University Of California


California State University Requirements


4 yrs.


3 yrs. (Alg., Geo., Alg.2)

World History

2 yrs.

US History & Gov't.


Lab Science

2 yrs. (Bio., Chem., Phys.)

Foreign Language** (same language)

2 yrs.

Visual & Performing Arts

1 yr.


1 yr. (English, advanced Math, Social Science, lab Science, Foreign Language, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Agriculture)



University of California Requirements


4 yrs


3 yrs. (Additional recommended)

World History,

2 yrs.

US History & Gov't.


Lab Science

2 yrs. (Additional recommended)

Foreign Language

2 yrs. (Additional recommended, same language)

Visual & Performing Arts

1 yr.


1 yr. (from at least two of the following areas: History, English, adv. Math, lab Science, Foreign Language and Social Science)



*A "D" grade in any required course is not acceptable.

**Students with competency in a language other than English may qualify for an exemption.

In general, elective courses should aim to improve a student's analytical ability, promote artistic development and strengthen written and oral skills.


Senior Transcripts


Seniors: If you haven't already done so please register for an account with You will need the registration code that was emailed to you last Thursday. 

This is mandatory as all colleges/universities (Jr. College included) require an official transcript.


Please sign up today for a Parchment account so your transcripts can be sent electronically to the college(s) of your choice!  You can also use Parchment to print your transcript for CSF.




PSAT scores are available in the Counseling Center!


Please have your child pick up their score report and booklet as soon as possible.  An explanation of the score report can be found on the CollegeBoard site:


The CollegeBoard has partnered with Khan Academy.  Students can link their scores to Khan Academy, which will enable them to access personalized test preparation based on their strengths and weaknesses. This feature is free and is strongly recommended. 


Counselor's Corner




Senior year is a pivotal time for students and parents. Not only must students focus on completing graduation requirements but many are also planning for life after high school. As primary educators of their children, parents offer support and guidance through the college application procedure. Accordingly, the Guidance Department will offer events and services this year to inform and assist senior students and parents.


The college application process is becoming increasingly selective. It now becomes even more crucial to keep abreast of relevant requirements and deadlines. To do so, students and parents must be able to create a viable plan to see their way through this time-intensive process. For this reason, the Guidance Department has scheduled the following events, all of which will be held in the Saint Mary's Cafeteria.


Finally, the Guidance Department works diligently to promote communication with parents and students. The Saint Mary's TeleRam provides information regarding important upcoming events and information. Also, there is a counseling website on the Saint Mary's webpage. The counselor website will provide useful information pertaining to college planning, standardized testing and general Guidance related information.


Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors


Challenging course work, standardized testing, and researching prospective colleges will all play an important role during the upcoming year. Please note the following important Guidance Department events scheduled for 2017-2018:


Finally, the Guidance Department works diligently to promote communication with parents and students. The Saint Mary's TeleRam provides information regarding important upcoming events and information. Also, counselors have a website. Please visit the Saint Mary's webpage and click on the "guidance website" link. The counselor website will provide useful information pertaining to college planning, standardized testing and general Guidance related information.


The Guidance Department provides a committed and unique service to our parent and student community. We are very pleased and proud to work with you this school year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's counselor.




For private and out of state colleges and universities, please refer to each school website for application deadlines.



Applications for the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership seminar are available on the Guidance website. For more information about this program, please visit


Online/Correspondence/Summer School Policy


For eligibility purposes, final grades and earned credits from schools other than St. Mary’s, including online classes, must be verified by the first full day of classes in August for Q1 eligibility and the Friday before Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in January for Q3 eligibility.


Grades from courses taken at schools other than St. Mary’s, including online classes, will be computed for eligibility in the Fall and Spring semester gpas only. Q2 and Q4 eligibility will be determined using only St. Mary’s grades earned the previous quarter. A member of the St. Mary’s Guidance Department will proctor final exams for online and/or correspondence courses. Appointments for taking final exams must be scheduled ahead of time with a member of the Guidance Department. Exams may be taken on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. When school is in session, these exams will be administered at 2:15 p.m. For testing on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays in June, July and August, students can call the Counseling Office, to schedule a testing time.


A fee of $25 will be assessed for each final exam proctored. The fee is due prior to the administration of the final exam.


Senior Notes


Saint Mary's High School CEEB (otherwise known as the ACT or Collegeboard) Code is 053435.


Regularly check your e-mail and advise your son/daughter to do the same.


Seniors should have an up to date resume. Students created resumes during their junior level English class. I suggest helping your son/daughter by reviewing the resume and making sure it is up to date and accurate of their accomplishments, employment, and all activities that pertain to their lives on and off campus.


Guidance/College Readiness


Students and parents are advised to read and study the requirements for initial eligibility formulated in the Guide for the Collegebound Student Athlete. Access to this guide is available on the NCAA website at


Junior class parents and students are reminded to log on to and to register for the SAT Reasoning and ACT Tests.


Junior class parents and students are reminded to log on to and to register for the SAT Reasoning and ACT Tests.


Scholarship Information


Several private universities require the PROFILE form.  The PROFILE application form can be completed online at  GPA verification forms will automatically be submitted by St. Mary’s after the semester grades in January.


All students should check the Scholarship Office or the Scholarship Website regularly to see if there is a scholarship for which they can apply or an essay contest they can enter.  Many organizations open scholarships to the entire student body.


Seniors are advised to periodically check the table outside of the Scholarship Office (Room 227) for scholarships and information regarding financial aid.


Plan Ahead


The 2017-2018 Parent/Student Handbook contains the dates and times for all Scholarship and Guidance Department events.


College Fairs


Go to the school webpage (http://www.saintmaryshighschool.orq) Click on "Guidance" - near the top of the page, click on "WACAC" and "NACAC".


Summer School


Students who are considering taking summer school courses at any of the local public schools, Delta College, or online, should contact their respective guidance counselor before registering for any coursework.


College/University Representative Campus Visit Sign Up


Posted in the Guidance Office is information about regional college presentations and information regarding upcoming college recruiting visits to St. Mary’s High School.  For further information, please contact the Counseling Office.


Students wishing to meet with the representatives of various colleges and universities must schedule a meeting through the Counseling Office.


ACT Aspire


The ACT Aspire is given to all freshman and sophomore students in the spring. Juniors will have a similar type practice ACT. Both are standardized, practice college entrance exams that measure a student's knowledge in the areas of math, science, reading and English. The ACT Aspire test has a career interest component. These tests are mandatory.


Kaplan Test Prep


Kaplan Test Prep is offering St. Mary's High School free access to their Online Prep Courses for the PSAT, SAT and ACT.  Information on how to register is provided on each counselor's faculty website. If you need further assistance with any of these programs, please contact Kaplan at 1-800-KAPTEST or contact our Kaplan representative, Katherine Plommer via email at


NCAA Student Athletes


Students and parents are advised to read and study the requirements for initial eligibility formulated in the Guide for the Collegebound Student Athlete.  Access to this guide is available on the NCAA  website at




Each year the master (SMHS) calendar includes the dates of the ACT and SAT.  These college admissions tests are not offered on the SM campus.  We promote the dates as a courtesy to our students for planning purposes.  Students are required to register for these tests through an online portal.  At that time, test takers may choose a location that serves as a national testing site.


Parents and students are reminded to log on to and www.act.orq to register for the SAT (Reasoning and Subject Tests) and ACT Tests. When you register for any of these tests, don't forget to include the St. Mary's High School code: 053435


As is customary, Sunday administrations will occur the day after each Saturday test date for students who cannot test on Saturday for religious reasons.


+The Language Tests with Listening are offered in November only.


++U.S. dates are postmark dates; International dates are receipt dates.

Apply online at the College Board



Apply for ACT On Line




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