Girls take to field today for Powderpuff


With the final quarter this school year upon us, Friday night lights seem like ages ago, and many students are missing the fun of football season. But football is back! And this time, the game is for the girls. This year’s game will be held at our football field tonight, March 22, with kickoff at 7:00 p.m., and both teams are working their hardest to bring their best. 

Saint Mary’s annual powderpuff football game is an exciting face off between our junior and senior girls, with our varsity football players as coaches. Layla Gonzales, a varsity cheerleader who is playing on this year’s junior team, thinks having football players as coaches is a rewarding experience. “They know almost everything about the game and they are very excited for us and the game. Everyone also seems to be good friends and everyone gets along well. Our coaches are also very excited and supportive in every aspect of who we are and our capabilities.” 

Ella Rishwain, the seniors’ powderpuff team captain, enjoys having football players as coaches too. “They are really helpful with teaching us how to get better and they are also really fun to be around.” Brooks Wheatley, a senior wide receiver, is back this year as a coach for the senior girls, and he takes coaching inspiration from his varsity football coach, Tony Franks. “My coaches have taught me that to be a good coach you must put great effort into working with your athletes and players. I like being a coach because it gives me a chance to beat the juniors and that’s what I live for.” 

Practices for powderpuff are generally after school on the football field, but the days change to work around the player’s other sports practices. “It will be a really great game so preparing prior during practice is a big focus of ours,” Ella said. 

A typical practice starts off with stretching, and then the teams split into offense and defense to work on drills to learn everyone’s individual skills. Layla says that the juniors “are working very hard at practice and we are taking care of ourselves. Everyone is staying up to date with our coaches and what’s going on. With practice we’re working very hard and are doing our best to be ready for the game.”  Coach Brooks agreed. “We are doing the only thing you can do to become better and that’s practicing efficiently,” he said.

But what about last year’s game? As many recall, the outcome was controversial as juniors were winning until it was alleged that there were some “questionable” calls in favor of the seniors. “Personally, I think the game was rigged last year, but it is not that big of a deal. Administration had a lot of complaints about it being rigged that it definitely will not be rigged this year. It will be a fair game,” Ella said. While football refs, even at the highest levels, are known to draw complaints, Layla is hopeful. “I just hope everything is fair, but I think the seniors have their work cut out for them,” she said.

 Powderpuff is more than just a spirit week competition. “One thing that is truly unique about powderpuff is connecting with the girls in my class. Most of us do not talk to each other frequently, so having an event like powderpuff that unites us all is amazing. I also love the friendly competition between juniors and seniors. In the end, it is just a game that we should all have fun competing in,” Ella said.


Author: Ava Gilliland