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Update on "The Wedding Singer"
It is with heavy heart that Saint Mary's Theatre announces the cancellation of our spring musical "The Wedding Singer" at San Joaquin Delta College, due to Covid-19 restrictions and closures by both SMHS and SJDC. If circumstances allow, we will attempt to mount a scaled-down version of the show at a later date.
If you purchased tickets to the show:
  • If you purchased tickets online or through the Delta Center for the Arts box office, contact Delta College directly for a refund. Their number is 209-954-5110. 
  • The Saint Mary's business offices are now open 8:00 am -1:00 pm. daily. If you purchased tickets for the Wedding Singer and would like a refund, please bring your tickets to Mrs. Pudwell in the Main Office.

    PLEASE NOTE: Saint Mary’s is only able to refund tickets that were purchased at Saint Mary’s. If you don’t require a refund, we will consider your ticket purchase a donation. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Pudwell at 957-3340, Ext 101 or at Thank you for your support of the Saint  Mary’s High School Theatre program.


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On Saturday, May 9, Saint Mary’s Theatre Director Mr. Kevin Costello hosted the 13th annual SMHS Theatre Banquet and Rammy Awards, for the first time a Virtual ceremony! Nearly 200 students, parents, staff and alumni participated in an evening which included an Our Town slide show, a time-lapse video of the Crew building the set for The Wedding Singer in February, special senior tribute videos created by the underclassmen, recognition of special “graduating” senior parents, and more! Congratulations to the following students who won this year’s Rammy Awards:

Most Promising Male Newcomer (Cast): Alex Navarro
Most Promising Female Newcomer (Cast): Anisa Barney
Most Promising Newcomer (Crew): Patrick Murphy
Best Male Ensemble Our Town: Andrew Chavez
Best Female Ensemble Our Town: Junaia Bennitt
Best Male Ensemble The Wedding Singer: David Stoner 
Best Female Ensemble The Wedding Singer: Lindsey Wyatt
Best Cameo Actor Our Town: Brendan Riley as Baseball Player
Best Cameo Actress Our Town: Hallie Sullivan as Professor Willard
Best Cameo Actor The Wedding Singer: David Stoner as Loser Guy
Best Cameo Actress The Wedding Singer: Zibby Madill as Sales Clerk
Best Character Actor Our Town: Carlo Dimayuga as Simon Stinson
Best Character Actor The Wedding Singer: Andrew Solari as David Fonda
Best Character Actress The Wedding Singer: Maeralyn Pogoso as Imelda Marcos Impersonator
Best Shift Crew Our Town: Ian Fondacabe
Best Support Crew Our Town: Ava Lombardi for Makeup and Hair Team
Best Lead Crew Our Town: Dominique Griego for Light Board
Best Supporting Actor: Andrew Solari as Dr. Gibbs in Our Town (TIE)
Best Supporting Actor: Cy Ustach as Mr. Webb in Our Town (TIE)
Best Supporting Actress: Bella Galvez as Holly in The Wedding Singer
Outstanding Crew The Wedding Singer: Sadie Fisher
Outstanding Crew The Wedding Singer: Dominique Griego
Outstanding Crew The Wedding Singer: Kyle Samson
Best Lead Actor: Andrew Chavez as Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer
Best Lead Actress: Sammy DeCosta as The Stage Manager in Our Town (TIE)
Best Lead Actress: Kellinne Fontanilla as Julia Sullivan in The Wedding Singer (TIE)
Gypsy Robe Award: Lindsey Wyatt
Director’s Award: Kellinne Fontanilla
Director’s Award: Zibby Madill
St. Genesius Outstanding Crew Award: Austin Medina
Fr. Xavier Harris Outstanding Dramatist Award: David Stoner
Saint Mary’s Theatre is not only a part of the Arts department — it's also a theatre company run by students who receive all the tools necessary to lead a professional theatre company. From company management to theatrical design, our students thrive in all roles and guide others to do the same. Students are mentored into leadership positions, which amply prepares many alumni for a college arts path with professional guidance.
Our curriculum covers performance, improvisation, scene study, theatrical design, stage combat, and theatre history. In addition, we produce two shows a year.


Drama Theory and Performance
This course utilizes pantomime, improvisation, and script study to enhance creative expression, confidence, and teamwork. It is also useful preparation for public speaking, politics, law, business, and any profession where self expression and communication are important. Students are exposed to theatre terms and elements of production including writing, staging, costuming, etc. Every student will regularly perform in class. Good attendance and participation are essential.
Intermediate Drama
This course is a continuation of Drama Theory & Performance. Increased emphasis and advancement are placed on scene studies, the application of principles learned in #8310 and further improving the performance level of the student. Each student will have special reports to submit on more specific and concentrated areas of theatre.
Drama Special Studies
This course is specifically designed for instruction, research, scene studies, etc. outside of the classroom. In order to meet state requirements timewise for proper transcript credit, the student will be required to do field work on the high school's fall or spring plays. A contract must be signed guaranteeing attendance at all scheduled rehearsals and performances. Failure to do so will be reflected in the grade for the period. Course can be repeated.

Kevin Costello, Director
Brian Johnson, Technical Director and Set Designer
Evelyn Barney, Choreographer
Elizabeth Costello, Makeup Designer
Belinda Squires, Production Manager