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Madison Ramirez

Jed Clampett



John Costello

Elly May



Hailey Crothers

George Turner



Andrew Chavez




Chibueze Nwabuzoh

Cousin Pearl



Zibby Madill




Niko Navarro

Mrs. Drysdale



Hallie Sullivan

Mr. Drysdale



Thomas Hole

Miss Hathaway



Samantha DeCosta

Mrs. Penn



Abby Delucchi

Percy Pennyweather



David Stoner

Gloria M



Payton Sandoval




Alexis Alcantar, David Okekenta,




Cy Ustach

Emaline Fetty



Carina Barney

Frederika Collins



Emma Robles

Colonel Foxhall



Joey Grimaldi

Mrs. Stokely-Smythe



Kellinne Fontanilla

Party Guests



Alexis Alcantar, Noah Arredondo,




Giovanni Lombardi, Chloe Ma,




Anastasia Mifsud,  April Murphy,




Claire Rogan, Andrew Solari,




Cy Ustach

Mr. Oglethorpe



David Okekenta

Mrs. Oglethorpe



Rose Rodgers

Groovy Monahan



Abbey Sadek

Lt. Frank Richards



Brenden Dougherty





Director's Assistants



Abby DeOcampo,

      Dominique Nerecina

First Cast Meeting: Monday, August 20 At 3:15 P.M. In Room 22.
Please Remember To Bring Your $100 Registration Fee.

St. Mary's Theatre 2017-2018 Elly Nominees:

Benji Albala for Best Supporting Actor for an Education Musical (Guys and Dolls)

Kevin Costello and Rich Matheson for Best Sound Design for an Education Play (Romeo and Juliet)


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For more information call the SMHS Theatre Hotline at

957-3340, Ext. 250.


Kevin Costello : 957-3340, Ext. 222

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 Donations may be sent to:

St. Mary's High School

Attn: Kevin Costello

P.O. Box 7247

Stockton, CA 95267-0247



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New Band and Choir Director


Mr. Josh Landin has been named the new St. Mary's Choir and Band director







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