Kathy Smith, Principal, announces her retirement after 24 years of service

Dear Saint Mary's High School Community:
A few days ago, I informed Bishop Myron Cotta, Director of Catholic Schools Marian Graham, Mr. Brusa, the faculty and staff of my decision to retire as Principal at the end of this school year. The past 24 years have been very rewarding and it indeed has been a privilege to serve this school and community. This is a place where I said good-bye to a dear friend in Father Fallon, where one of our sons was married and one of our grandchildren was baptized.
I can't thank enough my husband Greg, our sons Christopher and Steven along with their wives for their unwavering support. I look forward to spending more time with our three beautiful grandchildren.
When I started at Saint Mary's serving as Dean of Students for 17 years and now into my 7th year as Principal, I had no idea how much this experience would shape both my personal and professional identity. My faith has been strengthened year after year because of my involvement in Catholic education. I am proud to say my spirituality has defined who I am today.
I am also very proud of how Saint Mary's High School has grown during my 24-year tenure, and how we have continued to rise to the top, even while faced with the challenges of COVID-19. We have never lost sight of our mission statement - a Catholic college preparatory high school that provides opportunities for spiritual growth, strives for academic excellence and empowers students with the skills and compassion necessary to thrive in an ever-changing global society.
Many people have contributed to the fulfillment of this mission, and it is a great honor to know that I participated in helping to make Saint Mary's High School what it is today. I will be forever grateful to all the students, faculty, staff and families for believing in me and to everyone who has invested themselves so deeply into building a beacon of hope in our community which we call Saint Mary's High School.
In Mary's grace,
Kathy Smith