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On Line Databases and E-Books

Students have off-campus access with ID and Password for most databases.

See the library staff for assistance.



The St. Mary's Van Ruiten Library now has a program called Researcher, which offers access to the St. Mary's Library from any school or home computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You can visit the Researcher on or off campus to: 


view all book titles the St. Mary's Library has in it's collection;

place books on hold;

view what new book titles have come in;

search books by author, title, or subject; 

view your checkout history, overdue items, holds, and library fee charges. 


Researcher also enables you to write user reviews for books you have read and offers helpful links for MLA citation, as well as a bulletin where you can view announcements from the library staff. It is a great aid for students to find sources for school projects and essays and to browse recommended novels for recreational reading. 


Click School if you are accessing this link on campus, or click Off Campus if you are accessing this link from anywhere else (personal computer, iPad, etc). Click on the magnifying glass to log in to the Researcher. You can log in using your student Powerschool username and password.



SM Library Researcher (School) (Off Campus)


Area Studies


African American Studies

African Studies

American Indian Studies

American Studies

Asian Studies

British Studies

Irish Studies

Jewish Studies

Latin American Studies

Middle East Studies

Slavic Studies



Architecture & Architectural History

Art & Art History


Performing Arts


Business and Economics



Development Studies



Labor & Employment Relations

Management & Organizational Behavior

Marketing & Advertising




History of Science & Technology





Classical Studies



Language & Literature






Criminology & Criminal Justice



Medicine and Allied Health


Health Policy

Health Sciences

Public Health


Science and Mathematics


Aquatic Sciences


Biological Sciences

Botany & Plant Sciences


Developmental & Cell Biology

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


Environmental Science

General Science









Social Sciences




Communications Studies


Feminist & Women's Studies


International Relations

Library Science


Peace & Conflict Studies

Political Science

Population Studies


Public Policy & Administration

Social Work


Transportation Studies

Urban Studies



General Information


The library is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Friday. Students are expected to keep all conversations quiet so that others who are studying will not be disturbed.


Those who break the rules will be asked to leave.


Students may check out only three books at a time on one subject and for a period of one to fourteen days. Some books are placed on the reserve shelves in the library and are for overnight use only. Magazines are not usually available for overnight usage and are allowed out only at the discretion of the librarian. Reference books may be checked out at the discretion of the librarian.


No food or drinks are allowed in the Library at any time.


Electronic devices, especially cell phones are not allowed at any time in the library, before, during, or after school.


Parents may not excuse students to the library during regularly scheduled school hours.


Fines are charged for books returned late, according to the following schedule:


a) Five cents per day for most books. If books are returned before the end of the break on the day following the due date, no fine is charged.

b) Fifty cents per day for overnight books. These books are due before school begins. After that time, the fine will be charged.

c) Lost books must be paid for at the replacement cost of the book.

d) Students in debt to the library may not be allowed to check out additional books until the outstanding fines are paid.

e) Distribution of yearbooks will be withheld from students with outstanding fines at the end of the year.

f) No food or drinks are allowed in the Library at any time.


The library also offers computers and a laser printer. The computers are available to students for word processing of reports. Internet access is available to all students for educational research only. Games, "chat rooms", and inappropriate web sites may not be accessed at any time. The library also has a photocopy machine for student use. All copies printed on the printer or the photocopy machine cost 10˘ per page.


* The Code of Conduct for Technology is strictly enforced. See page vii of the Student Handbook.


Published Books by St. Mary's Graduates in Van Ruiten Family Library Collection


The Unspeakables Laverne Gay '32
Wine of Satan Laverne Gay '32
We Wore Jump Boots and Baggy Pants John Ospital '32
A Foreign Kid In World War II Shanghai George Kulstad '53
My Pioneer Grandfather, John Henry Tone Alice Tone Gibbons '55
The Center of Attention Ron Morgan '59
Mutual Dreaming Linda Lane Magallon '61
The Great Society and Related Verse J.F. Martin, Jr. '61

Jeremiah and God's Plans for Well-Being

Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.'64
Jonah's Journeys Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.'64
How Are the Mighty Fallen? Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.'64
King Saul's Asking Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.'64
From Earth's Creation to John's Revelation Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.'64
Mikhail Bakhtin and Biblical Scholarship Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.'64
Falsework John Briscoe '66
The Tadich Grill John Briscoe '66
Extraordinary Golf Fred  '70 & Pete '68 Shoemaker
The Hip Girls Handbook Patty DeGregori '93
This is Not a Writing Manual Kerry Majors (Kerry Smith '93)
The Kennedy Debutante Kerry Maher (Kerry Smith '93)
You’re a Vampire - That Sucks!: A Survival Guide Domenick Dicce ' 95




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