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Saint Mary’s Theatre is not only a part of the Arts Department — it is also a theatre company run by students who receive all the tools necessary to lead a professional theatre company. From company management to theatrical design, our students thrive in all roles and guide others to do the same. Students are mentored into leadership positions, which amply prepares many alumni for a college arts path with professional guidance.
Our curriculum covers performance, improvisation, scene study, theatrical design, stage combat and theatre history. In addition, we produce two shows a year.
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In this hilarious Broadway musical comedy, based on the popular comic strip, TV show and movies, the macabre and ghoulish Addams Family is put to the test when outsiders come to dinner, hurling the creepy family headlong into a night that will change them forever!
The production features 43 talented Saint Mary’s High School actors, singers, and dancers on stage, as well as 34 students working backstage to provide top-notch technical support. The Addams Family will be performed nine times over two weekends at The Tillie Lewis Theatre at San Joaquin Delta College
from March 25-April 3, 2022.
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Drama Theory and Performance
This course utilizes pantomime, improvisation and script study to enhance creative expression, confidence and teamwork. It is also useful preparation for public speaking, politics, law, business and any profession where self-expression and communication are important. Students are exposed to theatre terms and elements of production including writing, staging, costuming, etc. Every student will regularly perform in class. Good attendance and participation are essential.
Drama Special Studies
This course is specifically designed for instruction, research, scene studies, etc. outside of the classroom. In order to meet state requirements timewise for proper transcript credit, the student will be required to do field work on the high school's fall or spring plays. A contract must be signed guaranteeing attendance at all scheduled rehearsals and performances. Failure to do so will be reflected in the grade for the period. Course can be repeated.
Advanced Drama Workshop
This course is designed for students who have a serious desire to further their development as actors and theatre artists. It meets student needs in the following areas: acting techniques and theories, character and scene analysis, improvisational skills, directing, play production, musical theater, auditions, and theatre as a profession. Specific course work will be determined by the experience and ability level of the student. All students will analyze various scripts, perform scenes and monologues in class, participate to their full ability in class activities, and provide written work (such as in-depth character analysis, script analysis, and play reviews). Attention will also be given to preparing students with auditions for college Theatre programs and scholarships.

Kevin Costello, Director
Brian Johnson, Technical Director and Set Designer
Evelyn Barney, Choreographer
Elizabeth Costello, Makeup Designer
Belinda Squires, Production Manager
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