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Cheer Teams

Saint Mary's Cheer Teams are made up of talented and dedicated athletes, who promote school spirit through sideline cheers, stunting, and performance routines. SM Cheerleaders cheer for Football (August-December) and Men and Women's Basketball (December-March.) Other events included community service opportunities and school rallies. 
All Saint Mary's Cheerleaders participate in a designated class period (G period), where they learn the fundamentals of cheerleading, choreography, and stunting. Cheerleaders are also given opportunities to enhance leadership skills, promote school spirit, and choreograph cheer and stunt routines.
*Aside from G period cheer class, additional afterschool practices are sometimes held.
Thank you so much to everyone for working so hard to earn a position
on one of our 3 Cheer Squads. Please make sure to check all three squads,
as some girls were moved up to either J.V. or Varsity.
The following girls have earned a position on our Freshmen Cheer Team:
  • Kristin Gapasin
  • Destiny Guterrez
  • Haylee Reed
  • Amber Leyva
  • Lucy Conklin
  • Isabella Tracy
  • Lauren Rishwain
  • Kaiya Moore
  • Jemma Pixley
  • Julia Zerweck
  • Ezra Farley
  • Kate Conway
  • Emilie Mello
  • Samantha Snider
  • Ellyana Cornejo
The following girls have earned a position on our J.V. Cheer Team:
  • Cecelia Moreno
  • Chloe Mohammadkhan
  • Anita Perry
  • Jaedyn Bertilacchi-schafer
  • Stevie Gori
  • Karina Lopez
  • Hayden Samson
  • Isabella Steed
  • Cienna Auletti
  • Isabella Traverso
  • Joanie Chukwueloka
  • Tatyana Guzman
  • Lexie Hernandez
  • Heaven Celestine
  • Eme Eggman
The following girls have earned a position on our Varsity Cheer Team:
  • Reana Adap-Paracina
  • Jezarelle Perez
  • Kayla Lu
  • Inalynn Orias
  • Zoe Cazarez
  • Gianna Novara
  • Gracie Widmer
  • Gianna Corona
  • Reagan Derman
  • Cesaly Maldonado
  • Jameson Jackson
  • Lali Ochoa
  • Mandy Lewis
  • Ashley Black
  • Ava Noche
  • Layla Gonzalez
  • Lysie Surrell
  • Mia Guidi
  • Aubrey Jomaoas