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2021-2022 Green Machine Sign Up


green machine

Join the GREEN MACHINE! Our school spirit club promotes good sportsmanship at various sporting events.The Green Machine fee for the 2021-2022 school year is $50. This fee includes two shirts, free entry to any regular season SMHS sporting event, entry into Pre-Game Pump Ups, and much more. If 90% of the student body signs up for Green Machine, the whole school will get a free dress day.

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By joining the Green Machine, you agree to abid by the Saint Mary's Code of Conduct: Saint Mary's High School believes that our students should always conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the school, whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or spectating at a game. In order to assure the integrity of Saint Mary's High School, the Code of Conduct as stated in the Parent/Student Handbook will be enforced at all school events, including sporting events. Furthermore, matters which are brought to the attention of the Dean of Students concerning members of Green Machine who fail to behave appropriately are subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Students' Office. Green Machine members must always serve as exemplars of high moral character and must demonstrate appropriate behavior both on campus and off campus.

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