Principal's Message

wright familyDear Parents and Guardians, 
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at Saint Mary's High School. As we embark on our 146th year as a school, there has never been a more important time for learning. Both our students and teachers, over the past year and a half, successfully navigated the global pandemic that has forever changed education. Our dedicated faculty and staff were quick to adapt, innovative and determined to provide the best experience possible for students when nothing else in the world seemed to be normal.
As we transition to a new year with lots of change and many new faces, I encourage you to take an active role in your child’s learning and experience on campus. We have an incredibly dedicated faculty who have answered their vocation to serve students and the community. We want to ensure a reciprocal education process is happening in the home and at school.
Remember, the ram is not just our mascot; there is a very significant meaning behind what it means. R: Respect, A: Academics, M: Mission, S: Spirituality. Each and every single day, your child will be challenged to deepen their faith, learn something new and take a risk to grow themselves.
We are blessed to have Fr. Mathew Issac on campus. He celebrates mass every morning at 7 AM. If you are able to attend on occasion, please do so as this is a great benefit. We get to pray and listen to the gospel together. Our patron, Saint Francis de Sales, says, "The well-being of the home depends on the parents' words, but far more on their behavior." We look forward to a great partnership in developing each and every student.
Thank you for choosing Saint Mary’s and I look forward to meeting and speaking with you, our community, soon.
God Bless.
Michael Wright