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The Impact of Your Generosity: Investing in Education


Upon the successful completion of St. Mary’s High School’s Phase-I, it is time to move forward on the continued transformation of the campus into a 21st Century educational institution. In Phase-II, the next priorities include building a new Science Center, a new Sports Center, renovation of the School’s Chapel, now completed and selected classrooms, creating a green space area in the center of campus, and creating additional parking.


This $15.7 million project will create a premier science and a sports and fitness center for future generations of St. Mary’s High School, and rejuvenate the school’s beloved chapel.


PHASE I – Completed

- Lagorio Family Academic Building

- Cortopassi Aquatics Center


PHASE II – In Progress

- Our Lady Queen of Angels Chapel Renovation (Completed. Rededicated March 18, 2012)

- Sports & Fitness Center (Completed)

- Basso Family Tennis Facility (Completed)

- Science Building (Pending)

- 5 Lab classrooms

- 5 Science classrooms

- Demonstration garden

- Faculty center


PHASE III – Future Plans

- Performing & Fine Arts Center

- Gymnasium

- Cafeteria


On June 1, 2004, Saint Mary's embarked on its most ambitious building project in 50 years and will replace the existing campus. To date the generous donations from our benefactors have permitted the school to complete the first structure, the Lagorio Family Building. Prior to the formal beginning of this project, our benefactors permitted the construction of the Sprague Family Athletic Building, renovation of the Baseball Field, now know locally as the "Field of Dreams" and the Thompson Sports Complex. New portables have been installed that house classrooms and a new parking area constructed on the site of the old Dominican Hall.  An aquatic sports center is now being constructed This will be followed by the construction of the new Sciences Building and other facilities.


Saint Mary's is building for the future while unabashedly emphasizing that it is a Catholic school. The position of the statue of Mary and the new chapel that will be built are the focal point of the new campus.


It is the goal to create a modern campus, consistent with academic excellence and to provide state-of-the-art technology to prepare tomorrow's college students.


The financial goal for all phases is eighteen million dollars. Thirty-five percent of this goal has already been reached.


Saint Mary's is reaching out to our friends, alumni and supporters in asking their kindness and assistance in helping this solid Catholic educational institution in achieving its goals. Donations can be pledged for payment over three to five years.


Some suggested ways to give generously include


• Cash pledges paid over 3-5 years


• Appreciated securities (Stocks and Bonds)


• Real Estate


• Paid-in-full life insurance


Other planned gift arrangements, as well as Commemorative Naming Opportunities can also be made with the Development Office. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by state and federal law.


Be sure to come back to this site to see the progress of our campaign.


Generations of Excellence Donors  Partial List


St. Mary's gratefully acknowledges the following people that are supporting the Generations of Excellence project that will rebuild the campus.


Mr. & Mrs. James Acosta

Mr. Donald Allari

Angoletta Legacy Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Augello

Mr. James Arbios

Estate of Louis Arbios

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Armstrong

Mr. Tony Banchero

Bank of Agriculture & Commerce

Bank of Stockton

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Barkett

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Barkett & Family

Mr, David Barney- Concrete, Inc.

Mr. & Mr.s Greg Basso

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bernadicou & Family

Mr. & Mrs. David Bevilaqua

Mr. & Mrs. Chip Boggiano

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Boggs

Ms. Marie Boyle

Mr. & Mrs. James Boyer

Mr. & Mss. Ron Bruno

Mr. Chris Bruno

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brusa

Mr. & Mrs. John Butorac

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Caetano

Mr. Larry Canevari

Estate of George Capurro

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Carruesco

Mr. John Chase/Chase Chevrolet

Mr. George Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Lex Corrales

Cortopassi Family Foundation

Mr. Michael Craig

Mr. & Mrs. C. Joseph Crane

Credit Bureau of San Joaquin County

Timothy Culligan

Mr. & Mrs. John De Gregori

Dr. & Mrs. Juan Delgado

Delta Blue Blueberries

Mr. & Mrs. William Dotterweich

Mr. John Eagle Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Eaton

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ellis

Terri & Paul Emmett

Mr. &r Mrs. Rick Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Farr

The Franks, Rogers & Feay Family

Mrs. Linda Fernandez

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ferrari

Susan C. Filios

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Mr. &. Mrs. Skip Foppiano

Mrs. Nancy Franzia

Mr. Maxwell Freeman

Mr. Philip Frerich

Mr. Jeff Gamboni

Ms. Margaret Garibaldi

Mr. & Mrs. Luigi Gherardi

AE. Gianelli Family

Mr. & Mrs. George Gibson

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gini

Mr. Gary Girardi

Mr. & Mrs. William Goodman

Mr. Douglass Goss

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Green

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Guasco

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Gustorf & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hakeem

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hall

Mr. & Mrs. William Halvorson & Family

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Hand

Mr. Richard Happoldt

Mr. John J. Heinsius

Mr. Martin Heli

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Heffernan

Ms. Katrina Holmes

Ms. Alison Hudson

Mrs. Georgette Hunefeld

Ms. Marian Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. David Johnson

Ontario Johnson

Mr. Myron Kamenetsky

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kaneshina

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kavanaugh

Mr. John Kirshenman

Mr. & Mrs. Casey Knowles

Mr. & Mrs. Vladimir Kozina

Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Larranaga

Mr. Daniel Leary

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lemaux

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lombardi

Mr. & Mrs. William Long

Dave Lucchetti-In Kind

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Maher

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Malcoun

Mrs. Carolyn Mallett

Dr. & Mrs. Randall Mallett

Mr. Richard Martinez

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Martucci

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGuire

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Medina

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Mellor

Mid Valley Agricultural Services

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Murdaca

Lesley Muscha

Mr. & Mrs. John Muzio

Corey Myles

Mr. & Mrs. Dante Nomellini

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Nomellini & Family

Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond O'Neil

Osborne Trust

Mr. Raymond Owning

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Passadore

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Patmon, III


Mr. & Mrs. Max Paulsen

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paulsen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perasso

Ms, A. Jennie Peri

Mary Jo Pezzi

Phillips Family Fund

Mr. & Mrs. John Prioli

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Puccinelli

Mr. Warren Pulich

Ms. Silvia Quezada

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Raspo

Mr. & Mrs.. Joseph Rishwain, Jr. & Family

Mr. & Mrs. David Rishwain

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rishwain

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rishwain

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rishwain

Mr. Dave Risso

Risso Electric, Inc.

Mr & Mrs. Don Rodgers

Dr. Leslie Sackschewsky

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Salady

Mrs. Tori Verber Salazar

Mr. & Mrs. John Sanguinetti

M. L. Sanguinetti

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schenone

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Segale

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Semaan

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Shepherd

Mr. Steve Shoneff-Valley Wholesale Drug

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Silva

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Smith

St Mary's High School Student Council

St Mary's Class 52-53-Chapel

St. Mary's Class of 1958-1961

St, Mary's Class of 1963, 1964, 1965

St Mary's Class of 1985

St. Mary's Class of 2007

SMHS Ewe Draw

SMHS Family Assessments

Mr. & Mrs. James Stone

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Taylor

Mr. Giovacchino Tei

Mr. Frank Texeira

Mr. Steve Towne

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Traverso

Mr. Leeland Treebs

Mr. William Trezza

Mr. & Mrs. John Van Ruiten & Family

Dr. Nickolas Veaco

Mr. & Mrs. George Visgilio

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Watts

Wenell Matheis Bowe Architects

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wiley

Dr. Eddie Zeiter

Zeiter Eye Medical

Dr. & Mrs. Henry Zeiter

Dr. & Mrs. John Zeiter

Dr. Joseph Zeiter

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Zeiter & Family


Special Occasion, Restricted or Matching Gifts


American Lebanese Womans Club

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Album, Jr.

Bank of Agriculture & Commerce

Bank of Stockton

Mr. & Mrs. John Barbagelata

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Basso

Ms. Elaine Bogacs

Camera Brothers

Cherokee Freight lines

Community Bank

Mr. Mark Cook

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Cordova

Dean A. Cortopassi

Mr. & Mrs. C. Joseph Crane

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dixon

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dondero

Mr. Kevin Dougherty - First Commercial

Mrs. Florence Drury

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Foy

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Garavano

General Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gini

Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Grupe

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Hermosillo


Mr.& Mrs. Dean Janssen

Janssen-Lagorio Family Foundation

Jesters Club

Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert Kavanaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Morelli

Mr. & Mrs. James Moscatelli

Mr. & Mrs. John Muzio

Pacific State Sank

Mr. & Mrs. Guido Pardini

Grace Petrini

Lena Pinasco

Mr. & Mrs. John Pinasco

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Precissi

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rusk

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sanguinetti

Elsie Sanguinetti

Mr. & Mrs. Orville Sowers

Mr. Angelo Stagnaro

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Toso

Veronica Torlai

UST Insurance Services

Mr. & Mrs. James Stone

Shelia Wishek




Chase Family Athletic Fitness Center

The new Athletic Fitness Center replaced the old St. Bonaventure Hall that had served St. Mary's since 1957. The Athletic Fitness Center is a state of the art building with training and fitness equipment, locker rooms, coaches offices and other amenities that will assist and enhance student physical health and athletic ability.

Basso Family Tennis Facility

Due to the generous donation of the Basso Family the old St. Mary's tennis court's have been replaced with a modern tennis facility including locker facilities and comfortable seating for fans.


Chapel Rebuilt



The focus of St. Mary's High School campus, the Chapel of Our Lady,  Queen of the Angels was entirely renovated during the 2010-2011 time period and was rededicated by Bishop Stephen Blaire in a solemn Mass. Co-celebrants included Fr. John Fallon, O.S.F.S., Fr. Clark Kelley, O.S.F.S. and Fr. Xavier Harris, O.F.M. who was the principal of St. Mary's when the chapel was dedicated originally 51 years ago.


Bishop Blaire anointed the altar with the holy oil of Chrism, explaining its use in this special setting as well as in Baptism and Holy Orders. Members of the St. Mary's community then cleaned and dressed the altar as part of the solemn event.


The chapel is enhanced by the presence of stained glass that brings serenity and beauty to this place of prayer and praise to God.


View the windows by placing the cursor on the right lower hand corner to go forward and on the left lower hand corner to go back.




Louis and Diane Bernadicou

John & Loretta Butorac

Joyce H. Connor Revocable Trust

Joe and Helen Crane

George & Cherie Gibson, in honor of Jeff Gibson and Ann Misasi

William and Lorraine Halvorson

The Two Hearts of Jesus & Mary, Inc.

Dean & Kathy Janssen

Peter & Cindy Morelli

Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

Frank & Lisa Passadore, in memory of Jocelyn Manceo

Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family

Frank & Kathy Salady

Dan & Cathy Silva

John Van Ruiten Family


$5,000 and above

Louise Andermahr

Derek & Melodia Goldsworth

Bishop Stephen E. Blaire

Paul Gotelli

Marian Jacobs, Mem, of Paul & Rose Jacobs

Roy & Irene Kaneshina

Dave & Raymond Lucchetti

Mary Ann Mahoney

Joseph & Shirley Michael

Isabelle Massod

Robert & Karen Perasso

Ann-Marie Marchetti

Raymond & Jean O’Neil, Mem, Class of 1949

Timothy Marling

Carl Wishek

Robert & Janet McGurk

David & Judy Canclini

Jeanette Michaels

Jim Cumming

Sharon Moy

Joseph & Elvira Garcia

Harry & Frances Osell

William Hereford

Raymond & Beverly Owning

Lyons Family

Frank & Erlene Raspo

Herbert & Carol Ann Sanguinetti

Wayne & Gwen Segale

Marie Shane

Audrey Shoneff

Shea Foundation

Louise Shoneff

SMHS Class of 1952 & 1953

John Simonelli

SMHS Class of 1963

SMHS Class of 1950

Tess Aberle

SMHS Class of 1958,1959,1960 & 1961

Jose & Olga Alicea

SMHS Class of 1979

Harry Arbios , Jr. Family

SMHS Class of 2007


Perla & Wilfredo Tabada

Arthur & Joan Carey

William & Virginia Wallace

Leon Croce

Stephen & Dana Ybarra

Nadine Farley

SMHS Class of 1969 & 1970

Patrick Ford

Carolyn Sanguinetti



If you would like more information on donating, please contact the Development Office at 957-3340.


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St. Mary's Honored By City of Stockton


St. Mary's High School has received an Award of Excellence for making a notable civic contribution by strengthening the visual appearance of  metropolitan Stockton. 
The award is given by the Planning Commission and Cultural Heritage Board of the City of Stockton for extraordinary efforts in the rehabilitation or maintenance of existing buildings, in the imaginative design of new structures, or for other singular and significant contributions to urban beautification.


Cortopassi Aquatics Center


Construction of the new Cortopassi Aquatics Center is complete. The Center was dedicated on October 7, 2007. This facility has become recognized as the premier aquatics facility in the area, hosting collegiate, city and area-wide events and tournaments, providing recreational and instructional opportunities and serving as the home for the St. Mary's Aquatic Sports Programs.


This great project is due to the generosity of Mr. Dino Cortopassi and the Cortopassi Family to whom St. Mary's is very grateful


Lagorio Building Dedication


The dedication of the Lagorio Family Administration Building took place on February 11, 2007. Due to the generosity of the Lagorio family, St. Mary's has been able to build the cornerstone of the campus re-building project.


The building houses administration, development and faculty offices, classrooms, and the school library. The facility has given St. Mary's a state of the art building to help further St. Mary's mission of Catholic education.


Basso Family Tennis Complex


Due to generous donation by the Basso Family, the tennis complex at St. Mary's has been completely rebuilt with the courts completely redone.

Chase Family Fitness Center


The Chase Family Fitness Center has been completed due to the generosity of the Chase family. This new building takes the place of the St. Bonaventure structure and provides a center for fitness training for the students with trainers, classroom and locker facilities.


Rendering of New Science Building Updated


The updated watercolor rendering of the new Science Building has been released. This building will provide a modern facility where students will have the opportunity to obtain the skills and knowledge of sciences to prepare them for the future.


Donations through the Generations of Excellence project are being solicited. If you would like to donate please contact the Alumni and Development Office.


"Building on the dream! Building for the Future."


Your donations will allow Saint Mary's to provide a state of the art campus to continue the excellence for which the school has been known for generations. The dream can only be built with your help. Please contact the Alumni & Development Office at Saint Mary's at 209 957-3340 extension 180  for more information on how you can help.




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