Sophomore Student Council Officers Plan Winter Formal

by Ava Gilliland, Kettle Staff Writer
Published: December 20, 2023

All we want for Christmas is a Winter Formal and Santa is going to deliver one January 27, 2024 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.! With the first semester of the school year coming to a close, it’s time for the announcement that students have been waiting for: Winter Formal. Now that tickets are on sale, students are getting ready for the dance by shopping for dresses or asking out a date. But, Student Council, specifically the sophomore class officers, has been preparing for this exciting day for months. This year’s sophomore class officers are Katherine O’Connor, Molly Young, Kevin Ross, and EJ Sheeran, and they have been working hard to make this year’s Winter Formal the best one yet.

This year’s exciting theme for Winter Formal is “Night in the City.” Katherine O’Connor, a sophomore Student Council officer helping plan the Winter Formal, says that Student Council sent out a Google Form to the sophomore class so everyone could help decide the theme. “The two major themes students picked were “Night Under the Stars” and “Red Carpet,” so we mixed some aspects of each. We are planning on doing more of a New York skyline theme as the background and using it to inspire food choices,” Katherine explains. Molly Young, another sophomore class officer, likes this year’s theme and affirms that “we chose this theme because we really wanted to do something that hasn’t been a formal theme before, and we thought decorating the gym like the New York skyline would be cool. We thought about many different themes, and it was a hard choice, but it all came down to the decor and how the dance would look and feel.”

Besides deciding on a theme, sophomores have many other duties in planning a unique and memorable Winter Formal, like buying decorations and deciding what food to have. Katherine says, “The planning process started a month ago, but we have been working through ideas for a while now. Our plans started with just us four class officers with a goal set out for a memorable dance, but was really put into play once the moderators started making meetings with us where pricing, advertising, and major decisions were made.” Another big step in the planningprocess was designing bids for the dance, and these bids went on sale on December 14.

According to Molly, Student Council’s final tasks to prepare for Formal are in January, where they will “finalize everything and decorate the gym the morning of Formal.” Molly and Katherine enjoy creating this year’s Winter Formal, but planning a school ance can be difficult. “Planning is kind of stressful because you don’t want the whole thing to bust, but it is also fun because we have the opportunity to make formal fun and enjoyable for everyone,”  Molly said. Katherine agrees, saying, “Getting to be a part of such a big event is really special, and seeing it all come together has been exciting.” Student council hopes all Saint Mary’s students will come to this year’s Winter Formal and see all the hard work Student Council put into making a fun and memorable dance. And, according to Katherine, this year’s DJ is rumored to be very good. Mrs. Claire Debity, head of Student Activities, encourages all students to go because “It’s a fun time to dress up and spend time with your friends out of school and just let loose. You only get four of these in your high school career, so live it up and go to the dance!”

Winter Formal is January 27, and tickets are on sale for $25 in Student Activities.


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