Summer School/Summer Camp







Session 1:       June 3rd to June 21st   8:00AM-12:00PM                                 $300.00

Session 2:       June 24th to July 12th   8:00AM-12:20PM (4th of July off)           $300.00


Registration Fee:  A NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $100.00 per class is due upon registration.  Summer School tuition CANNOT be paid for through FACTS.  Cash, check, credit are accepted. Make checks payable to St. Maryís High School. Registration closes May 31, 2019. Classes may be cancelled at the principalís discretion due to low enrollment.  


Attendance:  Students can miss six hours of instructional time per session.  Tardy minutes count toward that six hours.  Due to strict guidelines for summer school credit, THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENCES  (Doctorís notes, parent notes, court dates, funerals, traffic jams ARE NOT EXCUSED).  Once a student exceeds six hours of missed instructional time, the student will be withdrawn from the class and NO REFUNDS will be given.


Summer School Contacts:  The front office staff CANNOT ANSWER your specific summer school questions.  The only information they have is on this form.  Please contact the summer school principals directly.  They are:



Tarana Wells                      209-957-3340 ext 256

Kim Gillespie                 209-957-3340 ext 221



Incoming Freshman Summer School Registration


Summer School Registration


For Further Information, Contact:


Summer School Principal

St. Mary's High School

5648 N. El Dorado St.

P. O. Box 7247

Stockton, CA 95267-0247



























St. Mary's High School
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