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Jim Brusa
Saint Mary’s High School
19th Annual President’s Club Dinner
Dinner Event Postponed Due to COVID-19
Please Read Jim Brusa's Letter Below
President's Club Update
March 17, 2020

Dear Present and Prospective President’s Club Members,

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world, I believe it prudent to postpone the March 28th President’s Club Dinner until further notice.

I had the opportunity to talk with Natalie Mussi, one of our featured keynote speakers for the evening. Being the CEO of a hospital, she feels the same as I do in that it is the right thing to do at this time. Natalie and, I’m sure Alexis, are more than willing to return to Stockton at a later date to speak to our members.

The President’s Club and the money that it generates (approximately $100,000 net) helps me make necessary improvements and changes to enhance the education our students receive. The annual dinner is my way of acknowledging members and to show my appreciation for your ongoing support.

This past year, we brought our Chemistry lab and classroom back into service by replacing the plumbing and windows and completing a new paint job ($50,000). We also renovated the Computer Room along with painting the halls and student life rooms by using President’s Club funds.

This year, our plan is to purchase 35 new Apple™ computers in the renovated Computer Room to replace the antiquated ones. We are also offering STEM classes to our students and the first step is having up-to-date equipment for them to use. Furthermore, I want to continue to improve the classroom environments-the classrooms haven’t had any recent improvements and it is important to provide students with a space that represents our school and motivates them to perform at their best. In particular, the science classrooms are a priority and will be addressed as such.

As you can tell, we are motivated to make the changes necessary to provide our students with the best value available in our community. If you haven’t decided yet to join the President’s Club, I ask that you join me in becoming a member of this group and supporting our school. I don’t want this hiccup to keep our school from moving forward in a positive way.

We will let you know about the reschedule date for the dinner as soon as the coronavirus dilemma calms down. In the interim, it is my hope that you will still continue to support the President’s Club with your donation, so that we can continue our good work together. Thank you, as always, for your help and dedication to SMHS. I truly look forward to seeing you all soon.

Respectfully in the Lord,

Jim Brusa, President
Saint Mary’s High School



Your support of The Saint Mary’s President’s Club, established in 2001, ensures our ability to support important projects that better our school, help our students and keep us on the forefront of providing the best Catholic education possible.