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St. Mary's President, Peter Morelli has announced his intention to retire from his position in June, 2017. Mr. Morelli has been at St. Mary's for 33 years, becoming Principal in 1989 and then President in 2014.


Letter from Mr. Morelli




President's Message

October 17, 2016



I share with you a quote from Bishop Ferrel of the Diocese of Dallas:" Catholic Education is integral to the mission of Evangelization in our Church. It is the responsibility of the Catholic Community -- bishop, priests, deacons, religious and laity- to continue to strive toward the goal of making our Catholic elementary and secondary schools available, accessible and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children, including those who are poor and middle class."


This philosophy I have personally embraced along with Father Fallon and Bishop Stephen Blaire. Our Board of Directors actively work with us as we continue to find ways to provide the opportunity for Catholic secondary education for students in Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley.


No one better supports this endeavor more constantly at St. Mary's than Jennifer Giannini '78. Jenni, as we call her, continually works with families to help with tuition solutions. She coordinates our entire scholarship program which includes assisting seniors with college scholarships and coordinating the in-house scholarship program for students attending St. Mary's. Our St. Mary's local scholarships continue to grow with her untiring efforts. She is also a member of the tuition assistance committee. In addition, Jenni established and coordinates the arena parent-work program which helps reduce tuition costs for participating families. She also organizes the two annual drive-through dinners for tuition assistance. Other areas that Mrs. Giannini has worked on include cooking classes to help fund scholarships and offering all kinds of products. Now, Jenni is leading the way along with Luigi and Karen Gherardi '71, Kathy Smith and others to start a monthly bingo game to provide more scholarship opportunities and tuition assistance. We are truly blessed by those who believe in making Catholic education accessible and affordable and we are blessed with Jennifer's passion an d devotion to St. Mary's High School, students and families.


I have always been filled with much pride and hope about St. Mary's.  We have extraordinary men and women who love our students and work tirelessly to motivate, encourage and inspire them so that they will be college-ready when they graduate from St. Mary's. Throughout the years we have had many outstanding, devoted educators.


Another group who works tirelessly for our students is our counseling department. We are truly grateful for their effort in our school community. Our counselors consist of Annette Knowles '85, Guidance Chair, along with Misty Chapman and Nicole Rosado. These three dedicated women share with our students their expertise constantly in all areas of counseling. They consistently instruct both parents and students about college preparation and acceptance. Our counselors bring in university and college representatives to keep our students aware of the possibilities they have, conduct workshops for parents on the application process and help our students complete appropriate registrations forms. I truly believe we have the three best counselors in this community.


All these individuals work with hope and they inspire hope. Hope is, to my way of thinking, an essential component of the human spirit, part of what it means to be fully alive. It is what helps us imagine who we can be, sustains us through the hard times and propels us when we confront roadblocks.


Hope is something we inspire in one another. There are people who touch our lives, who make us better. They bring out our best, although we may not recognize it at the time, if ever. These special individuals inspire us and provide subtle direction when we need it most. They celebrate our victories and help us refocus when we struggle.


I personally want to thank all those who inspire our students with hope and encouragement.


They see potential and special qualities in our students that perhaps they do not even recognize in themselves. And in this my last year of leading St. Mary's, the days continue to be marked with hope, optimism and enthusiasm, along with a dose of nervousness. We should all be mindful that we are preparing our students to set goals and pursue their dreams.


May we all strive to know, love, and serve God and, through Him, one another. To quote St. Francis de Sales on the virtue of hope: "Great opportunities to serve God are rare; little ones are always present." Mary Queen of Angels and St. Francis de Sales pray for us.


Peter Morelli






St. Mary’s President Pete Morelli has been awarded the Art McNally Award for 2014. This award is named after the former head of officiating from 1968 to 1990, and recognizes an official for “exemplary professionalism, leadership and commitment to sportsmanship on and off the field.”  The NFL began this award in 2002 and past recipients include Bob McElwee, Larry Nemmers, Gerald Austin, and Ben Montgomery.


Mr. Morelli began his officiating career in 1971.  He progressed from the high school level to officiating in the Big West and Western Athletic Conferences before joining the NFL in 1997 as a field judge.  Morelli quickly exhibited his excellence and was assigned to Super Bowl XXXVI, where he had the honor of signaling the winning field goal as time expired.  Mr. Morelli became a referee at the beginning of the 2003 season and has worked several playoff games including the 2009 NFC Conference Championship Game. This season, he officiated the Lions-Cowboys Wild Card Game during which he had to address a controversial pass interference flag pickup by his crew.


Mr. Morelli is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School and was principal for a quarter century. Morelli was promoted to president last February.
























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