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Dean's Corner

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for campus-wide discipline and safety. In collaboration with the Guidance Department and school administrators, the Deans counsel students in resolving personal and behavioral issues. Throughout the year, the Dean's Office coordinates emergency drill training for students, faculty and staff.
At Saint Mary's we take pride in our high standards regarding conduct, behavior, respect and spirituality through action. This standard is clearly outlined in our Parent/Student Handbook, which all students and parents are required to read and sign. Please take the time to review the St. Mary's Code of Conduct and important issues such as Dress Code, Discipline, Electronic Use Policy, Drugs and Alcohol.
Please use the anonymous Reporting Form below to report any valid concerns or incidents at Saint Mary's High School. If you would like to meet with someone about these concerns, please leave your contact information on the form. 
Danita Blackwell
Dean of Students
(209)957-3340 Ext. 193
Anthony Harper
Dean of Students
(209)957-3340 Ext. 192