1. Administration

  2. Chapel

  3. Oblates'  Residence

  4. Classrooms

  5. Robinson Hall-Athletics

  6. Ram Center/Bookstore

  7. Cafeteria/Offices

  8. Band/Choir Room

  9. Morelli Gym

  10. Msgr. Burke Gym

  11. Sanguinetti Field

  12. Cortopassi Pool

  13. Sprague Field House

  14. Baseball Fields

  15. Basso Tennis Complex

  16. Chase Athletic Center

  17. Thompson Complex

  18. Statue of Mary

  19. CROP Garden

  20. St. Francis Statue

The Chase Family Athletic Center, houses the Football offices, contains classrooms, training facilities, lockers, and the weight room.


All Ram Sports use the facilities for weight training, conditioning and fitness.


There are facilities for athletic trainers to take care of incidental needs of the students.


The classrooms provide an adjunct to the classroom facilities, but also serve as a convenient location for coaches to instruct student athletes regarding their particular sport.


Two locker rooms are provided, one dedicated to the football team and the other to field sports such as lacrosse, track and field and soccer as well as physical education claasses.


A conference room with the latest digital communication and display faclities is utilized by the football coaching staff to plan out both season and off-season faclities.


The weight room is used to strengthen and assist students, both in sports and for purposes of general fitness, enabling them to perform better and to be able to withstand the rigors of the various sports, cutting down on the chance of injury during  play.


The generous donations of the Luchetti and Chase families made the construction of this great facility possible and St. Marys High School is extremely grateful for their commitment to the school and its betterment.