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Visual Arts

Jean Aguilar has been the Visual Arts instructor at Saint Mary’s High School for over 23 years and Fine Arts Department Chair for more than 15 years. A 1977 graduate of Saint Mary’s, Jean’s love for art has been a lifelong passion. She received her BA in Fine Art from Long Beach State University and, along with teaching, is a working artist.


Jean created “The Art Room,” an after-school year-round art program for elementary aged students as well as the Summer Youth Enrichment Program offered in June to kids ages seven and up. Saint Mary's students regularly take part in local and national art competitions, often winning numerous awards.


Design Exploration, Art 1-2, Art 3-4 and AP Art and Design are all UC/CSU approved to fulfill the Fine Arts requirement for Saint Mary’s graduation as well as college entrance.


Design Exploration and Art 1-2 are both beginning level courses with no previous experience required.
Art 3-4 is a more advanced level course for students who are interested in continuing their creative journey and have some previous experience as well as good foundational drawing skills.
AP Art and Design is a college level course for serious art students who plan on pursuing the Visual Arts in college or at an art school in the future. This course requires many hours of additional work outside of class time.