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Letter from the Chair


As 2023 comes to a close and we enter into the New Year and new semester, I want to pause and thank all of our generous donors who have made a Saint Mary’s education possible for so many of our deserving students.
Thanks to your support, the Foundation has raised over $6.7 million in assets to-date. We were able to give $216,500 to the school for scholarships for deserving and needy students in the 2023-24 school year.  We have 50 donors who have established named gifts, and I’d like to encourage you to join this group and consider establishing your own gift that can memorialize your family’s name and strengthen Saint Mary’s future.
The SMHS Foundation is independent and well organized. Foundations, such as the SMHS Foundation, are common in large organizations, colleges and universities as well as high schools. Saint Mary’s High School is here to stay, along with the Foundation. Your generous gift is greatly appreciated and ensures that we will be able to meet the needs of our students for generations to come.
The Foundation augments the school’s annual scholarship program, in which the money is given in the same year in which it is received. A gift to the Foundation, on the other hand, is invested and continues to grow in perpetuity. Four percent of the earned income is given to the school every year for tuition assistance. A total of $717,592 has been allocated to 255 students since 2020.
Due to the number of inquiries about how to give a legacy gift, the 1876 Society was established in 2022. An estate or planned gift is a financial contribution to Saint Mary’s that is stated in your will. This gift can be any amount and you will have the opportunity to specify how you wish the funds to be used. Your gift remains in the Foundation permanently and continues to grow and provide annual distributions. Your legacy lives on and continues to provide tuition assistance to students with a financial need.
If you have any questions about the foundation or the 1876 Society, please reach out to Sharon Caporusso at [email protected].
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Kathleen L. Janssen
Chair, Saint Mary's High School Foundation