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President's Message

December 7, 2015


I really love the Christmas season and one of my treasured and favorite stories is "A Christmas Carol." Near the end of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the now converted Ebenezer Scrooge makes this fine declaration "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."


What is it that Scrooge will now honor? What is the great lesson he has learned? Well for one: "We can't take it with us when we pass on!" We have to leave our accumulated wealth and riches "stored in our barns."


Instead, Scrooge heard that what matters is another legacy: How we loved and how we shared our lives with others, especially those with far less which is the only luggage we can take. When we prepare in this way, we are beginning to honor Christmas in our hearts. Scrooge learned quite dramatically from his nocturnal visitors: it is not about taking, but about sharing.


The message of this season by now is clear. The response is gratitude. The behavior of joyful, grateful people is generous. This kind of generosity is bigger than the annual buying of Christmas presents and cooking the huge holiday meal. It's bigger than welcoming all the people from out of town and opening up every futon and sofa bed. Our joy is more than jingle bells, and our gratitude can't be wrapped in pretty paper and handed over one box at a time. If we really understand the meaning of what the world has been given in Jesus, we ought to celebrate Christmas every day.


I have observed the generosity of the students and staff at St. Mary's bringing joy to many. Our CROP Club organizes a canned food drive that helps Catholic Charities. The faculty and staff contribute turkeys and hams to these drives. The senate and cabinet collect toys for the police, fire, CHP and sheriffs department charities and the entire student body contributes monetary donations to many causes throughout the school year. In addition, our student council annually organizes a gift of life blood drive.


The shepherds were role models of this too. Don't you think the shepherds honored the Holy Family in their hearts when they witnessed the humble circumstances of their surroundings?


They probably looked for ways to help warm the Holy Family, by giving up their cloaks and woolen wraps for them. Humble as their gifts were, they did give some relief. In life we can always find those few who try to make a bad situation better like these shepherds. And we can do the same.


Let's remember that it is not always the big, glamorous acts like weekend TV marathons that raise money for charities that do the greatest good. It can also be a warm apple pie baked for a neighbor who lives alone or offering our prayers for those in time of need. We too can do the same with simple acts of love that honor Christmas in our hearts and by our actions throughout the year!


As the music of Christmas carols fades from malls and shopping centers, we can always look to find ways to keep Christmas alive with small acts of love arising from our hearts.


On behalf of St. Mary's High School, I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. In these months of the Christmas season when the most holy family welcomes Jesus into their lives, it reminds me of all of our families and the most precious gifts that we serve daily, your children.




St. Mary’s President Pete Morelli has been awarded the Art McNally Award for 2014. This award is named after the former head of officiating from 1968 to 1990, and recognizes an official for “exemplary professionalism, leadership and commitment to sportsmanship on and off the field.”  The NFL began this award in 2002 and past recipients include Bob McElwee, Larry Nemmers, Gerald Austin, and Ben Montgomery.


Mr. Morelli began his officiating career in 1971.  He progressed from the high school level to officiating in the Big West and Western Athletic Conferences before joining the NFL in 1997 as a field judge.  Morelli quickly exhibited his excellence and was assigned to Super Bowl XXXVI, where he had the honor of signaling the winning field goal as time expired.  Mr. Morelli became a referee at the beginning of the 2003 season and has worked several playoff games including the 2009 NFC Conference Championship Game. This season, he officiated the Lions-Cowboys Wild Card Game during which he had to address a controversial pass interference flag pickup by his crew.


Mr. Morelli is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School and was principal for a quarter century. Morelli was promoted to president last February.
























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