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Scrip and Benefit Mobile

Our entire Athletics Program is 100% self-funded. We rely on fees and donor support to provide everything from field maintenance to officials and tournament fees

Way to earn credit toward your annual Athletic Participation Fee:
1. Visit the Athletic Office and purchase Scrip gift cards.
2. Purchase and use gift cards from Benefit Mobile.
Please note that the Athletic Participation fee is not part of any individual sports fees. Each sport will have fees over and above this fee. The Athletic Participation Fee is charged annually, per family per school year. Fees are due and payable at the end of each school year. Funds earned for individual sports (media guide ads, e-sponsors, fundraisers, etc.) are not applied to this fee. Coaches do not collect this fee along with team fees, nor can it be added to your tuition account. It must be paid directly to the athletic office.
What is scrip?
Scrip is gift cards that can be used at various businesses. A percentage of the cost of the gift card you purchase will be credited toward your Athletic Participation Fee.
Do I just need to purchase $250 in scrip to cover the Athletic Participation fee?
No. You need to earn a profit of $250. The amount you would have to purchase depends on the percentage given per card.
How do I earn profits from buying it?
We are able to purchase these gift cards at a slight discount, anywhere between 1.5% up to 20%, depending on the business. When you purchase a card from us, we apply this percentage towards your Athletic Participation fee, which is $250 per family/per school year.
Chipotle (10%) -  $10 card purchased, earns $1 towards fee
Safeway (4%) -  $100 card purchased, earns $4 towards fee 
ARCO (1.5%) -  $50 card purchased, earns .75 towards fee
In-N-Out Burger (20%) -  $10 card purchased, earns $2 towards fee
Where do I buy scrip?
In the Athletic Office.
What businesses do you sell scrip for?
We have a variety of Scrip cards (stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) that we keep in stock, but there are hundreds of others that we can order for you. We try to keep the more popular ones in stock, so you can visit during our office hours and purchase them.
What if I want something that you don’t keep in stock?
If you look on, you can see the businesses that participate in this program. If you would like us to order anything for you, write it on our form and bring with payment to the Athletic Office. Special orders are placed on most Fridays at 1:00pm, and the order is normally ready for pickup the following Tuesday.
Where do I get the form?
In the Athletic Office, or on our school website, here
Can I order scrip online?
No. In the Athletic Office only.
How do I pay for scrip?
We prefer cash or checks. If paying by credit card, the bank charges us 2% for this service, which we have to deduct from the percentage you are earning. We will accept credit cards if you don’t mind losing the percentage.
Can my student, or anyone else pick up my order for me?
Yes, if you have noted that on the form.
What if I don’t earn the entire $250 in profits?
We will notify you in April of the amount that is owed.
What if I earn more than the required $250?
We can roll it over to the next school year.
Who can I contact if I still have questions?
The athletic office at 957-3340, ext. 108 or email
Earn up to 20% on every purchase when you pay with Benefit.
Scrip can be purchased online through the BENEFIT MOBILE app,
  1. Simply download the app on your smart phone.
    • iphone download: here
    • android download: here
  2. Assign Saint Mary's High School Athletics as your beneficiary.
  3. Register your preferred method of payment (payments made through your checking account will maximize your profits).
  4. See the huge list of retailers participating here.