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Cheer Teams

Saint Mary's Cheer Teams are made up of talented and dedicated athletes, who promote school spirit through sideline cheers, stunting, and performance routines. SM Cheerleaders cheer for Football (August-December) and Men and Women's Basketball (December-March.) Other events included community service opportunities and school rallies. 
All Saint Mary's Cheerleaders participate in a designated class period (G period), where they learn the fundamentals of cheerleading, choreography, and stunting. Cheerleaders are also given opportunities to enhance leadership skills, promote school spirit, and choreograph cheer and stunt routines.
*Aside from G period cheer class, additional afterschool practices are sometimes held.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. If you did not make a team this year, please consider trying out next year. Those who have made a team have a uniform fitting tomorrow, 4/13 in room 18. Juniors and Seniors please arrive at 4:30. Freshman and Sophomores please arrive at 5:30. If you have any questions please contact next year's coach Margo Kozina at [email protected]rg

Freshman Cheer Team
Jaedyn Bertilacchi Schafer
Hayden Samson
Karina Lopez
Stevie Gori
Isabella Traverso
Tatiana Guzman Neudeck
Lexie Hernandez
Jezzarelle Perez

JV Cheer Team
Gracie Widmer
Zoe Cazarez
Jamison Jackson
Ava Noche
Ashley Black
Mandy Lewis
Belle Mello
Madison Smith
Cienna Auletti
Raena Adap-paracina

Varsity Cheer Team
Avery Eagal
Alexa Myers
Layla Gonzalez
Noelle Nance
Trinity Fernandez
Alyssa Franco
Priscilla Buenrostro
Mia Guidi
Lysie Surrell
Adalie Bautista
Maureen Romero
McKayla Haskin
Tayli Stockman
Gianna Corona
Genesis Valdivia
Ryda Somera
Inalynn Orias
2022-2023 Important Upcoming Cheerleading Dates
March 15th Tryout Information Meeting: SM Cafeteria 7:00 PM
April 11th Tryout Clinic: SM Morelli Gymnasium 6:00-9:00 PM
April 12th Tryout Clinic: SM Morelli Gymnasium 6:00-9:00 PM
April 13th Tryouts: SM Morelli Gymnasium (Time TBA)
April 14th Uniform Fitting (Time TBA)
July 5th -16th Summer Practices: SM Football Field (Time TBA)
July 17th-July 20th USA Overnight Cheer Camp: Santa Clara  
- Athletic shorts (appropriate length-no spandex), leggings, or pants
-Athletic tank top or t-shirt (no cleavage showing)
-Athletic style shoes
-Hair must be pulled back completely back in a high ponytaiL
-Black, athletic-style shorts (appropriate length-no spandex)
-Plain white t-shirt (no tank tops, no cleavage showing)
-Athletic shoes (preferably mostly white)
-Hair must be pulled back completely back in a high ponytail (no-fly aways-bow optional)
-Current SM Cheerleaders may not wear anything that indicates they are currently on the team
What is the cost involved?
Cheer camp, uniforms, and campwear are all at the expense of each individual cheerleader. Cheer camp is approximately $650 per cheerleader. In addition to camp, new cheerleaders will pay approximately $1800 and returning cheerleaders will pay approximately $1000 for uniforms and campwear. 
What are the Cheer Clinics?
During these required clinics, students will learn all of the material that will be performed at the try-out, meet the cheer coaches, and learn tips from the current Senior SM Cheerleaders. 
Will everyone make a squad?
Unfortunately, no. Not every student trying out will make a squad. 
Are the Cheer Camp dates confirmed?
Yes. Cheer Camp is scheduled for July 17-20 at Santa Clara Convention Center. 
Will there be summer practices?
Yes. Summer practices are scheduled for July 5-16 at the SM Football Field 
Is there any paperwork I need to fill out for tryouts?
Yes. You will need the Cheer Contract SIgnature Form, the Cheer Rules and Regulations Form, the clearance form (current SM students only) and the 8th grade teacher evaluation form (current 8th graders only.)
If I try out for the Dance Team and do not make it, can I try out for Cheer even if I didn’t sign up?
YES! The paperwork is the same for both Drill and Cheer Try-outs, so as long as you turned in your paperwork at the Drill Clinic you can try out for cheer. 
Questions? Please contact Cheer Coach Margo Kozina at [email protected]