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My last newsletter started about the change particularly in Father Fallon's position of becoming "President Emeritus." Ironically, many years ago when taking administration classes my thesis was about "change." The title from one of my papers was: "The Change-Agent Principal." Two sentences from my paper said: As the master of change, the principal of a school probably meets his/her greatest challenge. Society is no longer content with the administrator who is satisfied with mediocrity.


This brings me to St. Mary's. We are not content with being content as we continue to move forward. We want to offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that prepares students to succeed in a higher academic setting.


It's no secret that technology is an integral part of our lives. We have immediate access to breaking news and information. Business and personal video conferencing is commonplace. Social media allows us to share news and photos with efficiency. In August 2013, St. Mary's teachers were given a new teaching tool, the iPad. Teachers are becoming acquainted with apps and learning management systems. In addition, members of each department have visited Christian Brothers in Sacramento to witness first hand iPads in the classroom.


One goal in the use of the iPad is to improve student achievement through the development of technology skills in all curriculum areas thereby enabling students to meet present and future challenges.


During the 2014-15 school year we will continue to provide our teachers with in-service opportunities, time to develop curriculum and investigate textbooks. Our plan is that in the 2015-16 school year students will have their own iPad for classroom.


In addition, other changes taking place for the 2014-15 school year include:

  • Each counselor will be assigned a student alphabetically. This will allow each student to have the same counselor for four years.
  • Every student will take the PSAT (practice SAT) in the fall. This will help students prepare for the SAT.
  • Next year we will offer Spanish 2 Honors. Following Spanish 2 Honors the students will progress into Spanish 3 Honors and then AP Spanish.
  • Follett Virtual Bookstore will be used to either purchase or rent textbooks
  • TADS will be the process used for all tuition assistance and most scholarship applications
  • Sports & Fitness Center will be completed


However, the biggest change will be that I will be moving to the office of President and St. Mary's High School will have a new principal. I have gone from student, to administrator (dean, principal) and now president of St. Mary's. I am blessed with the opportunity to see students develop (be who you are and be that well) and to work with the great staff that continues to dedicate their lives to students, helping them shape their future.

I take comfort in the words of St. Francis de Sales.   "Having called you to this life, God will strengthen you with grace to do what is required for God's glory and for your own welfare and happiness, provided you walk in faithful observance."


It's a wonderful and encouraging thought remembering that the answer to life's two basic questions, "Who am I?"  And  "Where am I going?" is contained in the phrase, "We are all children of God."   To God we all count.  No one matters more than anyone else. He created us to succeed and God will do all He can to help us do just that.


I ask for your prayers in all these new changes as we continue to ask Mary, Queen of Angels, St. Dominic and St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.


 Mr. Morelli Appointed President

February 18, 2014


This morning Father Fallon formally made this announcement to the faculty and students at St. Mary's.


Two Sundays ago, you may have seen the article in the Stockton Record which highlighted some of the changes which will take place at St. Mary's High School in the future.


The article indicated that I would be stepping down as President in June of this year.


The St. Mary's High school Board of Directors at its most recent meeting recommended that Mr. Peter Morelli become the next President.  He has accepted that position and will assume it in June 2014.


The Diocese of Stockton is issuing a press release to that effect which will probably be in tomorrow's Record. We wanted all of you to know this at the same time.


We will keep you posted as events emerge.


Statement from Bishop Stephen E. Blaire


I am very pleased to announce that the new President for St. Mary's High School in Stockton will be Peter Morelli. The Board of Directors chose Mr. Morelli who has served as the school's principal since 1989. Mr. Morelli succeeds Father John Fallon, O.S.F.S. who will retire on June 14th after serving at St. Mary's for 43 years, 25 years of those years as President. Father Fallon has distinguished himself for leadership of the school and outstanding service in the community. He is highly respected by all who have known and worked with him. As President Emeritus he will continue to live in the residence at St. Mary's High School and be a priestly presence on the campus.  


Peter Morelli, himself a graduate of St. Mary's High School, brings a wealth of experience in Catholic Education to his new position. His academic background includes St. Mary's College, Moraga (BA with majors in Social Studies and US Government, Minors in English and Italian), University of the Pacific, Stockton (Teacher Credential), and California State University, Stanislaus (Tier 1 Administrative Credential).


I wish to publicly commend Peter  for  his  long-standing commitment to St. Mary's and for his student-oriented leadership as Principal. Since 1997 Mr. Morelli has also been an official in the NFL. I am grateful Peter has accepted this important position in the Catholic Education of our youth, for the Church and for our community.


-Bishop Stephen E. Blaire

In addition to being principal of St. Mary's, Mr. Morelli is a well-respected official with the National Football League where he has served since 1997. Mr. Morelli was the Super Bowl back judge in 2002, when the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.


Mr. Morelli also represents the Tri City League on the Board of Managers for the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section.




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