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Alumni News


Chelsea Gray '10 Sparkles With the Sparks


Chelsea Gray, Class of 2010, is a force to be reckoned with as pointed out in the following article in the "W"


The W Is It: Chelsea Gray is the heir apparent to Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi


She's on her way to being the sport's next point guard legend. Plus, several other cool things you may have missed.


On June 2, an exhausted Los Angeles Sparks Team flew across the country 10 New York without an injured Candace Parker for an 11 a m east coast time game against the Liberty. LA. was also down center Maria Vadeeva, who scored 24 points in the season opener before returning to Russia for EuroBasket commitments, and back-to-back reigning Defensive Player of the Year Alana Beard. That combination created a recipe for disaster ... until they still won, 78-73. That happened because Chelsea Gray is the best active point guard in the world, and her touch only gets smoother when the pressure is dialed to the max.


To close out the Sparks' comeback against the Liberty, Gray went on a 12-4 run herself In the final two minutes and 32 seconds. She drained two of the three 3-pointers she attempted, plus a layup and four free throws. Without Parker and Vadeeva, Gray had to become L.A.'s all-around All-Star, playing around teammates who aren't known to create their own looks.


Despite those absences, L.A. is 3-2, with a signature win over a bitter rival thanks to - who else - Gray. In an 89-85 road win on national television against the Minnesota Lynx, Gray scored the Spar1<:s' final three buckets from the field to secure another win. The final shot came on a fadeaway from the baseline with just eight seconds to play to ice the game She totaled 21 points on 8-01-12 shooting


There are levels to Gray's command over the floor. At 5'11 , she is far from the tallest, but she's strong enough to defend those who tower over her. She's nimble too, which is how she's become one of the league leaders in steals.


On the offensive end, she's a wrecking ball of controlled dominance She bounces off defenders, lets threes fly with a one-handed follow through, and flips passes behind her head


Above all else, she's one of the game's best and most consistent closers, Lynx fans remember her well from Game 1 of the 2017 Finals, when she swished home the game-winner in Minnesota. The Sparks went on to Win that series in five games. They also remember her from the season opener in 2018, when she drove to the cup and flipped in a left-handed layup at the buzzer to slay the Lynx again.


Gray has reinforcements coming when Parker, Vadeeva, and Beard come back, but she's used the beginning of this season 10 show that she's her own star ready 10 lead a Winning team. The W has plenty of other great point guards, like Chicago's Courtney Vandersloot, ConnectICUt's Courtney Williams, and Las Vegas' Kelsey Plum. But Gray has become the standout next-best alter Taurasi and BIrd. She's the future of the position, and the absences of Parker and Vadeeva are only allowing us to see it sooner. (6/19)




Jacki Gemelos, '06 Professional Basketball Player


Jacki Gemelos, Class of 2006 and USC Alumnus, stopped by the SMHS campus on May 31, 2019 to catch up with all the goings on.


Jacki is currently playing professional basketball in Italy. She is a member of The Schio Basketball Team which is part of the Serie A1 Premier National League for Women's Basketball. Schio just won the 2019  Italian Women's Basketball Championship.













Andrew Wertman '97 Named Offier of the Year


Stockton CHP Officer Andrew Wertman, Class of 1997, was honored by the Manteca Rotary as Officer of the Year. (5/19)























Aquira DeCosta '18 Invited to White House



Aquira DeCosta Class of 2018 was invited to the Oval Office today with her Baylor National Champion Teammates to be recognized by President Donald Trump on their achievement. The President was presented with a signed basketball and jersey No.1 by the team. (4/19)


 -Be who you are and be that well.



David Carranza '12 Gets Fulbright


David Carranza, Class of 2012 received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, named after Sen. J. William Fulbright, to study Healthcare Policy in Finland. David is currently a student at The Thomas J. Long, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at The University of the Pacific, Class of 2019. He is one of approximately 1600 American Students to receive the scholarship from The U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs.










Bryan Rooney '98 Honored


Bryan Rooney, Class of 1998, was named the CCAA and West Coast Region coach of the year. He is the head basketball coach for Cal State East Bay (3/19)
















Gabe Vincent '14 Jersey Retired


Gabe Vincent, Class of 2014, who plays professionally with the NBA Stockton G Kings was honored during the playoff game on February 13, 2019 by having his jersey retired. Gave excelled in both academics and basketball at St. Mary's and U.C. Santa Barbara, breaking many records along the way prior to joining the  Kings. (2/19)



















Doug Martin '07 Drops In For Visit


Doug Martin, Class of 2007 and a member of the Oakland Raiders dropped in to visit with Coach Frnaks and stayed to see the  the Rams defeat Granite Bay in the Sac-Joaquin Playoffs. Here he is pictured with three big fans of himself and the Rams from Presentation School, Andrew Kozina, Brady Dobson and Mason Spence
















1969 Men's Basketball Champs Celebrate 50th Anniversary


A reception where the team could catch up with news of their lives and reminisce about their years at St. Mary's followed by a recognition of accomplishments during the evening's basketball game brought a gathering of the 1969 Rams MVL Championship team together on January 25th. Team Manager Jack Jacobs and six of the original squad were able to make the affair. (1/19)






































Hanah Ketcherside '18 Featured in The Record


Hanah Ketcherside Class of 2018 was featured in The Record for collecting more than 55,000 pairs of socks to distribute to the poor at St. Mary's Dining Hall.


Hanah first organized a sock drive when she was 7 years old. Now 18, she continues to do so, balancing those duties as she studies accounting and plays for University of the Pacific women’s tennis team. She collects the socks year-round, sorts and prepares them for delivery. “I try to do that in between studying and other things,” she said. (12/18)


Read More









Separated by 50 Years


50 years of Ram spirit came together when alumnus Peter Morelli, Class of 1969 and former President of St. Mary's was greeted by current student body president, Spencer Loewen, Class of 2019, after the 49'er's game on December 16, 2018 at which Morelli officiated.  (12/18)







Duane Isetti '59 Named Stocktonian of the Year


Duane Isetti, Class of 1959, who was a star quarterback and later returned to coach football at St. Mary's where he was All-League coach from 1970-1977 and a member of the St. Mary's High School Hall of Fame, was honored as the 2018 Stocktonian of the year. The award was presented to him as a surprise at the Community Foundation of San Joaquin.that he heads by  the Central Valley Association of Realtors and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce naming him the 65th Stocktonian of the Year.


From The Record Article:


Isetti has spent his life serving the community, especially nonprofit agencies.


“I remember listening to a person who said the most valuable thing we have isn’t necessarily money, it’s our time,” said Isetti, who was presented with a commemorative football signed by those in attendance. “And so I kind of bought into that idea of giving back and using your time to provide service


Fitting was the location of the presentation, as Isetti said his proudest achievement was establishing the Community Foundation of San Joaquin some 10 years ago to help foster the needs of nonprofits.


“I saw the need to have one in our county. We were one of the few that never had one,” Isetti said. “To get this going was a dream that I’ve had. To see what it’s doing now and how it’s growing and impacting our society makes me feel good.”





Phil Agdeppa'98

Phil Agdeppa, Class of 1998, a California Highway Patrol Flight Officer/Paramedic was among 4 officers presented with the Medal of Valor from the California State Fire Fighters Association. Phil and his fellow air officers were responsible for saving 41 people from death during the Napa fires, plunging their helicopter repeatedly flew through hurricane-force winds into and among the flames to rescue people without a thought for their own safety. Due to their extraordinary courage, self-sacrifice and commitment to helping others, Phil and his fellow officers exemplified the finest qualities of heroes, putting love of others above love of self.

Phil has also been awarded the highest honor that can be given to a law enforcement officer in the state of California, the Governor's Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor. The award is given to those who.  through their actions have shown their extraordinary valor above and beyond the call of duty.

Officer Agdeppa was presented the award by the Governor and the  Attorney General of California

Phil was a guest of honor at the annual Blue Mass held at St. Marys on November 20, 2018. (11/18)


All in the Family


Alum  Mirko Kozina '72, senior partner at Mayall Hurley, his sons Mirko '97 an attorney at Mayall Hurley, Paul '01 a Deputy District Attorney for San Joaquin County, and daughter Christine '10 a paralegal for Mayall Hurley took a moment to take a group photo at the San Joaquin County Courthouse. (8/18)















News and Information


Lost Alumni

The alumni office needs your help locating addresses for lost but not forgotten alumni. Please check the lists to see if you know of any lost sheep.

Visit the Alumni site for the list.  If you know the address for someone on the list, please send us an email






The Hall of Fame honors those individuals or families,

  • who by reason of their involvement and service have made a significant impact on their local communities;

  • who have contributed significantly to their church communities;

  • whose lives can serve as models of the standards which St. Mary's wishes to impart to its own students;

  • who are supporters of St. Mary's High School

  • who have been instrumental in the development of St. Mary's and its programs.


For more information, please call the Development Office at 209-957-3340 Ext. 195


Hall of Fame Members


Edward Burke, Sr. *

Charles K. “Bud” DeYoung  ’35 *

Duane Isetti  ‘59

Sr. Colette Standart, O.P., ’29 *



Sr. David Barry, O.P. *

Ann Clark Stiefvater ’60*; George Clark ’62

Michael Clark ‘66

Steve Copello ‘71

Jon Gustorf

Sr. Marie Molini, O.P., ‘46

Edmond Rishwain *



George E. Briare  ‘36

Larry J. Conti  ’36 *

Mary Simonelli Devincenzi  ’47 *

Daniel Leary *



Angelo Galindo

David Khoury *

Vladimir (Mirko) Kozina ‘72

Joe ’53 & Connie Rishwain

Ernie Segale



David Brewer *

John McNally, M.D. *

Joseph Oneto ’27 *

Lenore Copello Raspo *



Luigi & Karen McGurk ’71 Gherardi

Eugene & Dianne Salvetti ’57 Gini

Linda Milhausen

Mario Starc ‘70


Joseph Craig & Martha Zumstein  ’35 Craig *

Angel G. Cruz  ’26 *

Peter Morelli, Sr., ’37 *

Br. Neil McMenamin, O.S.F.S.

Max Paulsen

Carlos Sousa *



Vince Augello ‘58

Dino & Joan Cortopassi

Marian Jacobs *

Merle Marquez *

John Zeiter, M.D., ‘80


Michael Canlis ’34 *

George Gibson ‘69

Veronica Pezzi  ‘57

Dan & Cathy Silva



Lex A. Corrales ‘62

Fr. Xavier J. Harris, O.F.M. *

Ernest Medina ‘49

Peter D. Morelli ‘69

Ronald J. Schenone ’48 *



Dario Bella, ‘41

Veva Brown *

Chief Edward Chavez ‘61

Gary Podesto ‘59

Nancy Cozzitorti Santos ’55 *

Nell DeYoung Stephens ’36 *



John & Loretta Butorac

Hon.  Carol A. Corrigan ‘66

Mike & Joan Bianchi ’61 Heffernan

Sandi Taylor Misasi ‘68

Paul Scheet




Fr. John P. Fallon, O.S.F.S.

Gene Isetti *

Kathleen Lagorio Janssen ‘64

Jack O’Keefe *



Jim & Seldon Brusa

George Farros *

Mary Lou Sheehan Hoffman ‘59

Gerald Shipman ‘60

Joe Tei *

Carl Thompson ‘61




Sam Abdallah *

John Little

Hon. Anthony Lucaccini  ‘65

Charles F. Vance ‘59

Joan Wainwright



Doug Carruesco

Rev. Foley *

Dave Luchetti ‘63

Kathy Smith

Greg Traverso ‘79

Dr. Ronald Winter



Michael J. Calosso ‘60

Richard Giambruno  ’58 *

Rose Simonelli Leonardini ‘48

Frank Lozano & Ramona Valverde  ’51 Lozano & Family

Dorothy Dossey Sanguinetti  ’34 *


Tess Aberle

Paula Biscaia

Bernadicou Family

Armando Flores ‘61

Carlo Michelotti ’56 *

Tori Verber Salazar ‘83




Joseph Crane *

William ’50 & Lorraine Rodgers Halvorson ’50 & Family

Ron Inge, ‘73

Kathy Reischman Salady  ‘59

Sr. Patricia Simpson, O.P., ‘56



Kevin Costello

Sandra Medina Haberman ‘72

Lynn Hoffman

Denise Jones ‘72

Msgr. Richard Ryan, J.C.D.

William Trezza


Greg Basso ’60 & Noreen Garavano ’62 Basso

Br. James Dorazio, O.S.F.S.

Joe Jacobs ’58 *

George & Stella Visgilio



Ben Calderon ‘92

Brenda Calosso ’84 Pozzo

Patricia Edelman ’64 Gustorf

Richard Paulsen ‘77

Jennifer Schene ’78 Giannini



James Acosta  ‘76

Gerald “Duke” Grilliot

Fr. Clark Kelley, O.S.F.S. *

Bob Perasso ‘69

Wayne & Gwen Segale


Jean Knutsen Aguilar ‘77

Annette Vignolo Knowles ‘85

Margo Bisaccio Kozina

Felicia Quilantang-Rowley

Belinda Leinfelder Squires

Ed Sullivan

Dwight Swanson



Msgr. James Erwin Cain *

Dr. Martin Langan

Annette Murdaca

Douglass Wilhoit, Jr., ‘61

Tony * & Madelyn Barkett ’44 Zeiter



+ Deceased




Class reunions bring together not only fellow alum, but the memories of your time here at Saint Mary's.


Remember what it means to "keep forever bright our trust in the Green and White."


Bring back the memories of you times at St. Mary's. Enjoy hared experiences, the many adventures of life that have come and a chance to re-connect with your fellow classmates. A Ram Reunion, now that is something.


PLEASE  CONTACT: Stefani Delucchi  AT 209-957-3340 ext. 195 or by  e-mail for more information.AFTER EVENT: Send reunion highlights, pictures, and any updated alumni addresses to SMHS Development Office @ P.O. Box 7247 – Stockton, CA 95267 or you can email Stefani Delucchi



Class Representatives

Are you interested in assisting with promoting alumni and fundraising events to your classmates, identifying and cultivating prospective donors, and assisting with reunions? The Development Office is seeking those who will work with the members of their class in strengthening the strong bonds with St. Mary's High School. Join the following alumni members who have volunteered their time.


1952 Coraleta Feary Rogers


1955 Jim & Susan Bertrand


1956 Joan Costa Bottini


1957 Phil & Kathy Asborno

Dianne Gini

Robert Raspo

Janet Jones Tucker


1958 Carole Kiefer


1960 Nola Moccafiche


1961 Loretta Lechich


1964 Bonnie Cannon Phelps


1969 Suzan Flott Bolski


1970 Jean McGurk


1971 Deby Caporusso


1972 Bill Stewart


1973 Judy Flores Gabbard

Linda Halvorson Haley


1975 Ellen Scriven


1978 Margo McGillvray Castaneda


1979 Shelly Mulvihill Moreira



1980 Dena Huiras Hernandez


1988 Greg Weaver


1989 Danielle Peirano Bo


1990 Lisa Basso Rossi


1994 Natalie Mussi


1996 Robert Anderson


1997 Corinne Copello


1999 Brooke Bryant

Emily Roberts


2000 Nathan Mussi

Liz Vernengo


2001 Jessica Romo Wylie


2002 Alexis Mussi


2003 Susan Ryan

Michael K. Fujinaka


2004 Jillian Wong

Ashley Hullen


2005 Kasey Malcoun

Meghan Sullivan


2007 Sarah Sullivan



If you are interested in representing your class, please contact the Development Office.

Alumni, We Need You!


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Saint Mary's High School depends on the generosity of its Alumni and Friends in order to continue its mission of educating young men and women to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. You can do your part by supporting this mission with a donation of money, property or real estate. Please consider giving back to the community that has given so much.





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