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The student body will register for classes for the following school year some time in the spring on dates to be announced by the Administration.


The Registration Fee of $300 must be paid for each student before that student will be scheduled for classes. This is a NONREFUNDABLE FEE. Tuition


Tuition 2014-2015


Catholic Student

$799 a month for 10 months/$7990.00 per year

Non-Catholic Student

$839 a month for 10 months/$8390.00 per year

Building Assessment

$100 per family



Tuition is due and payable on the 5th of each month.

First installment is due on August 5.

Final installment is due on May 5.




Fees: (subject to change)


Student Body Card Fee

(Mandatory for All)


Graduation Fee (For Seniors)

$125 (Due and payable before May 1, 2013)

Schedule Change Fee


Transcript Fee (First two free) Additonal $5 each
Building Fund $100 (per family)

Optional Fees:



(Permits issued upon receipt of September payment)



Billing Information - On your August statement, which will be mailed in July, in addition to the first tuition installment, you will be billed for the Student Body fee of $190 (mandatory for all students) and the $100 Graduation fee (if your student is a senior).  Some classes have fees. Those that have fees will be indicated on the enclosed class schedule. Because there are adds and drops and schedule changes that take place after registration day, all class fees will appear on your November monthly statement for the first semester and your March statement for the second semester.










Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, St. Mary's  will be implementing the FACTS Payment Plan. Families will be able to make their payments in one of 5 ways:


 1.     Payment in Full-This payment is due August 1, 2014

 2.     Two payments in August and January

 3.     4 payments in August, November, February, and May

 4.     11 monthly payments beginning in July

 5.     10 monthly payments beginning in August

(Payments can be made 1st, 5th, or 20th of each month)


Please note the following advantages in using the FACTS system for tuition payment handling:


  • Convenient online payment plan sign-up

  • Customer service available 24/7

  • Automatic withdrawal with ACH or Credit Card

  • Receive e-mail payment reminders before your payment is due

  • Online Tuition Payments

  • Multiple payment options

  • Security: FDIC insured, PCI Level 1, Red flags ready

  • Maintain your demographic and financial account information with Web-based interface in real time for account viewing 24/7

  • Ability to have guest payer

  • Mobile access for tuition or fee payments

To enroll in FACTS, parents will be receiving correspondence from FACTS as to how to enroll and select your payment plan, payment method and payment date. We ask that all families have this in place by July 15th so we can finalize your agreements and enter your family's tuition commitment for 2014-15.


Late Entrance And/Or Withdrawal Fee

If a student enters St. Mary's after the regular academic year begins or withdraws before the year is ended, tuition payments will be prorated according to the dates of entrance and departure. This determination will be made by the President's Office.


All students regardless of the time they enter are obligated to pay the $300 registration fee and the $190 Student Body Fee.


Mid-Year And Final Examinations

In order to be admitted to take Mid-Year Examinations in December, tuition must be current.


In order to be admitted to take Final Examinations in May, TEN (10) tuition installments must have been paid.


Delinquent Tuition

In both December and May, every effort is made to contact parents when tuition is delinquent. Parents are contacted by letter or phone call or both before semester and final exams. It is not the policy of the school to involve students in questions of delinquent tuition, however, if there is no response from parents, the only alternative the school has is to contact the student at school.


Families who have not met their financial obligations for a current academic year, will not be permitted to register for the following year unless those obligations are met.


Meeting Financial Obligations

Parents who refuse to pay tuition and refuse to contact the school to work out some mutually acceptable plan to reduce their indebtedness will be regarded as showing an uncooperative attitude and the school may then exercise its option of not allowing the student to continue.


Return Check Fee


A $20 returned check fee will be charged for each check or EFT draft returned by the bank. Any account that presents two NSF or EFT checks will be placed on a cash only basis.


Tuition Assistance


The Tuition Assistance Application form will be available in the Registrar's Office during the month of January, for the following year. The family's income tax forms are also requested. Tuition assistance applications are due on February 1st.


In order to qualify for tuition assistance, the family must demonstrate need, the student must demonstrate that they are doing the best academic work possible, and must show that they are cooperating with the school policies regarding behavior, attendance, tardiness and dress code. Failure to fulfill these qualifications may result in the loss of tuition assistance.

To be considered for tuition assistance the student must:


  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA.

  • Display a cooperative attitude regarding school policy with special emphasis on attendance, dress code, and tardiness.


The amount of tuition assistance will vary with need.



Tuition Assistance Application