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Christian Service

Director of Christian Service: Mrs. Lisa Pijl
[email protected]
(209) 957-3340, Ext. 224
Voice mail is picked up every day at 3PM.

"Service is the result of hearing the message of hope; of growing in its understanding in the community; and of sharing that growth with others." Author unknown

The Christian Service Requirement is an independent study process, and thus, it can often be an overlooked priority during the hectic pace of student lives. It is essential to take the time to become familiar with the requirement and to make a plan for how to complete this commitment. Each student will complete the requirement, on his/her time, and the Christian Service Office is available to provide support.
The Christian Service Coordinator will help every student complete his or her commitment to their service requirement.
The Christian Service Coordinator will provide resources and referrals to students who need assistance in locating an appropriate service agency.
The Christian Service Coordinator will help coach the students along the way, encouraging them to use their various talents when choosing their service activity.
The Christian Service Coordinator will maintain all student service records and record a credit to students when they submit their verification and volunteer forms.
The Christian Service Coordinator is responsible for assisting students in upholding their commitment to service by sending reminders and providing personal coaching when needed.

"Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections."
St. Francis de Sales
1. REQUIREMENT: 60 hours of service completed to participate in graduation.
2. ALL HOURS DUE: At the end of the first semester senior year.

1. Service must be with a non-profit organization.
2. Service must be on the student's own time and not during school hours.
3. Verification of hours: Students may complete hours at any time. Hours must be turned in with their verification and volunteer record forms within the semester that they completed the service.
4. Students may not volunteer for a person or a business (there may be an exception to this rule).
5. The student's service agency must be on the list of suggested agencies. If not, it must be pre-approved by the Christian Service Coordinator.

Christian Service is a requirement and a graduation prerequisite, and as such, Saint Mary's maintains the right to review every situation.
Steps to Take to Get Involved in SERVICE!

Think about what you are interested in and start keeping track of those interests.
Are you volunteering at your elementary school as a coach or tutor?
Do you help out at your faith community (at community events)?
Have you considered volunteering at a shelter or a soup kitchen?
Do you enjoy helping the elderly?
Do you love working with animals?
Do you like working with children?

To get started, select two or three agencies that interest you. Contact the agencies' volunteer coordinator and find out if they currently need volunteers. Then, schedule the date(s) to complete your service.

Have Service Verification forms signed
Turn in Service Verification forms promptly

Any service activity with a non-profit organization can be credited to a student's service record as long as the student follows the above directions. Service at agencies not on the recommended list must be pre-approved by the Christian Service Coordinator.

Service Verifications forms and Volunteer Record forms are available at the Christian Service office or downloaded here:
The Christian Service office encourages all students to come by our office to receive assistance in finding a placement for service. We maintain an excellent database of local organizations and events.

Our Open Door Office Hours:
Before School
At Break
Lunch Time
After school until 3PM