February 24, 2017

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Registration 2017-2018
New Computer Course
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Welcome Class of 2021
Senior Transcripts
Senior Disney Trip
Host Families Needed
Shadow A Ram Program
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Annette Knowles, A-Go

Nicole Rosado, Gr-O

Misty Chapman, P-Z



Senior class parents and students are reminded to log on to and to register for the SAT and ACT Tests.


Each year the master (SMHS) calendar includes the dates of the ACT and SAT.  These college admissions tests are not offered on the SM campus.  We promote the dates as a courtesy to our students for planning purposes.  Students are required to register for these tests through an online portal.  At that time, test takers may choose a location that serves as a national testing site.


Students and parents are advised to read and study the requirements for initial eligibility formulated in the Guide for the Collegebound Student Athlete.  Access to this guide is available on the NCAA  website at 




Scholarship Descriptions for

2017-2018 are on line now.

St. Mary's Chapel Hours



Daily Mass

Monday - Friday

7:00 a.m.  

Saturday Mass 

7:00 a.m.


Friday Rosary at dismissal time.

First Friday Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament,
First Friday of every month when school is in session.


Decade of the Rosary at the

Statue of Mary

Wednesdays at 8 a.m.


Please join us! 





Send Donations in memory of loved ones to

Alumni Office

P. O. Box 7247

Stockton, CA 95267-0247


Lost Alumni

The alumni office needs your help locating addresses for lost but not forgotten alumni. Please check the lists to see if you know of any lost sheep.

Visit the Alumni site for the list.  If you know the address for someone on the list, please send us an email



Please notify the Registrar of any change of address, phone and/or email address.



The Traditions Magazine is looking for your stories -

your accomplishments and adventures,
your memories and thoughts.

We'd love to hear from you!
Please E-mail your alumni news

 or call (209) 957-3340, Ext 187

Do You Have A Vocation?


Is God calling you to be a priest, a brother or a  member of a religious community?  Have you felt a need to serve God's people, to minister to their needs and help them find out about the love of God?


Ask Fr. Matthew Issac or go to for more information.


Are you ready to Wake Up the World?


Vocations Prayer Card




 SMTV To Broadcast SJS Sections



SMRamsTV has been selected by the CIF Sac Joaquin Section and our parent company that we are affiliated with (the NFHS Network) to broadcast all 12 section championship basketball games live on March 3-4 from the Spanos Center at UOP.  This is a tremendous honor for our program.  The students who work on these games will be paid and they will be receiving experience they can list on their resume.  In addition, our broadcasting program is receiving an honorarium for our efforts.


These games will be available for viewing on the NFHS Network using the subscription card that was provided at the start of the year.



 STEM Club



The STEM club engaged studendts in experiments involving water rockets and paper bridge challenge. We've also done 'potions class' playing with chemical reactions, laser challenge where they had to shoot lasers off mirrors to go around an obstacle and hit a target and the paper bridge challenge is using 5 pieces of paper to support the greatest number of weights.


The STEM Club moderated by Ms. Lasiter, brings together students  that enjoy learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The goal of this club is to promote science and math through fun activities, such as engineering design challenges and exploring the world of coding. This club will build members' confidence in their knowledge of science and math, their problem solving skills, and give them an opportunity to explore their own ideas and interests in STEM.



 Registration 2017-2018



Course Catalogs are now available online here or here. A Schedule Worksheet will be included. Students and parents are strongly urged to review the student's planned courses for next year. 


The $300 nonrefundable Registration Fee is due prior to Registration. Payment deadline is March 10, either through your FACTS account or in person to the Main Office

On March 17th, the forms will be returned to the students to take home for parent's approval and signature.


On these days there will be a special schedule with early dismissal so that the entire staff will be available to work with the students in the registration process.


Next Years


Next Years


Next Years


If parents have questions about the appropriateness of what the student has selected and do not wish to approve, it is essential that a counselor be contacted and the issue be resolved before the Registration days. In order to encourage students and parents to consider course selection seriously, make the most efficient use of available staff members, and help defer clerical costs, there will be a $25 fee for any schedule changes.


Beginning Fall 2017, St. Mary's offers a new course, Computer Science Principles, to students in grades 10-12 (see Course Catalog for details). This is an elective online course. Students complete assignments online according to the course calendar, and formal assessments are proctored on campus. This course is designed to introduce students to important concepts in programming. Students will learn about data abstraction, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet and cyber security, and other topics as time permits. Students will also learn to create programs in the JavaScript language.

No previous programming experience is required. Programming assignments may be completed on the iPad, via the Safari browser, or on any internet connected computer with a modern web browser. Sign up at registration for this exciting opportunity to learn programming concepts.



Dear St. Mary's Parents and Guardians,


As we begin the "Re-Enrollment" process for the 2017-18 school year, we are reminded and appreciative of the great trust you have placed in St. Mary's High School by your decision to send your son or daughter to our school. We are aware that this is a decision that involves sacrifice and commitment for our school families. The administration, faculty, staff, Board of Directors, and I are committed to providing the best Catholic education for all of our students. 

Evidence of this commitment is demonstrated:

  • 68 dedicated faculty members, 44% hold masters or advance degrees

  • Student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1

  • Average classroom size is 25

  • Every student takes 7 classes - each class meets 4x per week

  • We offer 23 Honors & AP courses

  • Last year, we gave 425 AP exams and our students surpassed the national and state averages

  • At the end of last school year, we had 67 national AP scholars

  • 92% of our juniors and seniors take upper division mathematics

  • 92% of our juniors and seniors take upper division science

  • We have a 100% graduation rate

  • About 99% of our seniors go onto college

  • Class of 2016 was offered $15,598,716 in scholarships

  • Of the Class of 2016, 75% went to a four-year college and 25% went to a two-year college


We are sensitive to increasing tuition, regardless of the amount, recognizing it sometimes presents hardships for families. We work very hard to provide a variety of ways to help families pay for tuition. You may know that St. Mary's tuition is very reasonable in comparison to other Catholic high schools.


Likewise, we are concerned for our teachers and staff that they are compensated fairly. We are making attempts to keep their salaries competitive.


The Board's Finance Committee in collaboration with the Board of Directors, has established the "Tuition and Fee Schedule" for the 2017-18 school year.  This schedule is also available online using the school website.  The Board of Directors, the administration, and Finance Committee have all worked very hard to limit the average increase in school tuition to approximately 2% increase or $170.00, which translates to an increase of approximately $17.00 per month.

Families of returning students will need to pay the $300.00 registration fee by March 10 online at Freshmen accepted to St. Mary's will receive Registration details in the coming weeks.

Tuition will also cover all class fees,, Schoology, PowerSchool and school- wide testing (PSAT, Kaplan's Practice ACT).

Catholic Students                            $ 8670.00

Non-Catholic Students                     $ 9070.00


You should know that based on current year figures our cost per student to educate each child is $11,000.00.  The difference is made up from tuition assistance, scholarships and fundraisers.  Because of our belief in the importance of Catholic education, we continue to provide families with many opportunities to help with tuition.


Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to be good stewards of the tuition and support we receive while adhering to Diocesan guidelines for compensation and other expenses.


Enrolling your child/children at St. Mary's High School indicates your commitment to nurture and provide your children with a quality Catholic education.  It indicates the value you place in having your child know and love their Lord, Jesus Christ; develop life-long Gospel values; to be people of faith; and assist in building the Kingdom of God here on earth.  


I remind you that in making your commitment to provide your children with a Catholic education here at St. Mary's High School, you are committing not only to a financial obligation but to also being a model to your children.


All of us at St. Mary's (faculty and staff), are dedicated to embracing the spirit, inspiring the mind, nourishing the soul, opening the heart, and celebrating the MOST in each child at St. Mary's High School. "Be who you are and be that well."


Respectfully in the Lord,

Peter Morelli




 Summer Enrichment



Art Adventure Camp


Week long Art Adventure Camp, taught by Jean Aguilar, includes a variety of techniques that teach students to express themselves through drawing, painting, mixed-media, print making and sculpture. Each week will offer new creative projects!



(209) 988-8298

June 5-9

June 12-16

June 19-23

June 26-30

July 10-14

July 17-21

9am to 12 noon grades 1st - 4th

1 pm to 4pm grades 5th - 8th


Cost $175

per session



Youth Music Camp


Taught by David Tanner, students will learn music appreciation, history, tinging, dancing, reading and writing music. Students will also learn to play recorder and various percussion instruments



(209) 401-1662

June 5-9

l0am to 12 noon

Grades 4th - 8th


Cost $100



Cooking for Kids


A week full of cooking fun and creative recipes that kick can do on their own. Taught by Katherine Esau, kids will learn basic cooking skills that include utensils names, safety, and 30 different recipes.



June 5-9

9am to 12 noon

Grades 5th - 8th


Cost $175



Dancing with a RAM


Taught by Katherine Esau, students will learn different styles of dance including, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Nip Pop. A mini performance will be done on the last day of camp.



June 12-16

9am to 12 noon

Grades 4th - 8th


Cost  $150



 Senor Career Event


All seniors will participate in mock interviews on Monday, March 6. This is a great opportunity for students to develop interview strategies and improve communication skills. Professionals from the community are volunteering to be a part of this career event.








 AP Class Mandatory Meeting


Attention Parent of current Freshman, sophomore and junior students interested in taking an AP Class.


Please plan on attending one of the following mandatory meetings covering AP course content, commitment and requirements.


Thursday, February 23rd at 6 pm in the library

Monday, February 27th at 6 pm in the library


This year contracts are required for all AP courses and will be handed out at these meetings.* Attendance at this meeting shows an interest in an AP class, it does not commit the student to taking an AP course.


*Students whose parents do not attend this meeting will not receive a contract for the AP courses.



 Welcome Class of 2021



Speech of Soyini Adams on New Parent Night


Hello, my name is Soyini Adams and I am...awkward. This is the absolute truth. I feel awkward waking up, I feel awkward going to bed. I feel awkward even crossing the street or ordering what I want on my Subway sandwich. This has been the case for me for as long as I can remember. Making brand new friends have not been a natural skill for me. Speaking to new people had to be practiced for a while by a subtle push from my family.


I have always felt different from my other peers. For instance, I listen to different music. At a young age, when many other kids prefered to listen to hip hop music or MTV, I actually preferred to listen to jazz. Or, when kids were into reading the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series, I was trying to read classics like Little Women. As you could imagine, fitting in has never been a strong suit of mine.


I actually transferred during my sophomore year. It was time for a change from my previous school, and after much prayer, we felt led by God to enroll into St. Mary’s. Unlike you upcoming Rams, I didn’t attend this school during freshman year. This was another way I did not exactly fit in.


Everybody already seemed to know each other pretty well, have bonded and formed their own social circles, and were pretty established. Coming into St. Mary’s, I did not know a single person. Not a single one. I was out of my comfort zone. Old anxieties of “fitting in” and “being accepted” from my middle school years seemed to briefly return. Plus, I had never EVER been at a Catholic school before. So, yes, you could imagine all the possible ways I was confused and internally panicking. I started to eat by myself or spent my lunches in the library.


On top of that, I did not know it at the time, but I was about to lose one of the most important, if not the absolute most important person in my life. My grandmother was in the hospital.


To give some background context, this is the woman who practically raised me, who instilled my morals and my faith. To lose her was so earth shattering in ways I could not begin to describe. This was all

during only the second month of the school year, during September. And so this lead me further away from being social and “out there”, if you will. I was planning to keep to myself.


This point, however, things started to change for me. I remember sitting at a table in the cafeteria all by myself (just a normal morning for me really) and all of a sudden, there was a group of girls that just came and sat with me. They wanted to know everything about me, my name, my grade, how I was feeling, how I was adjusting. They were just so nice and open that my first thought was, “Are these the kind of popular people you see on teenage movies like the movie Mean Girls?”


 Actually that was not the case at all, because the difference was that they were genuinely interested in

me. They were not fake at all, unlike the Plastics. I started to eat in the cafeteria with them during lunch and made more friends. This was a huge step for me because, up until that point, I was still in the library, and was really hungry from not eating during lunchtime.


Another huge step was when I had joined the fall play, “My Sister Eileen.” There was a day where I missed a performance because I was attending a funeral for my grandmother and I was so surprised the next day to find out that they had prayed for me and my family while I was gone.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very significant and unique trait to this school. Coming to St. Mary’s you are joining a family. What is different here than from other high schools is that you will walk into open arms, which is Christ-like when you think about it. People care. The teachers care, the administration cares, the coaches care, the students care for one another. I promise you the community here is pretty tight. It took me a little while to come into to it, but once I was in, I was really in.


There was another point I wanted to bring up. This whole, “Be who you are and be that well” quote we seem to have everywhere. It’s always about “Be who you are and be that well.” There was a slight problem I realized when I saw this quote for the very first time- I had absolutely no idea who I was. I just wasn’t too sure. And it has always been like that for as long as I could remember. I guess this has in some way, contributed to my chronic awkwardness. So, in my sophomore year, I tried new things I

normally would never do. And some I have even ended up liking. Trying theatre during the fall forced me to go out and be in front of an audience, which is not always an easy thing to do.


I also joined the St. Mary’s symphonic band and played the clarinet. I was not exactly….good at playing the clarinet. I only knew five notes. To be perfectly honest, I was scared in band class. I felt like a phony because I didn’t know as much as the other students, but I was able to redirect that fear and I practiced a lot at home. I progressed pretty well, which is a common outcome of hard work and dedication.


And, as it turned out, I was not the only one who was shy in my lack of musical knowledge. Other students felt the same way- they just all happened to be the freshmen.


Another thing I tried was Track and Field. Now, anyone who truly knows me knows that I am truly not a sports person. But I thought I would give this sport a try. No way was I exactly talented at track and field, but I was proud to be doing something outside of my comfort zone. I even got my first sports related injury! However, out of my own personal preference, this sport was something that I may not return to, but at least I tried it and know with certainty an athlete is not “who I am.”


Parents and students, you are about to enter into a complex, confusing, and life changing rites of passage in life-high school. If you thought you were done with it all in middle school, you are sadly mistaken.


All the awkwardness of puberty and middle school does not end. It carries on into high school, college, your career and for the rest of your life unless you truly find out who you are and become comfortable in your own skin. In all honesty, this is not always easy for everyone. It certainly hasn’t been for me. I can tell you right now, when you become a freshmen, though everyone is trying to act cool, everyone is secretly afraid. It’s natural as a freshmen, I promise. But the awkwardness and uncertainty ends when you grow comfortable with yourself, when you decide that you are a unique and important individual with greatness that the world is waiting for you to share.


St. Mary’s High School is a place where you could grow in your potential into whatever it is you have to offer. Our arts and music programs are also very highly qualified. Our math and science clubs have so much to offer to cultivate young geniuses. We have excellent sports programs and are leading in some of the biggest championships. We have so much to help you find you. And on top of that, though many students have different interests, we still end up like a family, which truly is unique for a high school. St. Mary’s is one of a kind and so are you. In my opinion, that is a perfect match.



St. Mary's High School is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please join us for Parent Information Night on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 6:00pm in the Morelli Gymnasium. Eighth Grade Day is Friday, January 27, 2016. All prospective students must apply to take a placement test. The first placement test will be given on Saturday, January 28, 2016.

St. Mary's is a Catholic, co-educational college preparatory high school dedicated to value-based instruction and a challenging academic environment. St. Mary's enrolls approximately 830 students and strives to develop the total person -- intellectually, spiritually, creatively, socially and physically. St. Mary's draws students from 133 elementary schools located in 28 different cities, some as far as 45 miles away. Out of 68 dedicated faculty members, 44% hold masters or advanced degrees in their related fields of administration, teaching or counseling. Student-to-faculty ratio is 12 to 1. Average classroom size is 25.

At St. Mary's High School, students are encouraged to get involved. We offer 23 Honors and AP courses, 18 visual and performing arts, 17 athletic programs and more than 30 student-organized clubs. We have also introduced a Composition and Speech course for incoming freshmen and an AP Physics1 and AP Spanish Language & Culture courses for upperclassmen. There is something for everyone at St. Mary's High School.



Senior Transcripts


Seniors: If you haven't already done so please register for an account with You will need the registration code that was emailed to you last Thursday.

This is mandatory as all colleges/universities (Jr. College included) require an official transcript.


Please sign up today for a Parchment account so your transcripts can be sent electronically to the college(s) of your choice!  You can also use Parchment to print your transcript for CSF.



 Senior Grad Night



Cost $279

Sign ups at Christian Service Office or Ms. Aquilar's Art Room




 Host Families Needed


For the 2017-2018 school year, St. Mary's High School will continue to admit students from China and Brazil to our school. This program is in partnership with Twinn Palms, a firm that organizes the homestay component.


As we look forward to the next school year, we need families to ensure that all our international students are well accommodated. For your consideration, host families will receive a stipend for each month that a student is in their home. In return, host families will provide meals, transportation to and from school and events, a bedroom for each student, and wireless internet connection. In addition, host families will be required to complete a safe environment training program and a background screening. Medical insurance, uniforms and other campus expenses are covered through the tuition and fees paid by the student's family.


If this program is of interest to you and you wish to receive more information and details on logistics, please email our Twinn Palms' Coordinator, Christina Gotelli Foo at the following information and we will add your family to the interest list. 


  • Family name

  • Students' names and grades in Fall of 2017 (if applicable)

  • City of residence

  • Languages spoken in your home

  • Experience with international student or exchange programs


Please understand that this is not a commitment on your part at this time but an interest in your family to engage in a discussion about this wonderful opportunity.


Thank you for your support of this program.  If you have questions about this program or would like more information, please contact: 

Margaret Stephens Director of Admissions and Communications at 957-3340 or by e-mail



 Shadow A Ram


Shadow-A-Ram Group December 7, 2016


Shadow Days allow future Rams to attend a class, tour facilities, meet faculty, guidance counselors and coaches. Lunch is on us in the student cafeteria where St. Mary's staff can answer questions. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Margaret Stephens at (209) 957-3340 Ext. 187 or  E Mail

Shadow A Ram Form



SM Scholarships 2017-2018 On Line Now


Application 9, 10, 11


Scholarship Descriptions for Freshman-Juniors

Application Seniors      


Scholarship Descriptions for Seniors


-8:10 a.m. 4 days per week.



Athletics Information




Important Dates for 2017-18 School Year


Aug. 2                      Schedule changes, 8-12 noon

Aug. 7                      Registration, all students

Aug. 8                      Frosh & Transfer student orientation

Aug. 9                      Frosh retreat and short classes

Aug. 10                    Classes begin, all students


Nov. 22-24                Thanksgiving vacation


Dec. 18-21                S1 Final exams

Dec. 22-Jan. 5           Christmas vacation


Jan. 8                       S2 classes begin


Mar. 29-Apr. 6           Easter vacation


May 22-25                S2 Final exams

May 26                     Graduation



Green Auxiliary


St. Mary's has started a volunteer community of friends, families and alumni that help with special events and projects. Please join us! Contact Stefani Delucchi at (209) 957-3340, ext 195 or email.







New Endowment Program


St. Mary's has completed its 140th year as a leading provider of Catholic education. Our  challenge today is to keep Catholic education affordable and accessible to our families. I think you would all agree that in order to be successful academically, spiritually, creatively, socially and physically. we must be financially responsible and fiscally stable.


Adding to the existing Father Fallon and Legacy Endowments, we have created five new endowments t insure the future needs of our students, faculty and programs at St. Mary's High School continue to flourish. These permanent source of income are invested with a  percentage of the income supporting programs. The principal is invested for growth and the Endowments are managed for growth and stability by the school's Foundation The five new Endowments are:


Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Endowment

for Religious Studies


Dominican Sisters of San Rafael Endowment

for language and Fine Arts Programs


Computer Science Endowment

for Computer Science Programs and Technoloby


Faculty Endowment

for St. Marys Faculty


Endowed Chairs

In Honor of Specific Faculty Members


We are embarking on a 10-year assertive plan to increase the endowments by $5 million dollars each year for the next 10 years. This is a $50 million dollar legacy to be used as a resource to help with tuition assistance, faculty support, academic programs, facilities maintenance, increases in costs, enrollment fluctuations and to fund unexpected expenses. Endowment gifts can be cash, stocks, bonds, treasuries, mutual funds, real estate or personal property. Donors may choose to also include St. Mary's High School in their will or as a named beneficiary of a life insurance policy.


You've been a part of our past. We invite you to continue to be part of our futures. This is a historic endeavor and we welcome everyone to participle.


Your kind donation in any amount is very much appreciated.


Respectfully in the Lord

Peter D. Morelli




 RAMS Rewards


Rams Reward allows you to give back and support our program when you shop and save.

  • Sign up is free, fast and easy

  • Shop at your favorite online retailers and get up to 20% cash back

  • Shop weekly deals and save up to 70%

  • Upgrade to Gold for greater savings locally

Go to today and save!!!


Questions - Call the scholarship office at 957-3340, Ext. 121

or email:




Volunteers are needed in many areas for many school events.  Come join our St. Mary's community.   It's a great way to meet new people while helping us make St. Mary's such a unique place.


Please click here for the volunteer form and let us know if you are interested in helping with Athletics, Crab Feed, Dances, Development, Fundraising, Speech or Theater.


We invite you to explore ways that you can join the St. Mary's family or strengthen your connections to SMHS.  There are many more upcoming events on the horizon, so please watch your email.  You can also get more information on our website at



Ready to do some guilt-free shopping for a great cause? We need your help! Mixed Bag Designs is helping St. Mary's H. S. reach our fundraising goals this year!

Anyone can support us - all they have to do is shop online at and use our ID# 17336 to give us 40% of the purchase!



Mixed Bag Designs has tons of products for everyone in the family including reusable grocery bags, travel totes, shopping bags, accessories and more! Go to the and start shopping! Every purchase helps us! Forward this email on to your friends and family too, we need all the help we can get and the more the merrier!


How To Order

  • Go to the Mixed Bag Designs Website

  • Click on "ONLINE STORE" and browse products and start shopping!

  • Pay for your order online with a credit card - your order is shipped directly to you!

  • At checkout on the Review/Submit Order Page type 17336 in the "School/Fundraiser ID#" field. You can also enter the name of the participant that referred you in the "Referred By" field for them to receive credit.


Remember, you can feel free to forward on this email to other friends and family - we are happy to reach out to other communities! Thank you for your support!


Happy Shopping,

St. Mary's H. S.



We are working to create a positive game environment for our student athletes and our student spectators. We would love to see students from every grade level involved in the campus life at St. Mary's and this is one of the best ways that we can offer such an experience. Here's what every member of The Machine will receive.

  • Free admission to all home, non-CIF games for ALL sports, all year.

  • Choice of one of three, limited edition Green Machine t-shirts in green, white, or black that can be worn to school on Fridays and, of course, to games.

  • Be eligible to take advantage of give-a ways like free food, free t-shirts, free play-off tickets, even some free play tickets and much more. 

  • Priority seating in our student section - the whole Ram Fam is welcome there!

  • Getting the most out of your high school experience and creating life-long memories. 

You can stay updated on everything Green Machine by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine @SMGreenMachine. We post game updates and pictures to showcase the Rams and their fans. 



*These links are not not officially sponsored  nor under the control of St. Mary’s High School. The links are provided solely as a convenience to the user. The inclusion of this link is not a recommendation of nor an  endorsement of the views expressed within them. The views and opinions are solely those of the authors of the content contained therein. St. Mary’s is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in the site.


The cost for the Green Machine is $30 but it will save you lots of money over the course of the year. The more you get involved, the more you save.  If you attend only 4 football games and 2 volleyball games in the fall you will already have participated in more than $30 in SMHS activities.




Other Events & News





Saint Mary's Scholarship Fundraiser Drive-Thru Dinner

All Proceeds Will Go Towards Scholarships!!!!


When:   Wednesday March 8, 2017  5:00 - 7:00 PM   

Where:  In front of the Morelli Gym

Cost:     $15.00


For each complete book of 10 tickets sold $70 will benefit  the seller's tuition.


Tickets available from the Scholarship Office  957-3340, Ext. 121.

Please make checks payable to St. Mary's   Scholarship Fundraiser


Meal includes: Angelina's Chicken, Pasta, Salad, Bread/Butter and Cookie  






April 2, 2017

5:30 PM Mass  6:00 Hosted Cocktails  7:00 Dinner

$45 per person

make payment online at

or mail check payable to

St. Mary's High School

PO Box 7247 Stockton, CA  95267-0247


Greg and Susan Traverso will lead an adventure to Africa in June, 2017. Among the highlights will be a stay at the Red Rhino Orphanage where students will volunteer, a safari to see thousands of wild animals and much more. Space is limited so apply as early as you are able to.





Announcing the 2nd annual St. Mary' s High School Mission Trip!



Monday, ApnI17. 2017 through Saturday, April 22. 2017 (Easter break)



New Orleans, Louisiana



This trip is provided by Catholic Mission Trips. Work projects in New Orleans are focused on disaster relief and assistance for !he elderly and underprivileged. Projects in New Orleans can include framing. roofing. siding. sheetrock, flooring, insulation, paining. and landscape work.



Current sophomores, juniors and seniors. Space is limited, so there will be preference to seniors. We will also need 2 or 3 parent chaperones



Final cost will depend on our group's ability to fundraise and secure

sponsorships, but our goal is $500 to $750 per person. which would include air and ground transportation. lodging and and meals.


For more information contact Director of Campus Ministry, Mr. Kevin Costello at or   (209) 951-3340, X 222.









Saint Mary's High School
5648 N. El Dorado St.
Stockton, CA 95207