1. Administration

  2. Chapel

  3. Oblates'  Residence

  4. Classrooms

  5. Robinson Hall-Athletics

  6. Ram Center/Bookstore

  7. Cafeteria/Offices

  8. Band/Choir Room

  9. Morelli Gym

  10. Msgr. Burke Gym

  11. Sanguinetti Field

  12. Cortopassi Pool

  13. Sprague Field House

  14. Baseball Fields

  15. Basso Tennis Complex

  16. Chase Athletic Center

  17. Thompson Complex

  18. Statue of Mary

  19. CROP Garden

  20. St. Francis Statue


Designed and lovngly sculpted by SM Alumni Tony Ramirez '69, the statute of St. Francis de Sales anchors the common area at the school and stands as a quiet, and inviting reminder of the school's mentor whose motto St. Mary's has adopted:


 "Be who you are and be that well."


St. Francis lived in France at a time of great religious and social upheaval. He is known as the gentleman saint because of his kind and compassionate manner of undertaking the troubles and issues of every day.


Basic tenets of his teachings include:  

  • The recognizable call to holiness for all people in all walks of life

  • The necessity of living in the "present moment" as the privileged opportunity to know and live God's will

  • The goodness of creation

  • The centrality of love and freedom in one's relationship with God and the world  

  • The sanctity of the "ordinary" done "passionately well"

  • The gentleness, humility, optimism and joy that come from living in truthfulness

His absolute trust in God provides a true importation to the St. Mary's High School Community