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Dean's Corner

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for campus-wide discipline and safety. In collaboration with the Guidance Department and school administrators, the Deans counsel students in resolving personal and behavioral issues. Throughout the year, the Dean's Office coordinates emergency drill training for students, faculty and staff.
At St. Mary's we take pride in our high standards regarding conduct, behavior, respect and spirituality through action. This standard is clearly outlined in our Parent/Student Handbook, which all students and parents are required to read and sign. Please take the time to review the St. Mary's Code of Conduct and important issues such as Dress Code, Discipline, Electronic Use Policy, Drugs and Alcohol.
Our Student/Parent handbook can be located here.
Please use this form to report a valid incident or concern at St. Mary's High School.

This is an anonymous report.

If you wish to be contacted or meet in person, please add your name and contact details at the end of the form.
Dear Parents,
We need your help. An issue of vital importance that confronts our families today is teen drinking and drug use. High school years are a time of new challenges as well as new adjustments. In a society where the allure of drug and alcohol use may be quite compelling, we, as parents must help prepare our children to meet those challenges and to make those right decisions. Looking at our own values and behaviors is a primary step.

What can you do? As parents you can follow these guidelines when you host a party or hear of one:

  •  Set ground rules with your student before the party.
  •  Establish rules for your home and/or property. It will not be a site at which alcohol/drugs will be available, tolerated and/or served to young people (those under legal age of 21).
  • Always be home when young people are visiting your home.
  • Properly supervise any and all gatherings of young people in your home.
  • Welcome other parents to call or drop-by.
  • Notify the police when planning a large party.
  • Notify your neighbors of the party.
  • Limit party attendance and set start and end times.
What is your homework? As parents, set the following rules for yourself when your son or daughter is attending a party.
  • Be sure you know where your teenager will be.
  • Contact the parents of the party-giver.
  • Set the time your student is expected to return home.
  • Avoid spontaneous "sleep-overs" when possible.
  • Encourage your child to call you if they need a ride home.
Click here to take the SAFE HOME PLEDGE online. We ask you to read the following pledge. If you agree to participate, your name will appear in the weekly Teleram. Thank you.
God Bless.
Michael Wright
Families Committed to Safe Home Pledge

Jerry Ballucanag

Joseph and Jennifer Beason

Paul Bettencourt

Danita Blackwell

Dave and Rosie Calderon

Tim and Adrienne Carroll

Laurie Coates

Anthony and Angela Contreras

Barbara Cordoza

Candi Corey

Kristine Dobbins

Greg and Denise Heli

Juan and Patty Herrera

Scott and Janice Kyles

Lisa Lucchesi

Anna Ramirez

Phil and Julie Ramirez

Adeyinka and Olufunke Somotun

Leo and Sylvia Warmerdam

Greg and Sabrina Wheatley