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We would like to personally invite you to take a closer look at why Saint Mary’s High School provides the best high school education in the region. 

We are a regional school with students coming from inside and outside of San Joaquin County. We are a Catholic college preparatory high school. Our purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to grow in faith, develop as leaders and be challenged to meet their full potential, in a safe environment. Saint Mary’s families all have similar expectations so you and your student will become part of a community that is geared towards success. The standards and expectations are high for each student. It is each student’s commitment to meet these standards, which establishes the work habits and discipline that transcends into a successful life, not only in chosen career paths, but as productive individuals. 


Saint Mary’s has a 145 year illustrious history with generations of successful alumni who live all over the world. Our alumni are successful people who are leaders in their communities. Your student will be tied to our alumni with potential for opportunities that last long after your four years here. Our alumni know what it takes to be a Saint Mary’s grad. It is for that very reason that they will help other Saint Mary’s graduates. They know our graduates will live up to the expectations that they have of the school’s mission, built around the Salesian model of “Be Who You Are and Be That Well.” The Catholic values that are embedded in our school become part of each student as they grow as students.  It is these values that help further develop our students into the successful people they will become, no matter what endeavor they are inclined and determined to undertake. 


Please take advantage of the different opportunities we offer to explore a Saint Mary’s education and why it is an investment that will pay huge dividends in your child’s future. Feel free to stop by during school hours and see the environment that we have created for our students. We have many tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities that make a Saint Mary’s education a possibility for anyone who really wants this experience for their child. We welcome all faiths and ethnicities, and embrace what each student brings to the culture of our school.


We are very proud of what we offer, but most proud of our graduates. Join us and become part of our Saint Mary’s community!­­­­­


Respectfully in the Lord,


Jim Brusa Michael J. Wright
President Principal
In compliance with federal regulations, Saint Mary's High School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color or national or ethnic origin. In this matter, we follow diocesan policy. Diocesan policy on non-discrimination and on procedures to be followed in case there are complaints or grievances in this matter can be found in the Administrative Handbook of the Diocese of Stockton. A copy of this handbook is available in the school office. The principal coordinates local efforts to assure that our school complies with federal regulations on non-discrimination.