President's Club | Continuing the Tradition

The SMHS President’s Club was established in 2001 by the late Joseph Crane and his wife, Helen, for the purpose of raising funds to be used at the discretion of the President. We are forever grateful to the President’s Club Founding Committee, whose support has been strong and steadfast since its inception. 
Our Founding Committee was compiled of the following:
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barkett                               Mr. & Mrs. Dean Janssen
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Basso                               Mr. & Mrs. Charles Patmon
Mr & Mrs. John Butorac                                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Raspo
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Crane                                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Shipman
The President’s Club proceeds are instrumental in keeping Saint Mary’s competitive by making necessary improvements and purchases that fall outside of the school’s annual operating budget. Memberships ensure our ability to support important projects that better our school, help our students, and keep us at the forefront of providing the best Catholic education possible.  
Proceeds from joining the Saint Mary's High School President's Club are instrumental in keeping Saint Mary's High School competitive with necessary improvements and purchases outside the school's annual operating budget.
Every year at this time, we host our annual President’s Club Dinner, which also highlights our Saint Mary’s Hall of Fame.  The President’s Club is a donation-based group of parents, alumni, and community members committing to supporting Saint Mary’s High School.  The minimum donation for membership is $1,500 and includes invitations to the Annual President’s Club Dinner and a football tailgate for the upcoming football season, along with Saint Mary’s Sports Passes.  The President’s Club fundraising and membership drive allows me, as the President, to fund special projects that are not part of our annual operating budget but that serve the purpose of enhancing the overall Saint Mary’s community.
This year, our club is working to raise enough money to provide much-needed air-conditioning for the cafeteria and kitchen.  These facilities were built in the late 50s, and this enhancement will create a more inviting cafeteria for our students during the warm months, it will provide safer conditions for our kitchen staff who are already working with warm equipment, and it will also allow us to offer the cafeteria as a venue to our community members.  The projected costs for this project will be:
Air Conditioning | $170,000
Electricity | $70,000
Fire Sprinklers | $120,000
Total | $360,000
From our President:
"With any project, there is always the potential for surprises that make the job more expensive, and this project is no different, but I’m going to take on this project, one step at a time, in the hopes that we can accomplish this goal sooner than later and within the outlined budget. As the President of Saint Mary’s, I am making a concerted effort to update our facilities.  We have already accomplished a number of goals, and the cafeteria/kitchen air conditioning project is the next one on the list.  It is my sincere hope that you will join in supporting these efforts by becoming a member of the President’s Club.  If you are interested in helping me make this happen, please give me a call or email me;  I’d love to visit with you about Saint Mary’s and the vision for the for the future."

This year at our President’s Club Dinner, on the 5th of May, we will be recognizing the Hall of Fame recipients for 2024.  Hall of Fame members are community members and/or alumni who have made significant contributions to supporting Saint Mary’s High School over the years.  This year, we are proud to announce our 2024 honorees:


Earl Smith ‘74

LeAnn Scannavino

Phil & Kathy Asborno ‘57

If you're interested in purchasing a President's Club membership and attending this wonderful event. Please register using our form below.