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Counseling Department

The purpose of the Counseling Department is to assist students in developing a degree of self-knowledge and insight which will help them to make mature and realistic decisions about their goals and future plans.

More specifically, counselors are ready to assist parents and students with issues related to class scheduling, academic advising, and other areas relating to planning, progress, and student success.

In addition counselors will address many of the developmental needs appropriate to age and grade levels. For freshmen, the counselor will assist incoming students with adapting to high school life. During the sophomore year, our counselor will encourage students to see beyond high school and begin to explore colleges and careers, as well as what it takes to get there. As juniors, it becomes more critical for the counselor to promote the need for students to actively monitor their academic progress toward meeting high school and college requirements. Finally, for seniors the counselor will focus on preparing students for the transition from high school to college.
We encourage you to contact your child's counselor anytime this year for further assistance.
In this capacity we assist 9th-12th grade students (and their parents) in the areas of academic and personal success. The Guidance Office has an open door policy for our students, and in the event we are busy at the time they visit, students need merely to complete a "request to be seen" call slip and we will usually be able to respond the same day.
  • The freshman year is an exciting year filled with lots of change and personal growth. During this year counselors will meet with each freshman to discuss their class schedule, grades on PowerSchool, college entrance requirements and future goals after high school. The guidance department begins the year with a presentation during orientation which focuses on graduation requirements, college admissions, standardized testing and general study skills.
  • During sophomore year it's crucial to continue to strive toward academic excellence in preparation for college readiness. Challenging course work, standardized testing, and researching prospective colleges will all play an important role during the upcoming year.
  • The junior year is often pivotal for students in their attempt to meet graduation requirements and college eligibility.
  • Senior year is a time to plan for post-graduation, whether it be a 2-year college, 4-year university, the military, or work. It is very important to meet all deadlines for applications and financial aid.
SCOIR is here!
SCOIR is an amazing platform that allows students to better understand the college application process. It gives students an in depth look at their personal interests and how that applies towards selecting a major. Students are able to do a career interest inventory as well to help select majors that interest them. It provides personalized college selections based on preferences, family income, and much more. Virtual tours are available for select campuses along with testaments from real students at those universities. 
The goal is that it becomes an all-in-one college hub for students to utilize for letters of recommendation, college applications, test scores, and so much more. Parent accounts can be created upon request. Please contact Mrs. Nisby.
If you have any other questions, please contact Mrs. Nisby at Ext. 125. 
SENIORS: SCOIR will not be used to process any college applications, transcripts, or letters of recommendation. Please continue to use Parchment, Common App., SendEdu, or whichever college platform website you are using.


Upcoming College Admissions Rep Visits

The following institutions are coming to SM!  Please join us for admission/financial aid and information sessions.  Sign-ups are located in the Counseling Offices (2nd floor Lagorio).   

Holy Names University (Oakland) is hosting on-the-spot admissions for interested seniors.  Wednesday, November 13th.  B & C periods.  Please sign up in the Counseling offices

College Application Workshops, October 8 and November 12 

Together, counselors and English teachers will offer two College Application Workshops for students in need of assistance with completing their California State University, University of California and Common Application. These workshop dates are Tuesday, October 8th and Tuesday, November 12th. Workshops will be held in the library right afterschool. We will offer a workshop for community colleges in the spring. We recommend students take advantage of this opportunity if they plan to pursue applications.

The Scholarship Office

The Scholarship Office works diligently to help families with tuition assistance and scholarships while they are students at Saint Mary's and when they are seniors applying to college. Please click here to access more information about tuition assistance and scholarships.
Elizabeth Nisby
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