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2017-2018 Season


Spring Musical




Nicely-Nicely Johnson  

Joey Grimaldi

Benny Southstreet

Benji Albala

Rusty Charlie

John Costello

Sarah Brown

Abigail De Ocampo

Arvide Abernathy

Carlo Dimayuga


Delenn Johnson


David Okekenta


Meghan Burkert

Mission Band Members

Will Davis, Feliz Gomez-de Perio

Harry the Horse

Niko Navarro

Lt. Brannigan

Alexis Alcantar

Nathan Detroit

Spencer Loewen

Angie the Ox

Andrew Chavez

Miss Adelaide

Hailey Crothers


Cici Montesinos


Marissa Patrick


Janell Parnell

Sky Masterson

Weston Wheatley

Joey Biltmore

Thomas Hole

Hot Box Master of Ceremonies

Miriam Okekenta

Hot Box Dolls

Abrefi Adubofour, Alyssa Andrade-Broderick, Carina Barney, Cici


Montesinos, Marissa Patrick, Janell Parnell, Emma Robles, Payton Sandoval, Britney Santoyo, Lindsey Wyatt


Abrefi Adubofour

General Matilda B. Cartwright

Hallie Sullivan

Big Jule

Sean Gildea

Havana Dancing Couple

Carina Barney, Marvin Ramos


Ian Fondacabe


David Stoner

Hot Box Waiter

Kellinne Fontanilla


Alex Bungalon, Chad Hearon, Thomas Hole, Chibueze Nwabuzoh, Marvin Ramos, Ted Ravago, Cy Ustach, Nathane Zarzuela

Ensemble (NYC Street Characters, Hot Box Customers,

Havana Dancers, Havana Customers):


Maddie Berry, Alex Bungalon, Isabelle Ceballos, Samantha DeCosta, Ian Fondacabe, Kellinne Fontanilla, Chad Hearon, Thomas Hole, Zibby Madill, Anastasia Mifsud,Dominique Nerecina, Chibueze Nwabuzoh, Miriam Okekenta, Marvin Ramos, Ted Ravago, Rose Rodgers, Abbey Sadek, David Stoner, Cy Ustach, Kelly Williams, Nathane Zarzuela


Guys and Dolls Reboot



Members of the very successful Guys and Dolls musical that was put on by St. Mary's Theatre this spring, did a reboot of "Luck be a Lady Tonight" for the public on the Miracle Mile. They then continued to sing as they walked along Pacific Avenue to the delight of passerby.


Fall Play



Production Photos


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For more information call the SMHS Theatre Hotline at

957-3340, Ext. 250.


Kevin Costello : 957-3340, Ext. 222

Drama Directors Web


 Donations may be sent to:

St. Mary's High School

Attn: Kevin Costello

P.O. Box 7247

Stockton, CA 95267-0247



Director's Circle




St. Peter's Partner


















$49 or less


St. Mary's Theatre Elly Awards


20 students from St. Mary's High School attended the 35th annual Elly Awards ceremony at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, sponsored by the Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance (SARTA).  


St. Mary;s was in competition with high schools in a ten county region. The two productions from 2016-2017 were nominated for a total of 5 Ellys (St. Mary's has received 95 nominations in the past 9 years). St. Mary's won one Elly this year.


Annette Mackay, for Best Costume Design for a play for The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Congratulations to Annette for her win, and for giving St. Mary's Theatre its 24th Elly! 


Our other nominees for The Hunchback of Notre Dame were Rich Matheson (Best Sound for a Play) and Craig Vincent (Best Lighting for a Play). Hunchback was also nominated for Best Overall Production of a Play.  


Abrefi Adubofour was the only student nominated for the Elly Award for her role in The Wiz, for Best Supporting Actress for a Musical.


Kevin Costello Gets The Willies!


Kevin Costello, St. Mary's Director of Campus Ministry and Drama Director received an SCT Willie Award for an outstanding production of "Mary Poppins".


2016-2017 Rammys


St. Mary’s Theatre 2016-2017 “Rammy” Awards were given during the 10th annual Theatre Dinner held at the Stockton Golf and Country Club, along with the announcement that next years productions would be Romeo and Juiliet in the fall and Guys and Dolls in the spring.


SM Theatre 2016-2017 “Rammy” Awards

  • Most Promising Male Newcomer: David Stoner

  • Most Promising Female Newcomer: Hallie Sullivan

  • Best Cameo Actor The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Cy Ustach as Death

  • Best Cameo Actress The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Hallie Sullivan as Claire

  • Best Cameo Actor The Wiz: Timothy McGuire as Yellow Brick Road

  • Best Cameo Actress The Wiz: Janell Parnell as The Tornado

  • Best Shift Crew The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Krystal Hortizuela

  • Best Support Crew The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Rebecca Atienza for Makeup Team/ Dresser

  • Best Shift Crew The Wiz: Trey Novara

  • Best Support Crew The Wiz: Lauren McEnerney for Follow Spot

  • Best Ensemble The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Sophia De Ocampo

  • Best Male Ensemble The Wiz: Spencer Loewen

  • Best Female Ensemble The Wiz: Uche Nwabuzoh

  • Best Character Actor: David Stoner as Winged Monkey in The Wiz

  • Best Character Actress: Abrefi Adubofour as Yvonne in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Chan as Scarecrow in The Wiz

  • Best Supporting Actress: Adelaide Hicks as Glinda in The Wiz

  • Best Lead Crew The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Suzi Scelzi as Shift Head

  • Best Lead Crew The Wiz: Julia Lara as Deck Manager

  • Best Lead Actor: Benji Albala as Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Best Lead Actress: Victoria Vicuña as Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Gypsy Robe Award: Cassie Robinson

  • Director’s Award: Adelaide Hicks

  • St. Genesius Outstanding Crew Award: Michael Lara






Mama Who Bore Me

Bonsai Abba




Choirs Shine at Forum



St. Mary's Music Director, Mr. David Tanner and his Concert Choir, Prima Voce and Symphonic Band all received "Silver Ratings" at the Forum Music Festival In Anaheim.


Marvin Ramos, Gabriella Azevedo, Abigail De Ocampo, and the entire flute section also received awards for superior musicianship.


Honor Choir


St. Mary's was honored to have six highly talented members of the Prima Voce and Regular choir chosen for the San Joaqin County Honor choir.  They are:

Isabelle Ceballos  


Kelline Fontanilla


Stella Mahnke    


Marvin Ramos  


Melody Respicio


Felicity Smith  


Congratulations to these talented students or their acceptance into the San Joaquin County Honor Choir!  St. Mary's is so proud of them as they represent SM at the Honors Concert January 13th.




2017-2018 News Pending



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