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Message from Mr. Morelli

August 11, 2014

I would like to extend my deep sense of enthusiasm for the opening of a new school year, 2014-2015. The excitement about a new school year is exceptionally enhanced by the idea that we have a student body that is excited about learning. The students are committed to the belief that their future is heavily defined by their work in educational pursuits. We have much to be excited about due to the changes and advancements that are occurring in the upcoming year.


I am pleased to announce we have several new personnel added to the St. Mary's High School's educational family. We have a new Dean of Students, Mrs. Genesta Jackson, a new psychology teacher, Mrs. Theresa Lee, a new Religion teacher, Mr. Josh Stoner, a new Math teacher, Mr. John Haberman, a new Cheer coach, Mrs. Yvette Andrade-Broderick, a new American Sign Language teacher, Mrs. Angela Castillo-Johnson, a new Yearbook advisor, Mrs. Jo Ann Kirby and a new Librarian, Ms. Kristi Capra. In addition, Mrs. Margaret Stephens is moving into the Development Office. These positions in part are a result of new hires because of the retirement of several dedicated educators who served St. Mary's students for many years.


During the 2014-15 school year, we will be introducing and implementing a technology plan for our teachers that in the following school year will permit students to utilize technology in all classrooms. Also, there are changes in the areas of development; enrollment and financial strength, which we hope, will help our school remain strong into the future. With help from UOP and the support of our Board of Directors, we have developed a Strategic Plan for St. Mary's High School.  It is our hope this plan will guide our focus for the next three to five years of operation.


The start of a new school year is always an exciting time.  Enthusiasm and expectations are high. Parents, students and teachers share the hope that this year will bring outstanding achievement in education, activities, community spirit, and in affirming our faith in God.


No matter how long ago it was that you were in school, it's hard not to think of classrooms and chalk-dust when August and September come along. Our own school days may be distant memories now, but we must not let ourselves slip into the habit of believing education is confined to school alone.


Realization of that hope requires both commitment and a plan of action.  Your prayers, your participation as a volunteer, your positive outlook and your spirit of cooperation are essential to its success.  We plan our curriculum to meet the high standards that characterize Catholic education.  Our goals focus on areas of knowledge to be studied, skills to be acquired, and habits and attitudes to be developed.


At St. Mary's we are blessed with the charism of St. Francis de Sales.  His gift to the world is known as Salesian Spirituality.  The Salesian Spirituality helps believers to develop a deeper relationship with God through Jesus.  The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales refer to this as "Living Jesus."


Live Jesus Live!  So live in me

That all I do be done with Thee

And grant that all I think and say

May be your thoughts and words today!


These words are taken from the writings of St. Francis de Sales. Salesian Spirituality is profoundly relational.  It realizes that spiritual progress comes in and through relationships.  We truly become like Christ. As we follow His example, we grow spiritually.  With this thought, and a dedication to education, may we all learn from Christ's example.


In closing, I am thankful on behalf of the staff for your commitment to St. Mary's High School. We promise a stern commitment to a quality, Christ-centered education for your child.


In addition to being principal of St. Mary's, Mr. Morelli is a well-respected official with the National Football League where he has served since 1997. Mr. Morelli was the Super Bowl back judge in 2002, when the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.


Mr. Morelli also represents the Tri City League on the Board of Managers for the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section.























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