Summer does not put an end to activities on campus. A look at what was going on.


Getting books, checking the schedules, welcoming back the students and parents.





  School Begins



Student involvement in the many clubs at St. Mary's enhances the experience of high school




The year begins with a school Mass that dedicates the year to God.


  Club Day


  Open Mass







A look at some of the day to day events and the life of the school as it unfolds.



Games and matches bring unity to the school as Ram athletes take the field with a desire to compete to the best of their abilities.



  Fall Sports-1







St. Mary's honors alumni and coaches who had distinguished themselves in athletics while at St. Mary's and afterward.


Get Schooled was the theme and each day a different focus from High School Musical to Hogwarts as the Homecoming Week was celebrated.

  Ath HOF     HC Week    

The Christian Relief Outreach Project works year-round to help feed and clothe the poor.


The Franciscan Cross is placed in the Athletic Center to remind students and Mr. Dave Luchetti is honored for his humble and quiet assistance to St. Mary's










The football team gets to play at Levi stadium and gets an NFL experience to remember.



The great eclipse of 2017 was viewed by the entire school. An unusual and amazing event

  Trip to Levi



The annual RamFest was held at Lincoln Center bringing out a large crowd of SM supporters for an evening of food, fun & music.


St. Mary's opens its doors to the community to provide a look at the school and feature the way it pursues excellence in education.

  RamFest     Open House    

More glimpses of every day life at St. Mary's


Exceptional talent is showcased as St. Mary's puts on one of the most famous plays of all time: "Romeo and Juliet"

  AC2     Fall Play    

In 2004 St. Mary's embarked on a long term rebuilding project that is still ongoing. Follow the project


St. Mary's is centered on faith. Mass, the rosary, prayers, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels and many reminders around campus keep this focus.

  Rebuilding     Faith