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Vina Lee's Message to Student Body - April 28, 2020
To my fellow Rams,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirit and health. I know it wasn’t easy to adjust to online learning in the first few weeks; it has definitely added some extra need for accountability and time management on both the students and teachers. I hope

everyone has gotten the hang of things by now, and that we’re all patient and understanding of each other in this historical moment.


As COVID-19 is quickly spreading, let’s all keep in mind that while us students may be able to recover from this virus, the same cannot be said for others. Even though we should all try our best to practice social distancing, make sure to keep in touch with one another, such as facetiming your friends everyday (I certainly am). And please keep in your prayers all essential workers on the front lines of COVID-19, risking their own lives to tend to the needs of others.


To my seniors, I’m sorry. I know this isn’t how we thought our senior year was going to play out, and it’s okay to be upset. It’s not supposed to be this way, but it is. This pandemic might’ve taken away the rest of our senior year, but it cannot take away what we’ve accomplished over the years at Saint Mary’s. More importantly, it cannot take away our best days because they’re ahead of us, I promise. We can look towards the memories that we will make in college, and I know that each and every one of us will thrive and excel wherever our future takes us.


To our teachers, thank you for your dedication to our academic success. Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that us students are still able to get the most out of our education. Thank you for being understanding and patient in a time where most of us are navigating new websites and methods of learning. Thank you for being flexible and willing to reschedule any assignments/zoom sessions when they conflict with others. Thank you for responding to our emails as soon as possible, saving us from pummeling into a downward spiral because we couldn’t submit our assignment on time.


To the Class of 2021, soak in every second of your senior year. You’ll never realize how quickly it’ll all come to an end.


Well, that’s all for now Saint Mary’s, and remember: you can and you will.



Vina Lee

Student Body President




Student Government

Saint Mary’s seeks to develop student leaders committed to not only serving their school community but also evolving into global citizens. Through servant-leadership, we educate our students in the power of change and equip them with skills for a lifetime of leadership. Saint Mary’s offers several different opportunities to develop as a leader and is dedicated to providing activities and events which promote inclusion, heighten school spirit, and foster an innovative student-centered community.
Saint Mary’s Student Government is comprised of approximately 35 Student Body Officers and Class Officers, 8 Moderators, and a Student Life and Leadership Director who organize and facilitate over 50 activities and events each year. These events include spirit days, dances, homecoming week, Catholic Schools week, rallies, Green Machine events and much more. Through organizing and running these events, students gain invaluable experience in leadership, communication and time-management.
The Student Body President shall preside over all meetings of the Student Body and Student Council; shall be responsible for the agenda for each Student Council and Student Body meetings; shall preside over all formal Assemblies and act as the school's host and official representative; shall call Student Council meetings whenever necessary; shall vote in Student Council meetings only in case of a tie; shall appoint all Student Council Committee Members and Chairmen, and shall see if all Student Body Officers, Committee Members and Chairmen fulfill their respective duties; shall help in taking active participation in all Student Body activities; shall act as Honorary Chairman of the Homecoming activities .
The Student Body Vice President shall assume all powers and duties of the President in his/her absence; shall act as school's host along with the President; shall act as Chairperson of the semi-formal dance and all social activities n o t previously designated to any other officer; shall attend all Student Council meetings; and shall help in taking active participation in all Student Body activities; shall b e responsible for initiating and organizing all Class and Student Body elections, Class Representative elections and any other Student Body voting.
The Student Body Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all Student Body and Student Council meetings and hand them out at least two days after the meetings; shall be responsible for Student Body correspondence; shall act as t h e school's host and official representative; shall attend all Student Council meetings; shall help in taking active participation in all Student Body activities.
The Student Body Publicity Commissioner and Representative to the Administrative Council shall be responsible to promote all student activities; shall keep accurate minutes of the Student Council or Student Body meetings in the absence of the Secretary; shall represent the student at meetings of both the Board and Council and bring up any student issues; shall report to Student Council on items discussed and action taken at these meetings; shall act as General Chairman of Homecoming and shall attend all Student Council meetings; shall help in taking active participation in all Student Body activities.
The Student Religion Commissioner shall compose a prayer and open each Student Council Meeting with a prayer; shall publicize all religious activities of the school, such as Student Liturgies, School Liturgies, and Retreats; shall work with the Campus Minister on all Liturgies and Retreats; shall attend all Student Council meetings; shall help in taking active participation in all Student Body activities.

The Student Body Rally Commissioner shall be responsible for the organization of all Rallies; shall work with the Moderator for the Cheerleaders; shall work with all Class Spirit Commissioners and shall attend all Student Council meetings; assist all Student Body Officers and uphold the pride and spirit of Saint Mary's High School; shall help in taking active participation in all Student Body activities.


Saint Mary’s Link Crew is a year-long high school transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience. Our Link Leaders, which are comprised of 45 juniors and seniors, start building the mentor relationship during Freshman Orientation — where freshmen receive information about how to be successful in high school. Throughout the year our Link Leaders will continue to support freshmen academically, socially, and individually through structured activities designed to increase student engagement and promote positive school climate.


Description, list of responsibilities, list of members w/pictures
Saint Mary’s Senate (boys) and Cabinet (girls) is comprised of approximately 40 Senior class students who model a balance of academics, extracurricular involvement, and strength of character. Senate and Cabinet members volunteer for numerous activities throughout the year and serve at Saint Mary's Events, Registration and Orientations. They also organize our annual Saint Mary's Toy Drive and staff Pumpkin Carving. Through their involvement, Senate and Cabinet members demonstrate both leadership and service.

Salesian Leadership Camp

Each year, up to five students are selected to attend the Salesian Leadership camp held during June in Brooklyn, Michigan. Students learn about the teachings of Saint Francis DeSales and Saint Jane De Chantal and how to blend Salesian virtues with hands-on practical leadership skills. Focusing on cultivating a spirit of Salesian leadership that is rooted in relationships and mature self-awareness, students return from camp ready to present and incorporate new Salesian traditions into our everyday life at Saint Mary’s. These traditions have included the Direction of Intention and Student Reflections at the end of every Mass.

Campus Ministry

Coming soon!