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All 9th Graders

The Pearl by John Steinbeck


ALL 10th Graders

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay


ALL 11th Graders

Grapes of Wrath  by John Steinbeck



Brave New World  by Aldous Huxley



Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley (assignment)

Brave New World  by Aldous Huxley (test and annotations)




*please contact Kim Gillespie at if you have any questions.



e-transcripts are here!  


Are you getting ready to start the college application process? St. Mary's has teamed with Parchment to make the process easier for families


One of the required documents you will need when applying to college is an official high school transcript, a student's academic record. St. Mary's High School has a new, online service where you can request an official high school transcript and send it to the college of your choice with just a few clicks.


Parchment sends your transcript securely, accurately and confidentially to any college or university.  The best part is you can request your transcript anytime from anywhere.  Just click the Parchment  logo to visit


Just follow these 3 easy steps to get started:

1.   Register for a free account at

2.   Request your transcript

3.   Track your transcript


The fee for eTranscripts is $5. When registering with Parchment you will be prompted to put in your payment of choice information.


Sending the transcript electronically is easier, safe and saves money! Because it's online, it is processed much faster; your high school can send it instantly, and the college or university receives it immediately.  You no longer have to wonder if your transcript was sent by St. Mary's, or received by the college or university to which your child is applying.  Now you can track it all online at your account on  That's peace of mind!


University of California campuses do not want a transcript until final grades are complete in June. CSU campuses and private and/or out of state colleges will vary. Please check with each campus and check all emails sent by the universities. Students applying via the Common Application will automatically have the initial and midyear transcripts submitted by their counselor. In June, ALL seniors must request a final transcript to be sent to the college they will be attending.



Do you have a vocation?


Most young Catholic men do not have the information needed to prayerfully discern if they are being called by God to the vocation of priesthood. The Melchizedek Project provides a forum to assist those who believe they may have a call.


Contact Fr. Matt Issac in the Sacramental Ministry Office or by e-mail to get more information






















Mr. Luigi Gheradi

for more












NCCB Letter on Prol Life Issues


February 2, 2019

WASHINGTON—Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, KS and Chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities has issued the following statement in response to several states moving forward with legislation that would permit a baby to be aborted at nine months.

Archbishop Naumann’s full statement follows:


“Abortion has always been built on a lie. Today, the lie is switching from 'abortion is a choice' to 'abortion is healthcare.' A law recently passed in New York not only legalizes abortion essentially for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy but removes any protection for children born alive after abortion. A similar bill was proposed in Virginia along with several other states, all in the name of women’s health. 


This legislation is evil, pure and simple. And it shocks the conscience to see such evil legislation greeted with raucous cheers and standing ovations. Most grieving to our Lord of Life is that those who advocate for abortion put their eternal souls in jeopardy.  


It is sickeningly dishonest to claim that women’s lives or health depend on intentionally killing their children. This is especially true for late-term abortion, which always involves the purposeful destruction of a child which could have been born alive, with much less risk to the mother, had they both received real healthcare.  


Now is the time for all Catholics—bishops, priests, and laity—to fight for the unborn with renewed vigor. We must educate family, friends, legislators, and fellow citizens about how it is never necessary to intentionally kill unborn children in order to save their mothers. Local action is especially important. Though ending Roe v. Wade is a central goal of the pro-life movement, if the decision were overturned, only eleven states would immediately ban abortion; the other thirty-nine states would still allow it.  


I urge Catholics, and thoughtful Americans of all religions or none at all to advocate for local change. Sign up for your State Catholic Conference or diocesan pro-life advocacy network, which can help you communicate to elected officials. Or seek out state and local pro-life groups, including parish respect life groups, that are making a difference at the state level.  


Though we live in very dark days, we know that the Lord has already triumphed over death. But we must use this time on earth to be His hands and feet. This means each of us rededicating ourselves to prayer, and fighting for the most vulnerable among us, especially unborn children and their mothers.”  




The Why of First Friday


Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is an extension of our celebration of the Eucharist which happens at every mass. It is not only a very old devotion in our Church, but one that highlights the fundamental mystery of the Holy Eucharist- that our Lord is truly present, body and blood, soul and divinity in the Blessed Sacrament.  In his 1980 Holy Thursday letter to priests, Dominicae Cenae, Pope John Paul II wrote, "Since the Eucharistic mystery was instituted out of love, and makes Christ sacramentally present, it is worthy of thanksgiving and worship.  And this worship must be prominent in all our encounters with the Blessed Sacrament." 


What happens: following morning mass in the chapel, Fr. Mathew will place a consecrated host (the Blessed Sacrament) in a "display vessel" called a monstrance on the altar. Throughout the day individuals and/or classes sign up to fill time slots, so that someone is present at all times while our Lord is present to us in this way. If you go you can pray, read, or simply sit quietly and open your mind and heart to whatever our Lord wishes to say to you! Towards the end of school Fr. Mathew will conclude with a special Benediction (blessing), and return the Blessed Sacrament to the tabernacle.


All members of the St. Mary's community are welcome to visit the chapel at any time throughout the day and/or to attend Benediction at dismissal. 




Green Machine members get free admission to all conference games.  **Playoff games and non-CIF sports are not included.


Green Machine Code of Conduct






Monday - Thursday

7:30am to 3:30pm



7:30am to 2:00pm


Stop by and see all the new Ram merchandise for  alumni, students and the whole Ram Family.

St. Mary's also has a variety of school supplies at a reasonable price.  Your purchase at our student store directly supports our school.








Human Trafficking

Anyone that is victimized can go into any San Joaquin County McDonald's. The staff is trained to provide immediate contact with the appropriate authorities and to provide a safe space. San Joaquin County Regional Transit has a policy that anyone who is a victim of Human Trafficking may go to any bus, inform the driver who will immediately alert the police and if there is a delay will go off route in order to bring the victim to safety.














Do You Have A Vocation?

Is God calling you to be a priest, a brother or a  member of a religious community?  Have you felt a need to serve God's people, to minister to their needs and help them find out about the love of God?

Ask Fr. Matthew Issac or go to for more information.


Are you ready to Wake Up the World?


Vocations Prayer Card











Christian Service


The program is designed to encourage and facilitate students’ active involvement in service, faith development, personal leadership and giving back to the community. Students will be required to complete 10 hours of Community Service during their freshman year, and continue with annual service hours throughout their 4 years at St. Mary’s. Sixty hours of service must be completed to participate in graduation. All sixty hours must be completed by the end of the Fall Semester, of the senior year. Requirements per year are as follows: Freshmen-10 hours; Sophomores-10 hours; Juniors-20 hours; and, Seniors-20 hours. Christian Service Link



When You Turn 18 Guide


As students turn 18 years old, the law views them differently with respect to both rights and responsibilities. This publication offers an overview of how your world changes when you become a legal adutl.


To order the guide free of charge, send an email to Please specify the number of guides desired and include a complete mailing address (p.o. boxes are not acceptable). There is no charge for the guide or for shipping, nor is there a limit on how many can be ordered.




St. Mary's High School Handbook


The St. Mary's High School handbook contains information of academics, athletics, clubs, organizations, Honor Code and academic requirements, regulations and expectations regarding use of technology and media, disciplinary and dress code matters, along with valuable information related to the school community.  Handbook.pdf




Refer a Student


Current students, parents, alumni, and friends play an important role in our student enrollment. We encourage you to e-mail or call us directly to recommend a prospective student to St Mary's High School. Once we receive the information from you, we will send the prospective student all of the appropriate admission information. Email: aknowles@ or Phone: 209-957-3340


Scholarship Information


Several private universities require the PROFILE form. The PROFILE application form can be completed online at GPA verifications will be sent automatically for all seniors.


Parents wishing to receive periodic announcements and updates from the Scholarship Counselors may join a group email through our school website at the scholarship page.


Volunteer Opportunities


St. Mary's students have many opportunities to volunteer to help the community, the world and themselves. Some possible opportunities include:



Catholic Charities

Provides strong leadership and support to enhance the work of the local agencies in their efforts to reduce poverty, support families, and empower communities.




Saint Mary’s Interfaith Dining Room

Serving the needs of Stockton's poor and homeless by providing food, medical care and clothing.





Red Rhino Orphanage Project


The Red Rhino Orphanage Project’s mission is to house and educate some of the most desperate and unfortunate children in Kenya, enabling them to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation






Your Local Catholic Parish


Numerous volunteer opportunities present themselves from youth ministry to liturgy.




News For And About SM Students



Jerome Marshall to Nationals




Jamar  Marshall who recently became a state champion in the 110-meter hurdles, won the 110 hurdles this past weekend at the Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle, Washington.


Jamar is now headed for the USA Track and Field U-20 Junior National Championships, beginning this Saturday in Miramar, Florida. He will have an opportunity to qualify for the 2019 Pan American U20 Athletics Championships, set for July 19-21 in Costa Rica.  Jamar was named the Boys Track and Field Athlete of the Year at the the third annual Best of The Record All-Star Preps banquet as well.













2019 Salesian Leadership Camp



Members of the St. Mary's Ministry Team are attending the Salesian Leadership Camp in Brooklyn Michigan located on Vineyard Lake. They are David Stoner, Zibby Madill, Abby Delucchi, Jill Peters and Matthew Herrera. The group is attending under the leadership of Campus Ministry Director, Mr. Kevin Costello and Director of Student Life and Leadership, Mrs. Laura Howze. Leadership skills, mentoring and an expanded understanding of the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales are provided so they can better serve the St. Mary's High School community.





Skyler May In Junior World Championship


By Nick Woodard

Record Staff Writer


The high school girls golf season ended back in the fall. For athletes such as Skyler May, though, the sport never really stops. Sure, the St. Mary’s golfer took some time off after playing in the NorCal playoffs. But soon enough, she was back on the course. And, this month, May qualified to compete among some of the best young golfers in the world.


With her second-place finish at a qualifying event June 1 at Haggin Oaks Golf Course in Sacramento, May qualified for the IMG Academy Junior World Championship in the 15-18 age group.


The three-day tournament is set for July 9-12 at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, and will feature players from all over the world, from Colombia to Japan to India and many more.


May will represent Stockton, something that had been a goal after having discussions with people familiar with the tournament. “I’ve talked to so many people that say it’s such a great experience,” May said. “I’m looking forward to playing the course and having a great time.”


Between now and the tournament, May will continue to get in daily work to make sure her game is where she wants it to be when it’s time to step onto the course at Torrey Pines. May said she has goals in terms of scores, but mainly the experience.


“I want to just keep an open mind,” May said. “I’m just going to do what I can do, and believe in that.”


Asked what the past several months on the golf course have been like, May began to use the word “shocking,” but stopped short of it. In all honesty, shocking wasn’t the right word.


Given the work and time May has put in over the years, it’s not shocking that in less than a month, May will have the opportunity to play alongside the top players in the world in her age group.


It’s validating, and it’s exciting for the young golfer’s future. “I’m happy to see it all pay off,” May said. “I hope that it all falls into place, and one day it gets me to where I want to go.”





Ecuador Trip 2019






Class of 2019

Christian Vincent Aguirre**

Scylla Divinagracia Alavizos**

Alexis Alcantar

Sawyer Nelson Alford**

Gino Anthony Allen

Maximus Stephen Almanza**

Ariana Martinez Arceo

Reyna Milagros Arredondo*

Joseph Abueg Asuncion**

Jerell Usita Ballucanag**

Joseph Edward Jose Banaña

Evan Patrick Robert Bannister*

Carina Gasca Barney***

Lauren Nicole Basso**

Taylor Giana Basso*

Nicholas Robert Baysinger

Samuel Frederick Bettencourt*

Maxwell Isaac Beutel

Angelo Justin Bingham

Christian Alexis Bishop*

Anna Marie Blount**

William Isaiah Brown

Alexander Keahipono Bungalon**

Madison Grace Burgin*

Lauryn Franki Bustos**

Mikael Andres Caballero**

Adrianne Girome Camello*

Luis Angel Cano

Nickolas Alexander Cardenas

Hudson Jett Carruesco***

Stephen Edward Case*

Isabelle Louise Ceballos**

Hannah Love Chandler-Youngblood*

Samantha Marie Chavez

Javier Cisneros**

Jizelle Sahara Clay**

Matthew Agustin Cordova***

Nydia Betsaida Coronado

John Patrick Costello***

DuMauriér Josiah Cotton*

Mary Elizabeth Craig*

Catherine Grace Cranston***

Mia Celeste Catuira Cruz**

Jillian Kau'I Cuaresma

David Karl Dal Porto***

Sophia Gabrielle Davis

William Kenneth Davis**

Abigail Rose De Ocampo**

Logan Garrett Deal*

Ilene Brianna Delgadillo

Isabella Marie Dentoni***

Yanjun Dong**

Brenden Matthew Dougherty***

Jordan Dayvon Doyle*

Charisse Ramos Dumlao***

Giana Lee Ann Duncan***

Parker Steven Dunn**

Julian Alfaro Eguiluz

Grant Kenneth Engdahl

Yessinia Maricsa Enrriquez

Isabelle Villanueva Estrada***

Victoria Elena Estrella*

Gabriela Paz Febres-Duk*

Alyssa Nicole Fong*

Joseph Eurico Fontes

Brianna Nicole Leigh Gotelli Foo**

John Wesley Ford

Edward Casillas Franco*

John Danny Freeman, III

Kayla Loraine Frontella*

Alexandra Elizabeth Gabbard**

Caitlin Rae Galano

Lewis Raymond Gale, V**

Jessica Michelle Garcia*

Alexander Ahmed Garduno

Libertad Anais Gascon-Galindo*

Akayla Jailee Gayles*

Gabriella Marie Gonzales*

Fernando J. Gonzalez***

Kendall Gabrielle Gooding**

Colin Troy Gotschall***

Danielle Marie Greenlee

Joseph Rafael Grimaldi*

Jack David Guidi

Alexander Lua Gunnoe*

Julia Marie Guzman*

Lionel George Guzman

Aubrey Brooke Hanson

Alexis Nya Harrington McCowan***

Marvin Alexander Hernandez Garcia*

Anthony Gabriel Hernandez

Luiz Vincent Rosete Hinayon*

Thomas Carter Hole**

Matthew Kent Hosmer

Alexandra Infante***

Simi Guy Joshua Iulio, Jr.

Alexander Max Jacob

Bryce Jovan Johnson**

Robert Randall Johnson**

Hunter Robert Gary Jones*

Donovan Michael Jordan Scott

Olivia Taylor Corrine Kelley*

Nicholas Bingham Kirk*

Carter Ray Knutson*

Christopher Daniel Kronlund***

John Matthew Kyles

Randy Mateo Laforteza, Jr.**

Isaiah Mason Lee

Jiayu Li**

Madyson Danielle Limas**

Spencer Thomas Loewen***

Gian Bennett Lombardi*

Christina Thao Luong*

Francisco Xavier Magallon**

Jaycee Jose Ymbong Marquez**

Megan Taylor Mathews**

Mareko Liatama Faapito Meafua

Sophia Alicia Mendoza-Miguelino*

Mason Hunter Merin**

Bernadette Soubirous Miller

Vicharadani Norma Minott*

Saejel Gauri Mohan***

Anna Natalia Monterastelli***

Prince Quenttin Taurez Moore*

Matthew Arthur Moso*

Jada T'yania Moss

Uzair Naseer*

Carlos Anthony Dela Rosa Natividad***

Nikolas Ramon Navarro**

Dominique Llamas Nerecina*

Elsie Waithera Ngugi***

Daniel An Tai Ferrer Nguyen**

Joshuah Ashton Kazumi Marlang Nishi**

Nathaniel Carl Nordell*

Chibueze Christopher Nwabuzoh**

Nichole Dixie O'Shaughnessy***

David Nnamdi Okekenta**

Alyssa Viviana Ortega***

Alissa Yolanda Ortiz***

Hana Schmidt Oshima**

Dalton Lewis Ryan Paine*

Alexander Riley Panella

Elijah Jupiter Roque Panomvana

Christopher Basilio Parungao

Guy Joseph Paulin***

Anjelina Nikole Pelicas

Nathaniel Jose Perez**

Miley Alaida Kealani Plaza***

Isabella Marie Podesto**

Madison Grace Ramirez**

Marvin Justin Ramos*

Anthony Jacob Ratto

Victoria Helen Reed

Nicolas Klaus Dipold Reis*

Brianna Christina Relloque*

Daniel Jacob Reyes**

Camron David Rezania*

Riley Jane Richmond***

Dominic Andrew Rico**

Heather Nicole Riggle**

Vanessa Del Carmen Rivera

Karina Celeste Rocha**

Rose Isabel Rodgers*

Gabrielle Paulina Rodriguez**

Samantha Jasmine Rodriguez**

Ashley-Malia O'Hara Rugnao**

Christian Dean Ruiz**

Autumn Leigh Rullman*

Noah James Ryan*

Payton Marie Sandoval**

Britney Ashley Santoyo

Kwame Marshall Satterfield

Eryn Jhonni Scott

Callan Anthony Selna**

Jonathan David Semillo**

Wuthea Melvin Seng, Jr.

Ryan Christian Sevy*

Ana Kinana Shamroukh**

Clarissa Annabel Shane***

Olivia Shao**

Andrew Christopher Shipman

Charles Joseph Shipman

Carson Thomas Simi

Natalie Noelle Smith*

Jonathan Jose Solorzano Ramos*

Oluwatofarati Oluwajare Somotun**

Jacob Benjamin Soria

Brianna Noelle Stahl***

Gregory James Stevens

Caleb Justin Sylvia*

Ryan Christopher Tadman

Katelyn Carlos Telmo**

Taylor Alana Thiessen

Carly Anne Tschirky

Karen Gabriela Valtierra*

Julia Veronica Valverde*

Monique Josephine Vu*

Zachary Mathieson Wallace*

Leo Joseph Warmerdam, III***

Austin Gregory Williamson**

Donald Thomas Wuellner, II**

Chase Nolan Wunsch***

Nicole Monet Young**

Daniel Alejandro Zapien*

Madeline Ann Zevallos

Lili Simone Zumout**

*** Highest Honors               ** High Honors               *Honors


Principle Kathy Smith's Speech


Seniors, think back when you were 13 or 14 years old and you walked through the doors of Saint Mary's High School starting your high school career. Now, four years later, here you sit the class of 2019, ready to embark on yet another phase of your education.


Just think, you will not need to worry anymore about taking your earbuds out before the Deans see you, or coming up with a believable story as to why you were late getting back from lunch. No more bringing in cans for extra credit in science, the boys will not need to worry about shaving, and the mad dash to the parking lot, particularly on Fridays will become a walk in the park. And, of course, you will not need to worry about being in our beloved school uniform.


What you will miss are the friends you hang out with faithfully every weekend, and even though you may not think so now, you will also miss your parents keeping a watchful eye on you and waiting patiently for you to come home before curfew. You will miss the extra mile our teachers go to help you be successful, and I guarantee, you will miss nothaving an assigned parking spot.


You have described your class as one that is quiet, one that flies below the radar, yet a class who always strives to do their best. You have proven this by the theater productions, which over the last four years have received numerous awards, by your athletic prowess on the athletic fields, through your senior reflections and the love you have of your faith at our school Masses and by your perseverance to succeed by being accepted into colleges such as Cal Poly, Princeton, New York University, UOP, Dominican University, Harvey Mudd, Cornell, USC, CAL Berkeley, Santa Clara University, UCLA, Rice, Loyola Marymount, Bard College Berlin, Germany, Regis, Ithaca College, Brown University, the US Naval Academy among many more.


We have come to learn that Uzair is not a butterfly and he loves school so much he shows up even on days we have an in-service. We learned that there are some of you who pray for those you pass on the way to school who are less fortunate.


I have learned that I could probably take Yay Yay's earrings away every day of the week and he would still not run out of earrings.


You have given us many moments to remember. From your participation in our Every 15 Minutes program, to your performance in Beauty and the Beast. It was a first for Saint Mary's when you had a part in singing our National Anthem at the San Francisco Giants game. You made a difference when you went to serve the homeless at St. Mary's dining hall. We have been fortunate to hear Isabelle Ceballos sing the Ave Maria at graduations and it was pure joy watching David Okenkenta jumping up and down when he was announced homecoming king.


And of course who could ever forget the now famous rendition of Mr. Stoker as Elsa during our last rally.


Yes indeed, you have given us many moments to remember, but now is the time to take a moment and to thank your parents for the sacrifices that they have made for you during your years here at Saint Mary's. Do not let this day go by without telling your parents that you love them.


Parents, I am sure by now you have given your son or daughter the typical words of advice: find your passion, never compare yourself to others, don't complain, the little things do matter, be grateful and act with integrity. 


You may think your words of advice have fallen on deaf ears, but the words they will hear and will always remember are, I support you and I love you. I know it will be difficult for many of you to let go, but letting go is a part of the journey. 


Seniors, as you continue to grow, never forget what others have said, "one of the best signs of intelligence is curiosity. The more questions you ask, the more enlightened you become."


When you are walking down the street, put your cell phone away and enjoy your surroundings. You never know what opportunities you may be passing by.


The words of Maya Angelou will always ring true, "remember where you came from and know that people may forget what you say, and people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


Recognize that you can always take comfort in knowing that it is your faith and trust in God that will guide you and with this you will come to realize that you will never be alone.


And so seniors, it is time to move on. Always believe in who you are, and in the words of St. Francis de Sales, "Be Who You Are And Be That Well."





The 2019 Baccalaureate Mass was celebrated at Presentation Church with Bishop Myron Cotta as the principle celebrant, assisted by Fr. Matt Issac, O.S.F.S. and Monsignor Rober Silva, the pastor of the parish. Bishop Cotta spoke to the graduates about remaining true to their faith, not to abondon it regardless of difficulty and extolled them to always seek the intercession of the school's patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary.




















































Jamar Marshall Takes State Championship


Jamar Marshall won the 110-meter hurdles  Saturday’s CIF State Track and Field Championships, held at Buchanan High in Clovis. Marshall finished the 110 in 13.31 seconds, which ranks as the top time in the nation this year according to His time is technically the fastest in state history, though it won’t count as a state record because his race was “wind-aided.” What’s more, the Rams junior beat his competition in the race by nearly half a second.



















The St. Mary's CROP Club's annual peanut butter drive collected over 2 tons of product that was delivered to Catholic Charities for used in its outreach programs for the poor by a van and two pickup trucks. The generosity of our school community was again evident.


Be who you are and be that well.






















SM Men's Varsity 400 Relay Team Named Prep Athletes of the Week


The phenomenal SM Varsity 400 Relay Team consisting of Charles Jones, Donovan Jordan, Amir Brooks and Jamar Marshall has been selected as the Male Atheletes of the Week by The Record.


The team is heading for the State Meet after having won in the league, section and section Masters competitions.


The quartet of sophomore Charles Jones, senior Donovan Jordan, junior Amir Brooks and junior Jamar Marshall are The Record’s latest Prep Athletes of the Week for leading the Rams to defend their CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters championship last weekend in Davis.


Lewis affectionately calls his foursome “The Baby Rams,” a group he’s seen grow and develop into a state-caliber relay team that posted a time of 42.14 seconds at the Masters trials. He feels they’re capable of besting the school record of 41.64 at state.


“The most fun part is watching them enjoy their success,” said Lewis, a 13-year coach for the Rams


“I know what it feels like, and I want to add to their success. I feel like I got them to believe and trust in one another.”


Running the first leg is Jones, who returns to state in the 400 relay with higher expectations.


“At the end of the day, we know what we’re capable of,” Jones said. “For me it’s a lot of pressure to start us off, but I like to get out strong and get the momentum keeps rolling. I want to make everyone else’s job easier.”


The task of the second leg then falls to Jordan, who also ran with Jones on last year’s 400 relay team. He feels the foursome has evolved into a faster unit overall.


“I feel like the relationships and connections are stronger,” Jordan said. “This is one of the most competitive events and we have to have a good relationship. Without chemistry the team will bump heads and we won’t figure it out.”


Brooks runs the third leg, just like his mother, Aliyah Abdullah, did at state years ago while representing Edison.


“She still talks about it,” Brooks said. “When we qualified (at Masters) it was a surreal moment. I ran the whole 200 meters behind Jamar just to see him finish. My thing is to get the baton to Jamar as quickly as possible and give him a boost to win the race.”


Marshall, who also qualified in the 110- and 300-meter hurdles, takes pride in being the anchor.


“It’s a lot of pressure to have three of the fastest dudes in Stockton with me,” Marshall said. “When they have good legs, it’s up to me to finish it.”




St. Mary's has a history of excellence in academics throughout its 143 year history. This year  8 seniors were selected as Pinnacle Recipients and Distinguishes scholars.


Leading the group were David Del Porto and Christopher Kronlund.


David with a gpa of  4.61 who has been active in Senate/Cabinet; Campus Ministry, CSF and NHS. He will attend Santa Clara University.


Christopher has a gpa of 4.56, was involved with cross-country, Eagle Scout program, trap shooting and the International Outreach Club. He will attend Cornell.


Be who you are and be that well.















Senior Brunch


The graduation celebration begins with the traditional Senior Brunch.


This years theme was Red Carpet. The seniors were treated to brucnh, Martinellis' Sparkling Cider, gift bags, an opportunity to have a cricature drawn, a phtoo booth, and plenty of time to enjoy the100th Edition of the Cauldron Yearbook and each other.




























Final Mass and Awards Nights



CROP Cares

The St. Mary's CROP Club under the guidance of Mrs. Kozina (who was also the driving force behind the faculty service days and who was instrumental in organizing the first student mission to, Mission Texas, that she also led), works hard to maintain the garden so as to cultivate vegetables of all types to be given to the needy in our community through Catholic Charities. This is but one of many ways the CROP Club reaches out to the community. Funds from cookie sales and soup sales go to buy sleeping bags for the homeless distributed through St. Mary's Inter-Faith Dining Hall; clothing and food drives and the yearly Peanut Butter drive are all designed to help the poor in our community.

















2019 Rammy Aawrds


Congratulations to the following recipients of the St. Mary's High School Theatre Rammy Awards,

presented May 6th at the Stockton Golf and Country Club!




Most Promising Newcomer (Cast): Isabella Galvez

Most Promising Newcomer (Crew): Ava Lombardi

Best Ensemble "The Beverly Hillbillies": Dominique Nerecina

Best Male Ensemble "Disney's Beauty and the Beast": Andrew Chavez

Best Female Ensemble "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" Rose Rodgers

Best Cameo Performer "The Beverly Hillbillies": Kellinne Fontanilla as Mrs. Stokely-Smythe

Best Cameo Actor "Disney's Beauty and the Beast": David Okekenta as The Bookseller

Best Cameo Actress "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" April Murphy as The Rug

Best Shift Crew "The Beverly Hillbillies" Marvin Ramos

Best Support Crew "The Beverly Hillbillies" Ava Lombardi for Makeup Team

Best Shift Crew "Disney's Beauty and the Beast": Luke Orlando

Best Shift Crew "Disney's Beauty and the Beast": Kyle Samson

Best Support Crew "Disney's Beauty and the Beast": Kayla Frontella as Microphone Technician

Best Character Actor Cy Ustach as Monsieur D'Arque in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Best Character Actress: Payton Sandoval as Silly Girl #1 in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Best Supporting Actor Carlo Dimayuga as Lumiere in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Best Supporting Actor Spencer Loewen as LeFou in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Best Supporting Actress: Carina Barney as Babette in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Best Lead Crew "The Beverly Hillbillies": Spencer Loewen as Shift Head

Best Lead Crew "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" Giana Duncan as Stage Manager

Best Lead Actor: John Costello as Beast in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Best Lead Actress: Abby DeOcampo as Belle in "Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

Gypsy Robe Award: David Okekenta

Director's Award: Spencer Loewen

St. Genesius Outstanding Crew Award: Giana Duncan

Fr. Xavier Harris Outstanding Dramatist Award: John Costello





SM STEM Competes in Solar Regatta


The St. Mary's STEM team competed in the SMUD California Solar Regatta  at The Ranch Seco Recreational Arena. The team has designed and built a solar powered race boat that consists of a 15 ft canoe and an electric boat motor powered by 4 solar panels that were provided by SMUD.


Our STEM Regatta Team created and submitted a video earlier in the year in which they wired the solar panels to power an electric motor and built a titling mechanism for the panels in order to maximize the sun's energy. They also wired the boat to fun on an auxilary batter pack and prepared a presentation for the Solar Regatta Judges.


The SM Solar Regatta Team, led by Mrs. Gina Lasiter includes Frances Lofranco, Chloe Haramis, Bella Yciano, Aisea Ladrid-Goldowski and Austin Medina






































Science Olympiad Team


St. Mary's Science Olympiad  had eleven students compete in 10 events. Caleb Sylvia and Ashley Rugnao for taking 3rd in Write It Do It.


Science Olympiad Team: Orlando Hall (9th) - Code Busters & Mousetrap Vehicle; Chloe Haramis (10th) - Astronomy; Alex Naumann (10th) - Fossils & Thermodynamics; Annie (Anh) Nguyen (10th)* - Fossils & Thermodynamics; Sam (Haoda) Yu (10th) - Boomilever; Karina Rocha (12th) - Anatomy & Physiology; Saejel Mohan (12th) - Anatomy & Physiology; Caleb Sylvia (12th) - "Write It Do It" & Sounds of Music (physics of sound); Ashley Rugnao (12th) - "Write It Do It"; Elijah Panomvana (12th) - Sounds of Music (physics of sound); Hana Oshima (12th) - Dynamic Planet Donald Wuellner (12th) - Dynamic Planet 


Our Student Volunteers:; Vina Lee (11th); Hudson Carruesco (12th); Orlando Hall (9th); Hana Oshima (12th); Donald Wuellner (12th)


* Anh Nguyen prepared all year with Alex up until she had to leave for Model UN which was also this weekend so she was not able to be there on competition day.












Model UN Participates in 67th Session


St. Mary’s High School Model UN Delegates; Annie Nguyen, Madeleine Heli and Christopher Canzano Class of 2021; Caroline Heffernan, Juan Valdes and Gabrielle Stephens, Class of 2020; Liberty Galindo, Nichole O’Shaughnessy, Max Almanza and Lewis Gale, Class of 2019; and Moderator Mr. Bart Dykzeul participated in the 67th Session of the Berkeley Model United Nations, which over 1900 Schools from all over the world attend.



















Science Olympiad


This year's Science Olympiad was held at Modesto Jr. College as the Central Valley Regional Science Bowl. with 16 Central Valley high schools competing, 24 teams altogether. The St. Mary's team consisted of Aidan Becerra, Captain, and Sam Yu, Annie Nguyen, Zach Myrah, and Jared Ruiz.   


This competition was created in 1991 by the Dept. Of Energy, to encourage students to get involved in the STEM subjects, and the fast/paced question-and-answer format covers questions in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, Earth science and energy










Cheer Performs on National Stage


2019 Cheer Squads Performed at the USA Cheer Nationals in Anaheim with Game Day routines and sets competing against squads from all over the nation.





























CROP Works Year-Round


In addition to holding soup and bake sales, food and clothing drives and the annual peanut butter drive, CROP maintains a garden from which fresh produce is picked and given to Catholic Charities for the weekly food bank on a year-round basis.  Fr. Matt Issac joined club moderator Margo Kozina and the members of the CROP Club in preparing the garden for new planting.






























Model UN Team



The St. Mary's Model United Nations team competed  atht eh Santa Clara Valley Model Un which in its 49th year is the 2nd oldest and 2nd largest MUN Conference on the West Coast. The team includesClass of 2021: Annie Nguyen, Madeleine Heli, Christopher Canzano; Class of 2020: Juan Valdes, Caroline Heffernan, Gabrielle Stephens; Class of 2019 Lewis Gale, Liberty Galindo, Nichole O'Shaughnessy and Max Almanza Class of 2020, Liberty Galindo, Max Almanzo, Juan Valdes and Lewis Gale all Class of 2019
















Memory Project



This nonprofit organization gathers photos of children who are facing very substantial challenges in Columbia, such as extreme poverty, violence or family loss. The children live in orphanages, slums and refugee camps and most have very few items of personal value to call their own. This group reached out to our art teacher, Jean Aguilar, asking our Art 3-4 and AP Studio Art students to study the children's photos and turn them into works of art. The portraits were sent to the children as special gifts. Thank you to our students and Ms. Aguilar for going above and beyond to communicate kindness, peace and friendship on behalf of Saint Marys High School.


Be who you are and be that well!








Dalton Paine Honored

Dalton Paine received  Honorable Mention Status on the most recent California State Wrestling Ranking List.










Gunnoe and Brown in All Star Game

St. Mary's student athletes Alex Gunnoe- Defenseman, Class of 2019  and Clayton Brown- Forward, Class of 2020  have been chosen for the ADHSHL 8th Annual All Star Game on January 31, 2019 at Great Parks Ice Facility in Irvine, California.









Kids Take A Stand Help Raise Cancer Awareness

Anthony Del Carlo, Class of 2021, Gavin Merin, Class of 2021, Madison Burgin, Class of 2019 and KTAS President - Mason Merin (not pictured), Class of 2019 They presented a check to St. Joseph’s Hospital, President and CEO Don Wiley and Jim Linderman of St. Joseph’s Cancer Institute.


This is the 12th year of Kids Taking A Stand in which these amazing students all put forth their efforts toward raising money for cancer awareness in our local community.


It is through this support, from people and businesses in the community like Lacquer that this is made possible.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”
-Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

















St. Mary's Christian Relief Outreach Project (CROP) conducts soup sales and bake sales throughout the school year to raise money to help the poor. This year, through the kindness of Sean the manager of a the Big 5 Sporting Goods store, CROP was able to purchase  98 sleeping bags to give to St. Mary's Interfaith Dining Room for distribution to the poor and homeless in our area.
































Alumnus Separated by 50 Years


50 years of Ram spirit came together when alumnus Peter Morelli, Class of 1969 and former President of St. Mary's was greeted by current student body president, Spencer Loewen,Class of 2019, after the 49'er's game on December 16, 2018 at which Morelli officiated. 








Bringing Joy to Children's Lives


Members of our St. Mary's High School Varsity Football Team along with Coach Franks brought Christmas Gifts  to the UC Davis Children's Hospital. In addition to bringing gifts to the older children, the team brought gifts for the preemies as well.


The players scrubbed up to take a tour of the NCU. It was a great day of fellowship, education and prayer for these Ram student-athletes.

"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."- Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta


























Toy Drive



The 2018 Senate-Cabinet Toy Drive was again a huge success due to the very generous spirit of the St. Mary's Community. These toys were donated to the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department, Stockton Fire Department, the California Highway Patrol and the Stockton Police Department to distribute through their Christmas toy programs to the needy in our community.

























CROP Canned Good Drive


It took the combined force of students. administration, faculty and staff to load all of the canned goods collected during the CROP annual canned goods collection. By the time it was over, the Catholic Charities truck was loaded to capacity with all manner of canned goods, along with dozens of turkeys and hams, all of which will go to feed the poor of our community. The generosity of the St. Mary's High School community, in particular the students showed once again that the words of St. Francis de Sales guide the daily their daily actions: "Be who you are and be that well."




















Noah May Named Athlete of Week


Noah May was named Athlete of the Week by CBS13 to see the video of Noah May named Athlete of the Week for November Week2 use this >> link <<


CBS13 is opening voting for the Athlete of the Month for November, 2018. Rams quarterback Noah May, November Athlete of the Week for week 2 is a candidate. To vote for Noah, beginning November 22nd, go use this >> link <<














Student Charity



St. Mary's Student Government  hosted a Food Basket Drive led by Laura Howze, St. Mary's activities director to help the poor in our community by providing them with Thanksgiving meals.








Members of the St. Mary's CROP Club prepare vegetables and other ingredients to the Soup Sale. The club, led by Margo Kozina uses the proceeds from the soup sales and bake sales to help fund the purchase of sleeping bags for the poor and homeless in our community, in addition to weekly harvests from the CROP Garden given to Catholic Charities, canned food and clothing drives and a annual Peanut Butter Drive.
















Speech and Debate


Clarisa Shane, Francisco Magalon, William Vick, Carlos Santana and Lauren Rogan were among the top finishers  at Yosemite Forensic League Tournament Saturday October 20th.




















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