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Employment Opportunities

Saint Mary’s greatest asset is its faculty and staff. The dedicated community of professionals has a strong commitment to academic excellence and developing the total person.
Non-Discrimination Policy
Saint Mary’s High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Job Summary

Saint Mary’s High School-Stockton, California is a Roman Catholic college preparatory dedicated to forming competent young men and women into conscientious leaders in compassionate service to others for the greater glory of God. The Vice-Principal reports directly to the Principal. The Vice-Principal position is salaried, exempt. See Job Description below in "Other Information."


Requirements / Qualifications


Comments and Other Information

Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Instruction responsibilities include the following:
I. Faculty Supervision
A. Observe, supervise as needed, and evaluate faculty in the development and implementation of curriculum; to supervise the teaching process, and to review and evaluate academic programs
B. Assist as needed in the hiring process of faculty members
C. Make recommendations to the Principal regarding the hiring, retention, and assignment of faculty.
D. Monitor and supervise all teachers’ grade reporting, ensure grades are posted regularly (bi-monthly)
E. ensure gradebook set up is done properly (once per semester)
F. field phone calls and personal visits from parents with teacher complaints; follow up with teacher and document (monthly)
G. mitigate parent complaints (weekly)
H. Monitor the Power of Ten program
II. Department Chairs
A. Coordinate and conduct the Meetings of the Department Heads.
B. collect materials throughout the year requested by administration (occasionally)
C. monitor departments’ progress and address schoolwide academic concerns (monthly)
D. Direct supervisor of Department Chairs
E. Conduct regular meetings with faculty and with Department Chairs, which will deal both with routine school matters and with the stimulating exchange of ideas on issues of educational/philosophical interest and concern.
F. Help department chairs to resolve conflicts.
III. Professional Development
A. Serve a liaison between Stockton Unified School District and Saint Mary’s High School. Applying annually for a grant to receive Title 2 funding.
B. Serve as a resource for faculty, recommending workshops, speakers, programs, school observations, etc.
C. Conduct workshops for faculty to keep faculty informed of current trends/research in curriculum and instruction.
D. Coordinate professional development for teaching staff related to remote learning, active learning and other topics. (quarterly)
IV. New Teacher Training/ Teacher Support
A. Run New Teacher Orientation prior to the start of the school year
B. Orient new teachers with standard teaching tools, attempt to give them a basic-proficient usage level
C. Follow up on training during first quarter
D. Establish programs for the orientation of new teachers, for in-service training of all teachers, and for the evaluation of classroom teachers, to ensure that teachers are familiar with and adhere to school policies in all areas of the school operation.
E. Orient new teachers, especially with PowerSchool, Schoology, G suit, iPad and Turnitin.com (Educational Technologist)
F. Monitor teachers who are enrolled in the teacher induction program through Stockton Unified School District.
V. Curriculum coordinator
A. Oversee the Instructional Coach
B. Maintain course accreditation through UC/CSU, NCAA and AP websites
C. Approve and monitor semester exams.
D. Oversee the curriculum and to suggest recommendations for correcting overlaps/gaps.
E. Assist teachers in matching appropriate assessment instruments to curriculum objectives.
F. Directly Supervise and serve as a consultant to teachers in matters of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures.
G. Work towards ensuring uniformity in assessments; parent reporting, and academic standards.
H. Help departments to develop standards appropriate for the school.
I. Review all proposed changes to the curriculum and provide updates on a yearly basis.
J. Coordinate regular textbook reviews with department chairs on a regularly scheduled basis.
K. Suggest methods for integrating instruction, cross-grade units, etc.
L. Assist faculty in developing a uniform, detailed curriculum.
M. Make recommendations to the administration regarding problems or concerns relating to curriculum.
N. Network with curriculum directors at other independent schools.
O. Network with curriculum people at local public schools making sure the school is keeping its edge and is knowledgeable of state mandates.
P. Review academic balance throughout.
A. Support and advise teachers through the AP Course Audit process
B. Communicate and meet with AP teachers regularly in regards to changes in AP processes, curriculum and testing.
C. Provide AP teachers access to tools they need to maintain student success
D. Investigate new applications and tools to improve student scores across all courses
E. Review AP scores and provide feedback for upcoming years
F. Mentor and support new AP teachers throughout their first year and beyond as necessary.
G. Advise on appropriate academic rigor for each student based on previous courses they have taken.
H. Collaborate with academic counsel and communicate College Board changes to the SMHS community
VII. Reports
A. Prepare the annual report on the state of the curriculum (testing report).
B. Complete Grant Proposal for Federal and state Funding through SUSD
C. Monitor and report on all quarterly and semester grades.
D. Oversee submission of yearly reports for E3
VIII. Honor Code
A. Investigate, mediate and support student academic honor code violations brought forth by faculty.
B. Collaborate with faculty on curriculum modifications and classroom management strategies to reduce honor code violations.
IX. Educational Technology
A. Oversee the Educational technologist and work to ensure all teachers have the tools and resources necessary to implement the most up to date technologies including the following:
-1. Develop, coordinate, and teach workshops and classes on instructional and administrative applications for iPads and related technologies.
-2. Provide technical curriculum assistance regarding hardware usage, software applications, computer technology, and the general instructional use of technology in the classroom.
-3. Assist in the integration of technology applications across the curriculum.
-4. Establish systems for educators to access, preview, or receive training in hardware usage and software applications.
-5. Communicate information about training services and research, including preparing memos and making presentations, accompanied by handouts and/or training manuals.
-6. Serve as a liaison of technology to the department chairs, and academic and administrative teams.
B. Oversee remote learning strategies, research and provide best practices for remote learning (ongoing)
X. Course Catalog
A. Current Student Registration (ongoing work, planning begins before Fall and lasts until April)
-1. Review Courses with Departments (October)
-2. revise and edit Course Catalog
-3. oversee printing of Course Catalog
XI. To perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.
XII. To support the school and its leadership.
XIII. WASC (E3) Supervisor
XIV. Oversee Substitute Coordinator and fill in as necessary.
XV. Academic Council member
To apply please follow the link and apply via EdJoin.org:

Job Summary

Saint Mary’s High School-Stockton, California is a Roman Catholic college preparatory dedicated to forming competent young men and women into conscientious leaders in compassionate service to others for the greater glory of God. Under the direction of the school Principal, the teacher is responsible for supporting the Catholic Diocese of Stockton in its mission to evangelize and catechize youth in a Catholic school environment. The candidate for the position of Teacher shall be committed to Catholic education and capable of providing spiritual and educational leadership to students in his or her classroom.


Requirements / Qualifications

Minimum Requirements / Qualifications A bachelor's degree


A California Teaching Credential or its equivalent, or a Masters degree


The teaching credential may be either a single subject teaching credential or a multiple-subject credential with a Bachelor's degree in the primary instructional assignment.


A current physician certification of freedom from tuberculosis (must be renewed every 4 years).


Verification and completion of the online Virtus training of Protecting God's Children (must be renewed every 3 years).


DOJ and FBI fingerprint clearance through the Diocese, if not holding a current California teaching credential.


Preferred additional requirements for the position of a regular secondary Catholic school teacher include:

CPR/First Aid certification Catholic school secondary teachers without credentials are expected to:

Enroll in a teacher-credentialing program within two years of their date of hire. Earn a credential within 6 years of date of hire. OR Enroll in a Masters degree program within two years of their date of hire, earning the Masters degree within 6 years and complete pedagogical coursework related to their primary instructional assignment as directed by the school administrator.


Comments and Other Information

1. Spiritual Leader
Recognize and support the unique Catholic mission of the school by speaking, acting and instructing consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
A teacher may not espouse any doctrine inconsistent with the teachings of the Church.
Give evidence of lived Gospel values by being an active member of a faith community being open to the importance of a personal faith journey, and strive to model the teaching of Jesus by attitude and example.
Help build the schools faith community by a demonstrated willingness to participate in and plan for the schools religious and service activities.
Provides opportunities for the students to be prepared for life in today's Church and society.
2. Educational Leader
Demonstrate effective planning skills by preparing lessons designed to implement stated goals and objectives and by incorporating school and diocesan curriculum objectives in lesson plans.
Demonstrate competence in teaching by demonstrating current, thorough knowledge of curriculum and subject matter.
Develop and use effective methods of evaluation that are directly related to curriculum objectives as well as to concepts and skills taught.
Consistently and effectively evaluate student progress.
Continue professional development to remain current with religious and academic standards.
3. Operational Leader
Establish a consistent disciplinary approach, which promotes self-discipline and a positive self-image.
Set high standards for student behavior and manage inappropriate behavior effectively.
Maintain a functional and pleasant learning environment. Cooperate with school and diocesan administration.
Work effectively with all staff members to promote positive relationships with students and parents/guardians.
At all times demonstrate professional responsibility in enforcing diocesan and school policies and regulations. Maintain confidentiality of information. Display sound judgment in dress and general behavior.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal and/or President
Physical/Mental Requirements -
Requires coordination and manual dexterity, normal mental and visual ability and the ability to lift as required in a normal classroom setting.
Required Activities -
Requires walking, sitting, standing, stooping, reaching, talking, hearing and carrying
* A working knowledge of and a strong commitment to the mission of fostering lay leadership in the Catholic Church. If baptized Catholic, must be a practicing Roman Catholic in full communion with the Church.
* Excellent communications skills including written, verbal, public speaking and presentation skills.
* Excellent human relations and interpersonal skills - must be a self-starter, be well organized and a team player.
* Be available for evening and weekend work as necessary
* Have reliable transportation.
* Be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
* Proficiency in the use of computer and any related educational technology.
* Must have the ability to maintain confidentiality.
* Flexibility in assessing needs and strategies to adapt appropriately in a ministerial environment.
*Be professionally dressed, clean and neat in personal appearance.
To apply please follow the link and apply via EdJoin.org:

Job Summary

The Department of Marketing, Admissions and Communication is focused on both strategic and tactical activities to raise brand awareness within the Central Valley. The Department will work to inspire potential students and their families, locate and connect with alumni and position Saint Mary’s as a strong, private, Catholic institution. The Assistant Director of Marketing, Admission and Communication will report directly to the Director of Marketing, Admissions and Communication.


Requirements / Qualifications


* BA/BS degree from an accredited college or university in a field related to marketing and communications; advanced degree a plus.

* Outstanding communication writing, and editing skills.

* Video work a plus

* Knowledge of the principles of marketing and communications and use of social media.

* Ability to create, monitor, and adhere to budgets and production schedules.

* Familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite is a plus. * Able to manage multiple projects with shifting priorities and competing deadlines with attention to detail. Personal Qualities

* Well spoken, with excellent grammar, diction, vocabulary.

* Understanding of and agreement with the mission and philosophy of Saint Mary’s High School.

* Ability to explain Saint Mary’s mission and vision in a compelling way.

* Ability to keep sensitive information completely confidential.

* Willing to think strategically and innovate to develop admissions and retention efforts

* Committed to putting in the time necessary to see projects through to completion successfully and timely. Full time, year-round non-exempt position with additional hours likely required.

Comments and Other Information

The role of the Assistant Director of Marketing, Admissions and Communication is split into three main areas as defined below:
Marketing and Communications:
* Under direction of the Director of Marketing, Admissions and Communication, the Assistant Director leads, plans, directs and implements overall strategies for all marketing admissions and communications on behalf of Saint Mary’s High School to increase visibility and deliver consistent messaging to internal and external constituencies.
* Works with internal teams on the creation, design, budget and production of strategic initiatives as assigned by the President and/or Director.
* Coordinates and helps create school publications, advertising and public relations communications.
* Manages all public facing aspects of the brand under the direction of the Director.
* Responsible for content creation for social platforms to include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; content may be static or video; will work along with internal stakeholders as well as the Diocese of Stockton to ensure content is correct and represents the brand
* Work with Director on all marketing collateral and touchpoints, such as prints materials, advertisements (print or digital), school website, social media platforms and school wide communications.
* Responsible for representing and promoting the school to all stakeholders (parents, alumni and community) encompassing various strategic initiatives, including increased enrollment goals.
* Responsible for managing relationships with local schools in order to promote Saint Mary’s
* Work throughout the year to recruit potential students, give walking tours and share what it means to attend Saint Mary’s
* Along with the Director, engage with our current alumni base and help to develop a lifelong connection with Saint Mary’s
* Manages all public facing communication under the direction of the Director.
* Strives to secure the financial future of Saint Mary’s via alumni and local relationships
* Support Saint Mary’s mission and strategic Advancement endeavors
* Work to continually grow database of alumni * Work to maintain correct information in alumni database
*Work to raise money for the school’s priorities agreed upon by the School Board
To apply please follow the link and apply via EdJoin.org:
Job Summary
The Data Management/Office Assistant position works for the Advancement Operations Manager in the daily operation of the department. Candidates must have strong analytical and data entry skills, and support the philosophy and principles of St. Mary’s High School.

This position provides administrative and database support in the areas of constituent and gift management and acknowledgements. Considerable time spent on routine data entry and data input. The candidate must maintain confidentiality on all school and office information.

Responsibilities will include but may not be limited to:
• Gather and input constituent information in office database to ensure all records are accurate and current.
• Must be able to identify inconsistencies/errors in data information that need to be addressed.
• Must have above average skills in excel with emphasis on mail merging and personalizing donor specific information.
• Export statistical data from database for fundraising activities and create lists and reports with minimal supervision. • Accurately enter and process all contributions and create receipts and thank you letters.
• Conscientious in execution of duties with a strong attention to detail.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office programs, especially MS Word, Excel, and Google Apps.
• Ability to create various templates for letter writing.
• Ability to effectively work with staff and constituents at all levels.
• Ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced collaborative team environment.
• Ability to work independently without close oversight when necessary.
• Ability to handle deadlines and stressful situations in a calm, orderly, and accurate manner.
For further information on this vacancy, please contact Charleen Plappert at cplappert@saintmaryshighschool.org

Requirements / Qualifications

Comments and Other Information

MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE PREFERRED Candidates should have a combination of education and experience equivalent to the following:
• Minimum of two (2) years of experience in data entry/management in a non-profit or education environment
• High school graduate and some post high-school education preferred
• Type a minimum of 45 WPM Microsoft certifications desired.