Class of 2025 » Welcome to the RAM FAM!

Welcome to the RAM FAM!

Below you will find information on Registration for 2021-22 school year. 
  • Parents will use their School Admin Portal to complete registration
  • All steps must be completed by March 22nd
In your School Admin Parent Portal, download and view a PDF of your student's Placement Test results and your student's Registration Form. Saint Mary’s Department Heads use these scores to place students into the appropriate levels of Math, Science, English and World Language.  Each department has its own placement criteria. Please note that Science Placement is based on a student’s Math scores and World Language placement is based on English Placement Level. Our goal is to place incoming freshmen in classes where they will be most successful.
You will find an explanation on how to read your student’s results and an explanation of each test category on this link Select Sample Reports and Student Score Report. Then click on the red numbered items 3 and 4 on the sample for further explanation.
Your student's placement is on his/her Freshman Registration Form.
Once you have viewed your student's Placement
  1. Log in to the School Admin Parent Portal.

  2. Complete the registration agreement.

  3. Complete the FACTS checklist item.

    • This is where you select your FACTS payment plan.

    Note: *The Tuition Total in FACTS does not include scholarships, financial aid, or any other credits. Financial aid/scholarships will be applied in FACTS in the coming weeks. Anytime an adjustment is made in FACTS an email will be sent notifying you of the change.

  4. Pay the $365 registration fee.

    Note: These steps must be completed before you can upload your student’s completed registration form. Once you submit your registration fee, you will be redirected back to the School Admin portal, where the “Upload Registration Form” button will appear. 
To complete the registration form, please follow these directions:

  • Check your student’s name, your name, address, phone number and email address for accuracy. If there is an error, please write in corrections on the copy before uploading to the School Admin Parent Portal.

  • Below the personal data, you see the courses that our Department Heads have recommended for your student, based on placement test scores.

Please note the following:
1) Your student will have seven classes each semester. Some are only one semester classes (Geography, Composition & Speech, Health and PE), while others are year-long classes (Religion, English, Math, Science and World Language).
2)   Math, English, and Science have three different levels in the ninth grade.
3)   Religion, Composition & Speech, Geography, Physical Education and Health are core freshman classes.
4)   Descriptions of the various courses may be found in the Course Catalog here.
5)   If your form says "Select Language" in the black box, please mark the appropriate spaces with your 1st and 2nd choices.  Do not complete the bottom section of the form.
Regarding World Language:

a)  Spanish and Italian are the only languages that have honors offerings; Spanish is the only language with an  AP offering; Honors and AP classes are weighted classes in grades 10,11,12.

b)  While ASL fulfills the language admission requirement for UC, CSU and most private colleges, it may not be accepted at some highly selective private colleges and universities. 

c)  One year of language is required for graduation. 

6)  If your form says "Choose Elective" in the black box, go to the “Choose Elective” section and rank four available choices with "1" being your first choice. 

7)   For those interested in challenging English, Math or Science placement, or who would like to take Spanish 2 as a freshman, see our FAQs for more information on challenge tests that will be held during the week of March 22nd.
8)   Sign, Date and Upload the Registration Form to the School Admin parent portal here.
Your registration will be complete once we have received your registration fee and your signed registration form has been uploaded to School Admin. Once we receive these two items, we will schedule your student for classes in the  2021-22 school year.
1. My student plans to play a sport at St. Mary’s, or s/he is involved in dance, karate, gymnastics, etc. Does s/he have to take PE?
Physical Education and Health are core semester classes in the freshman schedule. Four semesters of PE are required for graduation and most freshmen take one semester of PE and one semester of Health, even if they are involved in a sport, whether on or off campus. However, for those 9th grade students who take a Fine Art (Band, Choir, Guitar, Drama), Athletic PE credit is available.  The Fine Art class is scheduled instead of PE/Health, and the student must apply for Athletic PE (60 hours of participation/semester is required) by the established deadline in September. If your student wants to take a Fine Art class instead of PE/Health, please cross off PE/Health on the registration form and write in the desired Fine Art class. For more information, view this presentation AND Fill out the Athletic PE Application form here. To obtain Fall Athletic PE credit, this application should be submitted by September 10, 2021. 
2. I think my student should be in a higher level of English, Math, Science or Spanish.  How can he/she be evaluated again for different placement?

For those students interested in challenging their English, science OR math placement, or who would like to take Spanish 2 as a freshman, we are offering additional testing during the week of March 22. 
Science placement is determined by English and/or Math placement, so if a student challenges English and/or Math successfully, the Science placement will automatically be changed accordingly. Sign up through the School Admin Parent Portal here.
Challenge tests are created by Saint Mary’s Academic Department members and are content-specific. If your student wishes to challenge his/her placement, please select a time using the calendar feature on your School Admin checklist item entitled “Challenge Test Request.” 
Note: The Math challenge test serves for challenging both Math and Science placement.
The Math Challenge Test will be held on: 
Tuesday, March 23 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Room 6 OR
Thursday, March 25 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Room 6 
The English Challenge Test will be held on:
Monday, March 22, 3:00-4:00 in Room 71 OR
Wednesday, March 24, 3:00-4:00 in Room 71.
The English Test will be a written assessment. 
The Spanish Challenge Test will be held on:
Monday, March 22, 3:00-4:00 in Room 212.  
If you have a specific question about placement or curriculum, you should email the appropriate department chairperson: 
At this time, we request that you sign and acknowledge the current placement. If, after challenge testing takes place, your student places into a different level of Math, Science, English or Spanish, the appropriate department chair will contact you directly to let you know and Saint Mary’s will make the appropriate class changes on our end when we register your student.
3. When is Saint Mary's holding Cheer / Drill tryouts?
If your student is interested in trying out for Cheerleading or Drill, please plan to attend a meeting on Monday, March 8 at 7:00 pm in the Saint Mary’s Cafeteria or on Zoom.
Our Cheer clinic will be on April 27th & 28th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at Saint Mary’s. Cheer Tryouts will be held on April 29th from 5:30 to 9:00pm.
Our Drill Clinic will be held on April 19th & 20th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and tryouts will be held on April 21st from 5:30 to 9:00 pm at Saint Mary’s.  
4. What summer school courses are available to incoming freshman?
Incoming freshman can take Health or PE. Check our website for more information about summer school registration in May. You can also email
 We look forward to meeting the class of 2025!