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The Visual and Performing Arts Department is part of the Catholic educational fabric of Saint Mary’s High School. The education provided by the department is founded in a liberal arts tradition which prepares students for life after graduation and higher education. The department recognizes the diversity of learning styles and abilities among our students and provides for these in an atmosphere that is dedicated to developing creativity, confidence, self-discipline, cooperation, and a sense of both history and contemporary life through the various disciplines employed in the arts.


We believe the arts invite students to grow in awareness of their relationship to their surroundings and to one another. Students work on individual skills and contribute to the larger community. We believe the arts can give students a working knowledge of the tools, theories and techniques employed in many disciplines. This allows them to continue to develop their intellect and creativity in an ongoing manner from theory to practice. As students develop the aesthetic literacy the "world language of the arts" embodies, they become more aware of the many commonalities of human existence.