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SM Athletics


 Rams Records





Golf, Women's


8-2 10-2-1

Volleyball (TCAL Champions)


9-1 35-7

Football (TCAL Champions)


5-0 8-5

Women's Tennis


8-1 16-8

Water Polo, Men's (TCAL Champions. Sac-Joaquin Champions)


10-0 29-7

Water Polo, Women's


5-5 7-13

Cross-Country, Men's


10-0 10-0

Cross-Country, Women's


7-3 7-3

Basketball, Women's (Sac-Joaquin Section Champions)


4-1 22-9

Basketball, Men's (Sac-Joaquin Section Champions)


10-1 25-8



Men's Soccer Winter 0-8-1 5-10-2
Women's Soccer Winter 6-1-2 11-3-3

Golf, Men's


12-3 12-3

Tennis, Men's


5-5 8-7

Badminton, Men's


5-2 5-2

Badminton,  Women's


3-4 3-4

Swimming, Women's 



Swimming Men's 



Track & Field, Men's  (TCAL Champs; Sac Joaquin Champs)


5-0 5-0

Track & Field Women's


2-3 2-3



0-12 0-14



8-4 13-12

Lacrosse (SVLL Champions)


10-1 12-4
Trap Shooting Spring IND IND
Beach Volleyball Spring IND IND
Men's Volleyball Spring 7-3 11-10
Ice Hockey Year 4-7 5-10



Baseball: All Star Classic


The Rams Anthony Hernandez singled and later scored on a single by Bear Creek’s Troy Melendez for a 3-1 advantage. for the North, but in the end the South came back to win 11-7. Nevertheless, St. Mary's  Nathan Nordell, who was the starting pitcher for the North, the memories were important. Quoted in The R cord:  “This is nice to be a part of,” Nordell said. “It’s one last game with all my friends, to have a good time and make it count. Everyone around here is a good ballplayer.”


Skyler May in Junior World Championship


By Nick Woodard

Record Staff Writer


The high school girls golf season ended back in the fall. For athletes such as Skyler May, though, the sport never really stops. Sure, the St. Mary’s golfer took some time off after playing in the NorCal playoffs. But soon enough, she was back on the course. And, this month, May qualified to compete among some of the best young golfers in the world.


With her second-place finish at a qualifying event June 1 at Haggin Oaks Golf Course in Sacramento, May qualified for the IMG Academy Junior World Championship in the 15-18 age group.


The three-day tournament is set for July 9-12 at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, and will feature players from all over the world, from Colombia to Japan to India and many more.


May will represent Stockton, something that had been a goal after having discussions with people familiar with the tournament. “I’ve talked to so many people that say it’s such a great experience,” May said. “I’m looking forward to playing the course and having a great time.”


Between now and the tournament, May will continue to get in daily work to make sure her game is where she wants it to be when it’s time to step onto the course at Torrey Pines. May said she has goals in terms of scores, but mainly the experience.


“I want to just keep an open mind,” May said. “I’m just going to do what I can do, and believe in that.”


Asked what the past several months on the golf course have been like, May began to use the word “shocking,” but stopped short of it. In all honesty, shocking wasn’t the right word.


Given the work and time May has put in over the years, it’s not shocking that in less than a month, May will have the opportunity to play alongside the top players in the world in her age group.


It’s validating, and it’s exciting for the young golfer’s future. “I’m happy to see it all pay off,” May said. “I hope that it all falls into place, and one day it gets me to where I want to go.”




Women's Water Polo

Maggie Bria


Women's Golf

Skyler May


Men's Cross-Country

Daniel Winter

Spencer Loewen


Christopher Parungao

Women's Cross-Country

Jordan Doyle

 Sophia Lee

William Brown


Hunter Jones

Men's Water Polo


Matt Hosmer


Guy Paulin

Emma Miller

Lewis Gale

Anya Green

  Women's Basketball

Jada Moss

Dalton Pain

Anna Blount

Men's Basketball Women's Soccer

Bryce Johnson

Catherine Cranston

Men's Tennis Men's Golf
Isaac Graves William Bensch



Kyle Samson

Matthew Hosmer

Joe Bottini

Guy Paulin

Zack Sansom

Juan Bernabe

Jt Macedo


Track And Field


Jamar Marshall

Jadyn Marshall

Joseph Fontes

Donovan Jordan

Jesus Andrade

Nathan Nordell

Anthony Hernandez





Scoreboard Ads


A great way to help SM and your business is by purchasing scoreboard ads that will be seen at athletic events on the Sanguinetti football field, at the Cortopassi Aquatics Center and Morelli Gymnasium


Contact SM Athletics for more information on this great way to get your message heard.


957-3340 ext. 180



SM Internet  and  RadioSports Broadcasts




Spring Pending



What is


St. Mary's High School proudly announces a new venture with its new video Broadcasting I class, and that is We will broadcast every varsity football game (including playoffs), home TCAL volleyball games (and all playoff games), home varsity boys and girls basketball games (including playoffs), home TCAL baseball games (including playoffs) and at least one event for every single varsity sport. Starting in the 2nd quarter, we will broadcast a magazine show called St. Mary's Today. This show will be aired twice a month throughout the rest of the school year. We will also broadcast special events such as the 140th Anniversary Mass and the Blue Mass live.


How can I watch these events?


Log on to and sign up for a subscription in order to watch events live. Subscriptions cost $35 for an entire school year or $9.95 to watch a single event live. Events may be viewed for free, one week after the event has taken place.


Where does the subscription money go?


Most of the revenue goes to the, which is the official video partner of the CIF Sac-Joaquin section. A third of your subscription is rebated back to Saint Mary's Athletics and helps to defray other athletic costs.


Can I advertise on these events?


Yes, there will be reasonable commercial advertisements available on all broadcasts. For more information contact Paul Scheet at (209) 986-1916 or email him at


Nicole Young  Princeton  Basketball

Jeff Hosmer UOP Water Polo

Anna Blount UNLV Basketball

Lewis Gale UOP Water Polo

Jada Moss Grand Canyon Basketball

Scylla Alavios, Holy Names, Soccer

Catherine Cranston, Cal Poly, Soccer

Akayla Gayles, NYU, Track and Field

Jordan Doyle, U of Idaho, Football

Hunter Jones, Rice University, Football

Zach Wallace, Idaho State, Football

Gino Allen, College of Idaho, Football

Nicolas Reis, College of Idaho, Football

Carter Knutson, LMU, Water Polo

Joseph Fontes; Naval Academy, Track & Field

Noah Ryan, Regis College, Track & Cross-Country


Events & Notices







Cheer Camp  • Boy's Basketball Camp

Volleyball Camp Baseball Camp W Basketball Camp


GREEN MACHINE SIGN-UPS ARE THIS MONDAY -- AT REGISTRATION To join, bring $30 and the completed Code of Conduct form (attached below) Green Machine members get free admission to all conference games.  **Playoff games and non-CIF sports are not included.


Green Machine Code of Conduct


Like to reduce or eliminate your annual Athletic Participation fee?


No time to come in and purchase scrip cards?


We have the solution for you!  Introducing the BENEFIT MOBILE app!  Simply download the app on your smart phone. Assign St. Mary's High Sports Association as your beneficiary. Register your preferred method of payment (payments made through your checking account will maximize your profits) See the huge list of retailers participating


For more info, please contact the athletic office at 957-3340, Ext. 108


All students that are interested in playing any Fall Sports must have a medical exam



Members of the Athletic Hall of Fame

Joseph Abdullah '91

Jennifer Agresti

Jim Arbios ‘45

Ed Barakatt ‘47

Joe Barkett '67

Jason Bartlett '97

Dario Bella ‘41+

Robert Carruesco '65

George Casillas '83

Margo Castaneda '78

Ken Castles '55 (dec.)

Arthur Chapman '54

David Chapman '54

Bob Chinchiolo '55

Mike Clark

Careana Clay ‘80

Larry Conti ‘36 +

Michelle Cozad '01

Gregory De Cristofaro '64

John Ellis '91

Bob Garibaldi ‘82

Jon Giffen ‘77

Heidi C. Gluskin '90

Debra Goodrich ‘77

Jim Grady

Ken Green ‘82

Steve Green '78

Glenn Griffen

Jon Gustorf

Frank Halvorson '74

Von Hayes '76

Andrew Hill '91

Laurence Held ‘79

Larry Huiras '62

Art Hughes ‘42 +

Peter L. Inge '75

Ron Inge '73

Duane Isetti ‘59

Melanie Knott '87

Mark Kusanovich

Frank Linford '75

David Lozano '72

Jocelyn Mancebo '01

Don Mazzilli ‘77

Angela McShane '93

Nancy H. Mittelstadt '96

Antwine Murchison '81

Gregory O’Leary ‘77

Lynee L. Monckton '81

Laurie Hill Nero '93

Tom O’Neill

Rick Paulsen '77

Walter Payne '53

Aileen  Risso '82

Denise Rotert '91

Ray Silva '54

Fred Shoemaker '70

Peter Shoemaker '68

Kevin Simmons '79

Christopher Smith '97

Ed Sprague ‘85

Rich Standart ‘70

Wayman Steed '47 +

Denise C. Stenger '83

E. Raymond Thames '80

Hal Toso ‘46 +

Steve Towne

Ben Valverde ‘47

Richard Valverde '52

Eric Williams ‘80

Mike Williams '74

Ted Yoneda

John Zidich '72





Varsity Football Team of 1960-61

Varsity Football Team of 1970-71

Varsity Football Team of 1971-72

Varsity Men's Basketball  of 1978-79


Athletic Hall Of Fame Committee


Jim Brusa

Tony Franks

Jon Gustorf

David Lozano

Angela Mcshane

Pat Morelli

Peter Morelli

Felicia Rowley

Steve Towne

The  St. Mary's Athletic Hall of Fame honors alumnus who have

distinguished themselves in the athletic arena.


Show the world that you are proud to support St. Mary's High School and the Rams. These ties carry the school motto of St. Francis de Sales "Be Who You Are and Be That Well".


The ties are appropriate for business and for any special event where you want to show your support for St. Mary's High School and all it stands for.


These ties make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or for any occasion.


There is a limited supply, so please contact the Athletic Office as soon as possible to secure yours.






Scrip Form


A on-line fill-out/print-out form is available :: Click Here ::  Use this as a convenient way to order scrip to get credit for your annual family athletic fee.


Maps To Sac Joaquin Schools


CIF Sac Joaquin Section maintains maps and directions to all member schools. For Maps :: Click Here ::


Post High School Competition


NCAA Statistics on Probability of Post High School Competition  :: Click Here ::


NCAA Registration Requirements


All athletes who wish to participate in college at the NCAA Division I or II level must register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearing house by the completion of their junior year of high school. To register :: Click Here ::


General Information


The Student Handbook contains information, policies and regulations related to Athletic affairs at St. Mary's and can be accessed  with this :: Link: ::






Saint Mary’s High School administration, athletic director and coaches believe that students who are selected for the privilege of membership on teams should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the school. In order to assure the integrity of the athletic code of conduct, the athletic director and coaches will enforce this Code of Conduct. Furthermore, matters which are brought to the attention of the Dean of Students concerning members of teams who fail to abide by the Athletic Code of Conduct, are subject to disciplinary action by the office of the deans. Members of teams must always serve as exemplars of high moral character and must demonstrate appropriate academic commitment. As recognized representatives of Saint Mary’s High School, team members are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior whether in season or out of season, in uniform or out of uniform, on campus or off campus.


Athletics Program


The interscholastic program is an integral part of Saint Mary’s High School. It holds many educational benefits for those students who elect to participate.


The self-discipline required of the students participating in interscholastic competition provides a unique training opportunity not ordinarily available elsewhere in the curriculum.


All interscholastic activities of the school’s athletic department will maintain the ideals and standards that are the policy of the school administration, the Tri City Athletic League (TCAL), the San Joaquin Section (SJS), and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Saint Mary’s High School’s athletic department strives to create an environment that promotes competitiveness, spirituality,teamwork and self-discipline. We are committed to building character, developing responsibility, and promoting sportsmanship which will become life-long traits.


Informed Consent


Parents and students need to be aware of the potential dangers of participation in interscholastic athletics since there is a risk of being injured in any sport. The risk of injury may be severe, including varieties of fractures, conussions, sprains, contusions, brain injuries, paralysis, or even death. Risk of injury may be somewhat reduced through parent insistence upon student-athletes following carefully all of the guidelines given by the coaching staff and school regarding training rules, safety procedures, proper use of equipment, legal and safe playing techniques, and any and all other safety procedures.


The school’s program operates on the concept of the “student-athlete.” A student wishing to participate in the sports program must meet the following eligibility standards, while making satisfactory progress toward graduation.


Scholastic Requirements


a) An athlete must maintain a 2.00 grade point average or be excluded from participation in an athletic sport until the student attains a 2.00 GPA at the next grading period.


b) CIF rules require that semester grades be used to determine eligibility at the end of the second and fourth quarters. Grading periods shall be first quarter, first semester, and third quarter and second semester.


c) A student must have a 2.00 GPA on the report card from the previous grading period (all subjects count toward the determination of the 2.00 GPA) in order to be eligible to participate in sports for the next quarter. No student with two or more grades of “F” is eligible. 2.00 eligibility by CIF Rules means ineligible to particpate in any CIF game. If a student is ineligible during a tryout period the student may, at the Athletic Director's discretion, be allowed to practice until the next grading period. If a coach makes cuts

in a sports team any ineligible student will not be allowed to participate in any activities with that sport. Ineligible student athletes are required to be participating in the Student Enrichment program. Any student in the Enrichment program, whether eligible or ineligible, cannot be involved in practice until the Enrichment period is over for the day.


d) For the school year: the eligibility period begins when the Vice-Principal publishes the list of ineligible students based on the marks received on the previous semester/quarter report card. Students are ineligible from one publication date to the next.


e) The same procedure will be used for the remaining quarters. The eligibility will always be determined by the previous quarter or semester grades.


f) In the event a student receives below a 2.00 GPA on the 2nd semester report card and would be ineligible in the Fall, and goes to summer school and raises their grade and the grade is acceptable to SMHS it may be counted. If, in the re-computing of the GPA, it rises to 2.00 or above, the student would be eligible for participation in the fall quarter. The student shall remain ineligible until the Vice Principal reviews the grades. Such a student (summer school student) shall be permitted to practice but not participate in events until eligibility is determined after the receipt of the summer school grades. Note: prior to attending summer school, students should consult with the St. Mary’s Vice Principal and Counselor to ensure that credit will be given for courses taken.


g) Students shall not be permitted or encouraged to drop classes, change teachers, or otherwise alter their schedules for the purpose of defeating the intent of this policy.


h) No student entering SMHS from the 8th grade shall be affected by this policy until after their first grading period at SMHS. i) In all transfer cases, it is presumed that the student is eligible to participate based upon the C.I.F. transfer rules.




a) Minimum attendance for participation in a practice or game is one-half of the school day. Parents must call the attendance office to excuse all absences. The athletic director and Dean of Students must clear any exceptions.


b) Any student-athlete enrolled in a physical education class who does not dress and participate in class on a given day may not participate in practice or in a game on the same day.


c) A student-athlete who cuts a class as determined by the Dean of Students, will not be permitted to participate in any practice or game that day (or as soon as the athletic director is notified and can notify the coach).




a) Any student who is issued equipment or uniforms is fully accountable for the return, in good condition, of the items issued. Parents will be held financially accountable for any items lost, stolen, or damaged. It is also the policy of the athletic department for all equipment/uniforms being used in the previous seasonal sport to be returned before the athlete will be allowed to participate in the upcoming sport.


b) Uniforms and equipment issued to the student at the beginning of the season for use throughout the sport, shall be stored in a LOCKED locker at school or kept at home for use on game days. No student should give out the combination to any other. It is the student’s responsibility to lock all valuables and possessions at all times during use of the locker room for storage. All lost possessions must be reported to the coach immediately.




a) Each student who participates in any sport must provide evidence of a physical examination by a licensed physician M.D. or D.O. in order to satisfy C.I.F. and SMHS athletic regulations. Physical examinations are valid for one calendar school year and are offered by the school prior to each sports season in the months of August, October, and January.


b) Athletes must have a signed “Authorization to Consent to Treatment” card on file in the athletic office.


c) Football Insurance: Medical insurance is required for competition in interscholastic football. This requirement may be satisfied through policies held by the student-athlete that do not exclude interscholastic football, or by the purchase of insurance, through St. Mary's that specifically covers interscholastic football.


d) After an injury which requires medical attention, a release in writing must be obtained from a doctor before a player may resume participation. This is for the protection of the player, coach, and school.


e) Student/Athletes diagnosed with a concussion have a return-to-play protocol which is administered by our certified athletic trainer. This certified trainer and St. Mary's medical staff must release all concussed athletes before releasing to play.




a) Travel to away contests may be by school vans, a chartered bus, or another method approved by parental permission slips. Transportation of students from their homes to game sites is the responsibility of the parents. Transportation of students to off-campus practice sites are also the responsibility of the parents.


b) Students who travel to a contest by a school van, a chartered bus, etc. must present a signed note from their parents if they are to be permitted to go home with someone else.


c) Athletes are to be dressed neatly and appropriately when traveling to away contests and as well as when attending home games.


Outside Athletics


a) According to CIF rules, no student may participate for an non-school team and a school team in the same sport during the same season.


b) Athletes are not obligated to attend any meeting when the sport is not in season or when the athlete is still a member of another school team. Athletes may however request their coaches’ permission to attend organizational meetings of another SMHS sport, especially if it would involve missing a practice time.




a) Block SM letters will be given for varsity sports only. Athletes must have participated on the varsity level in approximately half of his/her team’s events with the final decision being at the discretion of the head coach or athletic director. Award winners will be limited to one SM block letter with subsequent recognition by certificate and emblems for each sport in which they participate.


b) Awards will be made on the basis of the coach’s recommendations. Athletes who regularly miss practices or games will not receive an award.


c) Players who participate will receive a certificate of participation. All “first-time” participants shall receive a chenille number indicating their year of graduation.


d) Student managers will receive Block SM letter awards with a manager emblem upon the completion of their duties and the recommendation of the coach. Statisticians do not receive a Block SM letter, but may receive a letter of commendation.


e) If an athlete drops out of a sport, is suspended from school during their season, or is dismissed from the team for disciplinary reasons, they automatically forfeit any award they might have received.




The athletic department fully supports the policy set forth in the parent/student handbook concerning the possession of, selling of and use of drugs/alcohol on the way to or from school, at school, before, during or after a school-sponsored event. In addition to the overall school policy, the athletic department shall dismiss the athlete from the sport in which they are currently participating.


The C.I.F. mandates that, “as a condition of membership, all schools shall adopt policies prohibiting the use and abuse of androgenic/anabolic steroids. All member schools shall have all participating students and their parents/ caregiver agree that the athlete will not use steroids without the written prescription of a fully licensed physician (as recognized by the American Medical Association) to treat a medical condition.” Saint Mary’s High School affirms and supports this mandate and encourages all families to discuss this important issue with their student-athlete.


a) A completed participation packet is required of all students intending to participate prior to the official starting date for the sport. Packets are available from the athletic office.


b) Athletes who are forced to try out late due to overlapping seasons will be given an equal opportunity to make the team.


c) Any person cut from a team may request an explanation from the coach involved.


d) After joining a team, a player must finish that season before going out for another sport, unless approval is received from the coaches involved and approved by the athletic director.


e) Athletes and their parents are expected to be familiar with the policies and regulations of the SMHS athletic department.


f) Parents of athletes are automatically made members of the St. Mary's Sports Association upon payment of their sports specific team fees. These fees help defray all or a portion of the total cost of that sport including athletic office overhead.


g) While in season, athletic teams must attend any school optional Mass as a team. They will sit together as a team and dress appropriately. Teams are strongly encouraged to attend a morning Mass in the chapel at times throughout their season.


h) SMHS affirms the dignity of every student. Hazing is unacceptable conduct, as well as illegal, and will not be tolerated.


i) A student who is involved in a sport in season, an extracurricular activity, or a participatory performance class who is suspended from school, will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game/ event/performance after returning to school following the suspension.




If an athlete or parent should have a grievance with a coach or team member, he/she MUST first attempt to resolve any issues with the coach. When all attempts with the coach have been exhausted, then the athletic office should be contacted.

  • First Contact: Athlete, Coach & Parent.

  • Second Contact: Athletic Director, Coach, Parent & Athlete.

  • Third Contact: Principal

Code of Conduct


Saint Mary’s High School athletes are expected to:


  • Do what is right even when it is unpopular.

  • Fulfill commitments to the team and school.

  • Be loyal to your school and team by putting the team above personal glory.

  • Treat all people inside and outside of school with respect.

  • Be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity.

  • Be respectful; do not engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, trash talking, taunting, boastful celebrations, or other actions that demean individuals or the sport.

  • Treat game officials, opponents and coaches with respect.

  • Be a student first, knowing that the primary responsibility of a student-athlete is academic achievement.

  • Remember that participation in sports is a privilege, not a right.

  • Consistently exhibit good character and conduct yourself as a positive role model on and off the field.

  •  Be a positive role model; do not use any illegal or unhealthy substances, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or performance-enhancing drugs.

  • Exercise self-control. Do not fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration. Honor, observe and enforce the spirit and the letter of rules and regulations.

  • Maintain academic eligibility.

  • Be at school for a minimum of one-half day in order to participate in any extra-curricular activity.

  • Abide by and support the parent/student handbook.


Saint Mary’s High School fan/spectators are expected to:


  • Discourage any dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Treat all participants with respect.

  • Be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity.

  • Not engage in disrespectful conduct including profanity, obscene gestures, and offensive remarks of a sexual nature, trash talking, taunting, boastful celebrations or other actions that demean individuals or the sport.

  • Treat game officials with respect.

  • Let the coaches coach.

  • Display respect for all other spectators.

  • Exercise self-control.

  • Listen to and obey the requests of the public address announcer and all security personnel in attendance.

  • Be at school at least one-half day in order to attend any extra-curricular event.

Expectation of Parents


Saint Mary’s High School parents are expected to:

  • Let the coaches coach.

  • Consistently exhibit good character and conduct yourself as a positive role model.

  • Support the program.

  • Encourage communication between your student athlete and the coach.

  • Be loyal to the school and team; put the interests of the team above your child’s personal glory.

  • Teach your child to live and play with class and be a good sport.

  • Treat game officials with respect.

  • Support the concept of “being a student first.”

  • Be honest with your child about the likelihood of getting an athletic scholarship or playing on a professional level.

  • Remember that participation in sports is a privilege, not a right.

  • Teach your child to avoid temptations to gain competitive advantage through improper gamesmanship techniques that violate the highest traditions of sportsmanship.

  • Abide by and support the parent/student handbook.


The athletic director or dean of students may at their discretion, temporarily suspend or terminate any athlete’s participation on a team when that athlete violates the rules and policies set forth in the parent/student handbook. An athlete’s coach may terminate any athlete’s participation on a team when that athlete violates policies/rules as set forth in the Athlete's Code of Conduct.


The athletic director or dean of students may at their discretion, temporarily suspend or terminate any athlete’s participation on a team when that athlete violates the rules and policies set forth in the parent/student handbook. An athlete’s coach may terminate any athlete’s participation on a team when that athlete violates policies/rules as set forth in the Athlete's Code of Conduct.


Please see the Student Handbook for further information, requirements and limitations.



St. Mary’s Sports Alumni Currently Playing for 4 Year Universities 2018-2019 *





Auburn University Isabella Thompson Volleyball Senior
Baylor University Aquira De Costa Basketball Freshman
Boston College Natalie Cortopassi Volleyball Junior
Cal Baptist Alycia Daniel Cheerleading Senior
Cal Baptist Sydney Marks Volleyball Sophomore
Cal Lutheran Matt Fong Water Polo Senior
Cal Lutheran Jack Kirby Water Polo Senior
Cal Lutheran Lazaro Ford Football Senior
Cal Lutheraqn Parker Jory Water Polo Sophomore
Cal Lutheran Sloan Sanders Basketball Freshman
Cal Maritime Academy Devin Williams Basketball Senior
Cal Maritime Academy Evan Madill Basketball Senior
CSU Northridge Caston Parker Track Junior
Cal Poly SLO Dusty Frampton Football Freshman
Cal Poly SLO Cutler Salmon Football Senior
Chapman University Michael Garcia Water polo Senior
College of Idaho David Ford Football Sophomore
Concordia-Irvine Tatiana Padilla Swimming Senior
CSU-Dominguez Hills Kelcy Telles Softball Sophomore
CSU East Bay Miranda McDonnell Swimming Junior
CSU Fresno State Alexandra Preston Softball Freshman
CSU Fullerton Mia Franco Track Junior
CSU Fullerton   Kiana Parrish Softball Freshman
CSU Northridge Madasonne Butler Water Polo Junior
CSU Sacramento Dewey Cotton Football Sophomore
CSU Sacramento Marcus Aponte Football Freshman
CSU San Diego Naje Murray Basketball Sophomore
CSU San Jose Max Barth Football Freshman

CSU San Jose

Drew Jenkins Football Freshman
CSU San Jose Tre Jenkins Football Freshman
CSU San Jose Carley Morfey Softball Freshman
CSU San Jose Cole Williams Water Polo Senior

CSU Sonoma

Adriana Baysinger Volleyball Junior
CSU Stanislaus Emily Delgado Cross Country Freshman
CSU Stanislaus Natasha Mich Volleyball Freshman

CSU Stanislaus

Carlissa Shipp Basketball Senior

Dominican University

Matt Case Soccer Senior
Datrmouth Jordan Cornwell Volleyball Senior
Oregon State Kat Tudor Basketball Junior
Pacific-Oregon Mike Relloque Football Junior


Karl Winter Cross Country Freshman
Prairie A&M University Erykah Byais Track Freshman
Princeton University Neenah Young Basketball Freshman

Puget Sound

Dwight Jackson Football Senior
San Diego Shane McDermott Football Senior
Santa Clara Eric Madrid Baseball Sophomore
Santa Clara Ngozi Nwabuzoh Volleyball Junior
Santa Clara Hannah Russell Softball Junior
Southern Oregon University Julia Delucchi Track & Field Sophomore
Southern Oregon  University To'a Heck Football Sophomore
Southern Oregon University Michael Prefling Football Sophomore

Springfield College

Hannah Lozano Volleyball Senior
UC Berkeley Mi'Cole Cayton Basketball Junior
UC Davis Harrison Heath Football Freshman
UC Davis Alicia Miller Diving Sophomore
UC Davis Hailey Williams Water Polo Freshman
UCLA Jarron Silva Baseball Junior
UC Riverside Raena Robinson Softball Sophomore
UC Berkeley Shantall Williams Track Senior
University of Jamestown Natalie Kromm Soccer Sophomore
UOP Luis Araya Soccer Junior
UOP Sydney Fadal Basketball Junior


Mia Garcia Water Polo Freshman
UOP Charlie Johnson Baseball Sophomore
UOP  Hannah Ketcherside, Tennis Freshman
UOP Miranda Padilla Swimming Freshman
UOP Alexis Vilarino Soccer Sophomore
University of Florida Ariel Johnson Basketball Freshman
USC Tyler Lozano Baseball Freshman
University of Tennessee Abigail Parises Softball Freshman

University of Utah 

Christian Almanza Baseball Freshman
University of Washington Cole Norgaard Football Sophomore
VMI Maddie Berry Water Polo Freshman
Western New Mexico Tony Harper Football Junior
Whittier College Jacob Aruta Basketball Senior

*Based on information provided. Please provide any corrections and/or the names, sport, school and year of any alumnus attending a 4 year college or university that is not listed to the Saint Mary’s Athletic Department.  Be sure to include the web address of the alumni player profile.



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