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Welcome to the Counseling Department. We assist 9th-12th grade students and their parents in the areas of academic and personal success. The Counselors have an open-door policy for students and parents.
  • DISCOVER - Freshman year is an exciting year filled with lots of transition, personal growth, and discoveries. It's important that students seek out opportunities to discover the many options - both academic and co-curricular that Saint Mary's has to offer.  Freshman year is a critical year to discover the importance of a solid high school experience as it relates to opportunities and options for college and beyond. 
    • During this year, Counselors will meet with each freshman to discuss their class schedule, grades on PowerSchool, college entrance requirements, and future goals after high school. The Counseling department begins the year with a presentation during orientation, which focuses on keys for success, graduation requirements, and general study skills.
  • DEVELOP - Sophomore year is an important one for students to push themselves to develop their God-given potential.  It's also an important year for students to understand the post-secondary options available to them fully, and the steps involved to be able to be the most competitive within that process. 
    • Challenging coursework, co-curricular involvements and pursuits, and researching prospective colleges will all play an important role during the sophomore year.
  • DISCERN - Junior year is a pivotal year for students to discern what their future, beyond high school, might look like. This includes discernment about what colleges may be the best fit for their learning and students should actively seek out information on schools and developing a list of schools for which they plan to apply. They also should know their academic standing and how that relates to their college admission chances.
    • Counselors will work with students to finalize their completion of graduation requirements and review 4-year/2-year college eligibility requirements.  Students and families will be encouraged to finalize research on schools in advance of senior year. 
  • DELIVER - Senior year is when the student gets to deliver on all that they have discovered, developed, and discerned over the past three years.  Students should have a sense of what their options are and where they can best achieve their goals. The time, effort, and quality of one's delivery will inform and impact your successes after Saint Mary's.  Finally, trust in God's graces to guide you in your next chapter. 
    • Senior year is a time to formally plan for post-graduation, whether it be a 2-year community college, 4-year university, military, or workforce.  To that end, it is very important to meet all deadlines for applications and financial aid.
We believe Saint Mary's Counseling offers a robust and comprehensive program for students in grades 9-12.  The Counselors have an open-door policy for students and parents.  We encourage students and families to contact your child's counselor anytime with individual questions or concerns.