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Adam Lichter, Direct of Athletics Message
Updated May 22, 2020
Fall Sports / Summer Practices / Camps 
Thank you so much for all your patience and support during these difficult times. We are in the process of developing a plan for fall sports, summer practices and camps. As counties begin to reopen, rest assured that Saint Mary’s High School is on the pulse of the Diocesan communications and direction through Bishop Myron Cotta, as well as guidance from the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). While we are hoping for a normal season, each sport has different challenges. Saint Mary’s athletic department and coaches are collaborating to create the best practice options for our student athletes. As information becomes available and plans are approved, I will keep our coaches informed, and they will be able to disseminate that information to you.
Fall Sports Physicals
Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to offer fall sports physicals as we normally do. Please plan accordingly to have your athlete seen by their primary care physicians prior to the start of the season. Please go to after June 1st for the necessary paperwork, or call the athletic office at (209) 957-3340 Ext 108, if you have further questions. 
Tony Franks Football 
Felicia Rowley Cross Country 
Garren Allala Volleyball
Antwan Graves Girls Tennis 
Betty Anne Urbick Girls Golf 
Jeff Hoornaert Boys Water Polo
Vanessa Vincent Girls Water Polo
Message to Saint Mary's Community - May 12, 2020
Dear Members of the Saint Mary's family,
Tomorrow's The Record will include a story about a longtime friend of our school and athletic programs, Bruce Jones. The story raises questions about whether Mr. Jones' financial support of our school and our handling of his donations conform with the regulations of the California Interscholastic Federation.
It has always been our belief that our athletic programs are in complete compliance with CIF rules and guidelines. Compliance is extremely important to us, and we make adherence to CIF rules a priority. The Record story, however, raises questions that we feel we must investigate.  
We have reached out to CIF officials for clarity on this issue, and we will follow all directions they provide. We are committed to ensure that our programs not only comply with CIF rules, but serve as sources of pride for our entire Saint Mary's family.
We will provide additional information as soon as it is available. Thank you for your support of our school and our students.
In Mary's Grace,

Jim Brusa
Kathy Smith
Saint Mary's Athletics
The interscholastic program is an integral part of Saint Mary’s High School. It holds many educational benefits for those students who elect to participate.
The self-discipline required of the students participating in interscholastic competitions provides a unique training opportunity not ordinarily available elsewhere in the curriculum.
All interscholastic activities of the school’s athletic department maintain the ideals and standards that are the policy of the school administration, the Tri-City Athletic League (TCAL), the San Joaquin Section (SJS), and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Saint Mary’s High School’s athletic department strives to create an environment that promotes competitiveness, spirituality, teamwork, and self-discipline. We are committed to building character, developing responsibility, and promoting sportsmanship which become life-long traits.
Adam Lichter
Director of Athletics
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 108
Jeff Hoornaert
Director of Aquatics
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 143
Barbara Harada
Athletics Secretary
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 108