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St. Mary's President, Peter Morelli his retiring from his position in June, 2017. Mr. Morelli has been at St. Mary's for 33 years, becoming Principal in 1989 and then President in 2014.


Letter from Mr. Morelli




President's Message

May 22, 2017



Ending a school year involves a jumble of activities, celebrations and emotions. On the faces of students, teachers and parents you see expressions of excitement, anxiety, happiness and exhaustion.


It is the nature of any school to change. Students enter and graduate, individuals come and go and the world around us moves forward. New events make history and change our culture, and the school adapts to meet the needs of each generation.


The four years have quickly gone by as the Class of 2017 awaits graduation on May 27. This particular class has accomplished much: spiritually, academically, socially and athletically. We are very proud of each member of this class, and we know that the foundation is set for these students to enter adulthood capable of truly reflecting Christian/Catholic virtues. God bless them as they continue their journey through life.


As this will be my final newsletter, let me thank the community of St. Mary's High School for the many years of your support and confidence. Through my years at St. Mary's the school continues to grow in all aspects of Catholic secondary education.  St. Mary's continues to be dedicated to our Blessed Mother, while keeping Salesian spirituality in the forefront. However, our faith and dedication to one another remain the same.


Through this devotion, St. Mary's will continue to prepare our students to meet the challenges that they will encounter, while maintaining our greatest gift of community.  St. Mary's continues to remain a home to the students, faculty, staff, families and friends who pass through our campus.


I am very grateful and thankful to the teachers at St. Mary's. I sincerely appreciate their commitment to our students. They are here because they really want to teach, and they want to serve God and His people. I thank the Guidance Department for meeting the needs of our students. I also want to recognize and thank our office staff, a group of people seldom, if ever, mentioned. They are the heroes who see that this school functions. Finally, I thank those who assist me daily, my fellow administrators for their concern about the students they serve.


The St. Mary's High School community is guided by the belief that each person is created in the image and likeness of God and that God may be served by doing passionately well what we have been called to do at that moment. Growing in Holiness, making real in our lives the love of the God in whose image and likeness we are created, is serious business. It requires hard work; it requires discipline; it requires self.  St. Francis de Sales found the secret for Holiness in the ordinary actions of our day.


Salesian spirituality also recognizes the value of relaxation, of taking "time out," of "catching your breath," of making time for play. In fact, relaxation is not only permissible; it is necessary!  The Gentleman Saint appreciates the important role that rest and recreation play in the pursuit of a fully human, God-centered life. He says: "From time to time we must recreate in mind and body."


As we near the end of another school year it is a time to be appreciative of all the individuals who truly have been "friends to St. Mary's." I once heard the following; "Friends are people who are here today and here tomorrow. They forgive your faults and if they really love you, they don't even see them!"   Good friends help us know ourselves and grow closer to God's image. De Sales wrote: "How good it is to love here on earth as we love in heaven and to learn to cherish others on earth as we will do eternally."


Wishing all of the St. Mary's faith community slow, peaceful summer days and joyful moments with family and friends. You will be in my prayers.


Mary, Queen of Angels,  St. Dominic and St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.


Peter Morelli






St. Mary’s President Pete Morelli has been awarded the Art McNally Award for 2014. This award is named after the former head of officiating from 1968 to 1990, and recognizes an official for “exemplary professionalism, leadership and commitment to sportsmanship on and off the field.”  The NFL began this award in 2002 and past recipients include Bob McElwee, Larry Nemmers, Gerald Austin, and Ben Montgomery.


Mr. Morelli began his officiating career in 1971.  He progressed from the high school level to officiating in the Big West and Western Athletic Conferences before joining the NFL in 1997 as a field judge.  Morelli quickly exhibited his excellence and was assigned to Super Bowl XXXVI, where he had the honor of signaling the winning field goal as time expired.  Mr. Morelli became a referee at the beginning of the 2003 season and has worked several playoff games including the 2009 NFC Conference Championship Game. This season, he officiated the Lions-Cowboys Wild Card Game during which he had to address a controversial pass interference flag pickup by his crew.


Mr. Morelli is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School and was principal for a quarter century. Morelli was promoted to president last February.
























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