1. Administration

  2. Chapel

  3. Oblates'  Residence

  4. Classrooms

  5. Robinson Hall-Athletics

  6. Ram Center/Bookstore

  7. Cafeteria/Offices

  8. Band/Choir Room

  9. Morelli Gym

  10. Msgr. Burke Gym

  11. Sanguinetti Field

  12. Cortopassi Pool

  13. Sprague Field House

  14. Baseball Fields

  15. Basso Tennis Complex

  16. Chase Athletic Center

  17. Thompson Complex

  18. Statue of Mary

  19. CROP Garden

  20. St. Francis Statue

The Bro. James Dorazio Ram Center, is the school's student store where logo clothing, supplies, snacks, water and assorted sport and soft drinks can be purchased by students and other visitors to the campus.


The area outside of the Bro. James Ram Center also serves as a meeting place for students and provides additional seating for those students who prefer to eat their lunches and snacks outside.








The center is located to the north of the cafeteria and just west of the Cortopassi Aquatics Center and the Beach Volleyball Couirts. Covered access is provided from the main classroom buildings, Morelli Gym, Burke Gym and the cafeteria.