Scholarships and Financial Aid


Financial Aid/Scholarships


We at St. Mary's High School understand that a Catholic school education is a gift that leads to a brighter future, and we know that this gift represents a significant investment and commitment for any family. St. Mary's works with families on a confidential, individual basis to ensure that qualified students have the opportunity to attend our school. Financial Aid may be available to those families who show demonstrated need of financial support. This assistance is made to as many students and families as possible, regardless of their ethnic or racial backgrounds.


Those applying for Financial Aid and/or Scholarships must complete a FACTS Grant and Aid Application. Financial Aid funds are limited so it is imperative that the application is submitted before the deadline. Scholarship and Grant award amounts will be communicated to applicants by St. Mary's, prior to registration in the Spring.


Financial Policies



The student body will register for classes for the following school year some time in the spring on dates to be announced by the Administration.


The Registration Fee of $300 must be paid for each student before that student will be scheduled for classes. This is a NONREFUNDABLE FEE. 


The St. Mary's Board of Directors determines tuition and fees for St. Mary's High School with consultation from the administrators in late January each year.


All tuition is payable through FACTS Tuition Management at


Tuition 2018-2019*


Catholic Student

$8840.00 per year

Non-Catholic Student

$9240.00 per year


 * several installment plans available

First Installment is due August, 2018




Fees: (subject to change)

Application $75
Registration $350 non-refundable

Student Body Card Fee

(Mandatory for All)

$230 (includes Yearbook)

Graduation Fee (For Seniors)

$150 (Due and payable January, 2018)

Schedule Change Fee


Campus Improvement Fee $200 (per family)

Optional Fees:



(Permits issued upon receipt of September payment)



Financial Obligation and Delinquency


It is imperative that all tuition payments are kept current. If, for some reason, a financial difficulty is encountered, it is important that you contact the office to arrange an appointment so that a plan for payment can be arranged. St. Mary's is committed to working with parents to help finance each student's



It is not the policy of the school to involve students in questions of delinquent tuition, however, if there is no response from parents, the only alternative the school has is to contact the student at school.


All financial obligations to the school such as tuition and fees must be kept current. Students whose accounts become more than 30 days delinquent will be placed on the financial ineligibility list. Students on the financial ineligibility list cannot: begin attending classes in August; sit for semester exams or participate in co-curricular activities, to include, but not limited to: athletics; ASB government; field trips, club activities; dances (including winter formal & prom); spirit leading; plays and musicals; speech; and/or senior trip.


Meeting Financial Obligations


Parents are asked and expected to honor their financial obligation to St. Mary's High School through the timely payment of tuition and fees. However, when St. Mary's families experience severe financial situations, parents should contact Mrs. Chris Martin by phone or at


In the case where parents have a serious change in their financial situation, St. Mary's High School Financial Assistance Committee and the president will discuss the possibility of adjustments in scheduled tuition payments. No student will be asked to leave St. Mary's High School soley on the basis of his inability to pay full tuition.


If no alternative arrangement for payment is made and authorized by the St. Mary's High School president and the committee, or a student's tuition account becomes past due, the student may be subject to suspension from classes or given a recommended transfer. No student may take semester examinations until all financial obligations to the school have been satisfactorily addressed as defined by the St. Mary's High School president.


The parties financially responsible for accounts with past due balances will be contacted by the business office and or the tuition billing service.


Delinquent accounts will be placed with an outside collection agency and legal remedies pursued. An acceptable written payment plan between the financially responsible party and the School may be made at the sole discretion of the school.


If the account continues to be delinquent the school reserves the right to refuse continuing enrollment for the remainder of the school year.


Late Entrance and/or Withdrawal Fee


If a student enters St. Mary's after the regular academic year begins or withdraws before the year is ended, tuition payments will be current through the end of the month. This determination will be made by the President's Office. All students regardless of the time they enter are obligated to pay the $300 registration fee and the $225.00 Student Body Fee.


Mid-Year And Final Examinations


In order to be admitted to take Mid-Year Examinations in December, and Final Examinations in May, students must be current with FACTS tuition. In both December and May, every effort is made to contact parents when tuition is delinquent. Parents are contacted by letter or phone call or both before semester and final exams.


Emergency Grants


The president may use his discretion in awarding additional grants in cases where the extreme financial problems of a family jeopardize a students' continued attendance at St. Mary's High School. In these cases, the parents will be asked to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid assessment even if it is past the normal deadline for applying


Return Check fee


A $30 non-sufficient funds fee will be charged for each check or EFT draft returned by the bank.


Late fee


A $25 late feee will be assessed for all late payments.