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The interscholastic program is an integral part of Saint Mary’s High School. It holds many educational benefits for those students who elect to participate.
The self-discipline required of the students participating in interscholastic competitions provides a unique training opportunity not ordinarily available elsewhere in the curriculum.
All interscholastic activities of the school’s athletic department maintain the ideals and standards that are the policy of the school administration, the Tri-City Athletic League (TCAL), the San Joaquin Section (SJS), and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Saint Mary’s High School’s athletic department strives to create an environment that promotes competitiveness, spirituality, teamwork, and self-discipline. We are committed to building character, developing responsibility, and promoting sportsmanship which become life-long traits.
Adam Lichter
Director of Athletics
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 108
Jeff Hoornaert
Director of Aquatics
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 143
Barbara Harada
Athletics Secretary
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 108